Volarans are a humanoid race of the Gamma quadrant. The Volaran homeworlds is Volaris. They are a crucial part of the economic stability of its sector.

History and politics

The Volarans have a democracy where they elect a Premier. He leads the administrative part of the government. An appointed general governs in conjunction with the Premier as leader of the military and homeworld guards of Volaris.


The Volaran males looked about average human size, but more lanky. Its face was covered by very fine white downy hair around its jawline, along with a set of boney protusions over each eye.
Volaran females are as thin as the males, but they have a more ephemeral and fey-like quality. They are adorned with intricate tribal tatoos along their collar bone and down their left arm. Small iradescent rings adorned the small ridges that started their cheek bone and lead to their ears. Their hair is usually worn long and tied back, allowing it to cascade down their backs.

Society, Culture, & Traditions

The Volarans are an agrarian society with a deep and rich culture. They have a lengthy welcoming ceremony that involves a dance-like ritual to be performed by both parties. The burning of Vodhel Himmel is used to bless many important occasions.

Science & Technology


  • Premier Filaze
  • General Garen
  • Officer Karan
  • Kailen
  • Dr. Solen


The Volaran Contagion

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