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Owain Taggart

Captain's Log:

After many long hours at Warp 7, the Horizon has safely arrived at its destination. The Stellar Cartography labs have confirmed with our navigational database, and it appears we've been sent to Phorait Prime on the edge of the Neutral Zone. Apart from being in our database already, it doesn't seem to have been explored extensively by Starfleet. I'll assume until further orders arrive that we are to set foot on the planet to satisfy Starfleet's curiosity.

I wish I could say that our travels were uneventful, but it seems the entire crew , including I, have been coming down with headaches. I would normally pass it off as nothing, and ask them to visit sickbay, but I have a nagging feeling that somehow the planet is to blame. Can't say why, but they have increased immeasurably in frequency the closer we have gotten to the planet. I am sure though, that with time, we will get down to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, the crew grows restless due to these headaches while we continue to wait for our rendezvous including further orders. This has resulted in some of the crew trying to do anything to relieve them, including taking a peak at the package in the cargo bay, which has resulted in a brawl. Doctor Garland assures me that she is working on trying to find a cure. Surely, help will come soon as the last thing we'd want to happen to us is a case of madness, should the Klingons happen to encounter us.

Owain hit the save button, satisfied with his report. He had put it off for many days, and figured the best time was now considering they were orbiting the planet with much time to spare as they waited. Of course, he hadn't said everything in the report. He had neglected to mention the dreams he had been experiencing, for any of the brass reading this would probably deem him unfit to command. He was trying his best to keep level-headed despite these little details.

Going back to his leisurely reading of the Wizard of Oz, he had an odd sensation that something wasn't quite right. It wasn't exactly as he first remembered, though first impressions were always the biggest, while different times through don't always have the same impact on a person, but this… this was different. Where was Dorothy, and what was that infernal ticking? Was his mind finally unravelling? Keep calm, he told himself. Breathe deeply and everything will be all-right. It's probably just a fever induced by the headache…

And then he laughed. That Erizmus of his was always up to something. Surely it was simply one of Erizmus' watches that was bugging him more than usual. “No, I haven't had a watch since I was in my own body”, exclaimed Erizmus. Owain frowned.

“Don't you hear this ticking too?”, Owain asked him.

But Erizmus shook his head, “I wish I could say so, but I don't. Perhaps you should go down and see the doctor.”

Owain was reluctant to do so. Besides, he didn't know if anyone else was experiencing the same thing he was. He decided to put it off.

Tick Tick Tick Tock. It kept going on and on, and he thought maybe he was getting an ear infection, but then he heard a voice.

“I'm late”, it whispered to him. He looked around and saw no-one.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan blinked in an attempt to focus her eyes on the pad in front of her. Her throbbing head felt as if it was going to implode. She had already taken medication for the headache – she refused to take anymore. Her stubbornness was making it worse for her than what it could have been – she knew that but she refused to go through the day in a half doped up state. She would rather be aware of her surroundings – even if it included a painful head.

What caught her as odd was not so much the fact that she had headaches (she had been suffering from headaches since her POW days) but it was more the fact that so many other members of the crew also seemed to be suffering of the same problem. At first there was only a few crewmembers that had come to sickbay, but now almost all of the crew had visited sickbay for some form of headache or migraine.

It was worrisome. Her scans had detected nothing particularly wrong with the patients – which logically suggested that an external force was affecting the crew. But what? She didn’t have the answers to that. It appeared no one had. Whether T’lara or Jan noticed that there was anything wrong was still to be seen. She had sent them her report and concerns regarding the recent headache pandemic – but she hadn’t received any response from either of them. They had either not read her report yet or they didn’t think it was serious. Jordan thought it might be serious, but then again who ever listened to the doctor on starships anyway?

“Doctor,” a nurse popped her head into her office. “You all right?”

“I am fine,” Jordan lied. “It’s just these pesky headaches.” The nurse nodded and gave an encouraging smile before she left. The medical staff had born the brunt of the headache phenomena. The problem it was getting worse. Even Jordan’s staff was being affected by it, including herself.

