NPC List

During Missions, we often use many NPCs and they become hard to keep track of mission after mission, whether they are ship NPCs or one-off NPCs used for specific purposes in a mission. This page will be the place to list them. So, if you have an NPC or two, please list them so that everyone will be aware of them. In the case of one-offs, please write a short description of them or link to them from the Character page. For Ship NPCs, please link to their character page if you have created one.

Ship NPCs

These are the characters that are Starfleet Personnel.

Picture Name Rank 1st Appearance
OrgPO1.jpg Clark, Kelly Petty Officer 3rd-class USS Amun-Ra
OrgPO1.jpg Davis, Lindsay Petty Officer 3rd-class USS Amun-Ra
OrgEnsign.jpg Garfield, Torrmass Ensign The Horizon Rises
OrgEnsign.jpg Malkari, Scott Ensign An Empire Divided
OrgCM3.jpg Mandrake, Bianca Crewman USS Amun-Ra
OrgPO3.jpg McCorski, Cyrus Petty Officer 1st-class Phases of Polarity
OrgPO2.jpg Monroe, Patricia Petty Officer 2nd-class USS Amun-Ra
OrgCM2.jpg Morson IV, Brian Crewman Apprentice
OrgPO3.jpg Ocett, Mabrin Petty Officer 1st-class USS Amun-Ra
OrgPO1.jpg Orilion, Casper Petty Officer 3rd-class The Horizon Rises
OrgCM2.jpg Tahna, Adami Crewman Apprentice USS Amun-Ra
OrgCM1.jpg Vaughn, Corwyn Crewman Recruit The Horizon Rises
RedCadet2.jpg Westerly, Ginny Cadet 2nd-class An Empire Divided
RedCadet2.jpg Zane, Jun'ko Cadet 2nd-class The Horizon Rises

Civilians or other Characters

These are the characters that are aboard or elsewhere, but not in Starfleet, but are also not just used once.

Picture Name Race 1st Appearance
erizmustaggartsmall.gif Erizmus Taggart Trill USS Chesapeake
Alistair McCay Human An Empire Divided


These are the characters that are used once and almost never seen again. They are sometimes killed off during a mission.

Picture Title Name Race 1st Appearance
Premier Filaze Volaran Volaran Contagion
General Garen Volaran Volaran Contagion
Kailen Volaran Volaran Contagion
Officer Karan Volaran Volaran Contagion
Doctor Solen Volaran Volaran Contagion
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