Fifth star of the Zatarn cluster in the Gamma Quadrant. It is the 4th planet in the Volar star system.


Volaris is a bugeoning trade empire found in the Gamma Quadrant. It has one crop that it sells to neighbouring worlds, generating untold wealth for its populace. Due to a unique geophysical phenomenon, the topography of Volaris landscape has very few mountains and very rich soil. It is on a large scale, mostly perfectly flat. The landmass is veined with many rivers and tributaries that provides and abundance of fresh water. Volaris can be considered a perfect agricultural planet. It's people are called Volarans.


Volaris has a constant precipitation range of 200 mm to 1600 mm of rain a year. The central region of the planet has typically long hot summers and short mild winters.


Maradel city on Volaris was a beautiful place. Tourists from around the sector flocked to Maradel in the summer when it never seems to get really dark and you can stroll down the peaceful streets of the city to sample some of the wide variety of its nightlife …

When the time of year with the short days and long nights arrives, the Volarans' fondness for candles is very evident in the warm, welcoming glow from the many cosy restaurants, pubs and clubs.

In May flowers are blooming, the trees are budding their leaves and you can feel spring virtually exploding all around you.



Volaris is a democracy which is run by an elected Premier. It's current Premier is the honorable Filaze.


Volaris small military consisting mostly of soldiers and troop carriers. They have a few frigate style ships that pose little threat to a federation starship alone.


Volaris has only one crop. The tobacco like Vohdel Himmel is a recreational herb that fetches a high price in the surrounding systems. Little is known to the Federation regarding this commodity.

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