What struck her as even more odd were the dreams. She hadn’t heard of anyone having dreams other than herself – but then maybe they were keeping it to themselves. It was odd. Her dreams were as if they were a mingled mesh of fairy tales but with no coherent plot. She had concluded that it was her subconscious playing tricks on her – though in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but wonder whether there wasn’t something more to it.

She frowned trying to focus once again on the pad. The letters swam in front of her eyes, refusing to stand still for her to read them. Annoyed she knew she would have to take something for the pain – regardless of her resolution not to.

Still she delayed. She typed a second report to the XO and hoped that this time he might actually pay attention to it. It had been days since the headaches have started and each day they came closer to their destination it was getting worse. Something was not adding up – her gut told her as much. But since her arrival on the Presidio and her brief visit with Jan she had not seen him since. She had long given up on the giving him a medical check. Still …she couldn’t help wonder what the command staff were saying about all of this – if anything.

“Doctor,” the nurse interrupted her thoughts again. “We have another one. Third time today.”

“That’s not good,” Jordan mumbled. Too much drugs could kill a person in itself. She cursed. They had better get to the bottom of this problem – otherwise they would have half of the crew in sickbay for the rest of the trip. How long before they got to their destination? Jordan didn't know - then again nothing was ever told to the Doctor anyway.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

an whistled as the wandered through the ship. Gastovski caught up to him.

"What are you so happy about, sir?"

Jan shrugged. "I don't know, I'm in an unexplainable good mood today, in fact, have been for several days. You'd figure the effect of the booze would wear off."

Gastovski nodded and actually seemed to smile. "I know what you mean. Well I see you later, sir. I have some training to attend to."

Jan nodded. It was weird, Gastovski seemed in a good mood as well. Of course it wasn't an exception of Jan was in a good mood, but Gastovski in a good mood, that was something extremely rare. Moreover, Jan had nothing to be in a good mood about. He was still avoiding Jordan. He'd figured standing her up in sickbay hadn't made her happy…even though he knew exactly why she wanted him there. But now he couldn't avoid her. He entered sickbay and nodded to a nurse. Sickbay was rather crowded. It didn't seem serious, but Jordan's report had seemed odd. At first it seemed nothing, headaches happened. What alarmed him was that the amount of cases seemed to be rising. He knocked on Jordan's office door, then entered without waiting for a response. Jordan turned around to snap and bite of the head of whoever couldn't wait. She relaxed when she saw him.

"I hadn't expected to see you here, Jan", she said.

She was using his name…that was good, it at least meant she wasn't extremely mad at him.

"At first I saw no need, but your reports indicate that the cases of headaches seem to worsen, instead of lighten. That caught my attention."

She nodded.

"And before you start, lets get something out of the way. We both know how I feel about sickbays. I make a deal with you. You won't annoy me with any physicals. I feel they are a waste of time. If, at any given point in time, I need to be 'admitted' to your care, then you can run all the tests on me you want, since I will be here anyway. But right now I have got better things to do."

She nodded again. Jan was glad. It was really childish to engage in another cold war about such a trivial issue.

"How are you doing, Jordan?"

She shook her head. "Not so good. The headaches affect me as well, as part of my staff. Have you had any troubles. Answer me truthfully and don't say no because you want to avoid an examination."

Jan looked sternly. "You should know me better than that. I don't jeopardize my health if I have reason to believe there is a jeopardy. But no, I didn't have any headaches, except one, but I knew the cause of that very well."

Jan tried not to remember the morning after he and Gastovski had drunk enough liquor to operate an average bar for a week. Luckily they had taken it easier then next nights but still had drunk enough to sleep soundly through the night. Luckily no headaches or hangovers were involved after that first time.

Jordan moved closer and stop just before she collided with him. She almost whispered. That always meant she wanted to share something very personal she didn't really want to share.

"Are you having…strange dreams?" she asked.

Jan frowned. "Nothing out of the ordinary, at least none that I can remember."

"Have you noticed anything odd with other crewmembers?"

Jan felt this was more of an inquisition on Jordan's part. He just had come to listen to her opinion on the rising headaches and was bombarded now with questions. But Jordan was doing her job and more and more it seemed there was more to this situation than meets the eye.

"Not really. I haven't noticed anyone acting strange. Everyone is doing their job as normal. The only thing that stands out are your reports on the headaches and your cryptic remarks of dreams. Oh yes, and Gastovski seems in a good mood. For that matter, so have I, while I had no reason too. Not sure if that counts as odd. What worries me are the headaches. At first I brushed them off. It happens. But they don't seem to go away, in fact, it seems to get worse. Have your scans yielded anything at all?"

She shook her head. "I really don't know, Jan. I have examined more cases than I can count, but nothing shows up. I can't be sure how many are affected. With headaches people usually think it's nothing and shrug it off. Or they fear it might be seen as a sign of wanting to shirk duty."

Jan nodded.

"But I know it's getting worse. I get more cases daily and my own headache gets worse day by day."

Jan moved behind Jordan and put his hands on her temples and gently rubbed them.

"And you didn't feel anything weird yourself?" she asked. "I know you have suffered from headaches and migraines in the past."

Jan nodded. "Yes, that is why I think it's odd that I'm not affected while many are."

"You mentioned one headache."

"Trust me Jordan, you don't want to know. I had a bit much to drink."

"I won't ask. And you had really no dreams."

Jan shook his head again. "Then again, Gastovski and I have been on liver abuse for the past few nights and I was pretty hammered. I usually have dreamless sleeps then. Not so last night but I didn't have any weird dreams. Just the usual nightmares about too much paperwork."

Jordan turned around. Jan retracted his hands. She looked at him.

"My gut tells me it is this planet we are heading to, Jan. It is doing something. Either it or something in the vicinity."

Jan nodded. "It is possible. Your reports indicate this all started once we were underway. I'll have science dedicate some sensors to scan for abnormal cosmic radiation or anything that might cause physical or psychological complaints. I'll keep it vague for now. No need to cause mass hysteria on the ship."

"Thank you", she said. "Unfortunately there is not much that I can do from my side. I could drug people, but that would only be a temporal solution."

"I agree", Jan said. "I always found that sleep is the best cure. If this persists, perhaps we should turn a four shift roster instead a three shift one to give everyone rest. But I cannot justify that right now. Keep searching. I'll tell science to forward everything they find to you and me. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this."

She nodded.

"You look like crap Jordan, by the way. No offense. I think you need a short break. Why don't you join me in the mess hall? I haven't had anything to eat today. Lets get your mind of the headaches and the dreams for a while."

Steve Sharp - Marines

Steve rang the door chime on Commander Vogels office…He had decided that he would be the one to report them in to the XO as he sent Mike down to the Security area to gather the Security Officers in their briefing room.

Upon hearing "ENTER" Steve walked in and stood at full attention. "Major Steve Sharp, reporting as Ordered by Captain Maxine." Steve says as he looks at the commander.

"Commander, Sgt Eaverts is already down in the security area, as you are aware we were brought on board to train them in repelling boarders and instill discipline into them….rest assured we will achieve our goal." Steve says as he waited for the response of Commander Vogels.

Samuel McKinneley


Sam had to admit he had been very suspicous of this Anbo whatever thing that Nicholi had been telling him about, but once the bout was over he was sorer that he had ever been before, this would be one thing he would enjoy practicing, and more over he was glad to of quickly made a friend on board this new ship he was on.

Stepping out of his sonic shower he steps in something cold, looking down he notices that its yello, which ticks him off…

BO!,Sam yells.

Bo runs up tilting his head looking at Sam( as if looking at him sideways helped him)

Sam bends over and points to the puddle.


Bo suddenly remembers that he had left a puddle there and ran to hide under Sam's bed.

"It is now time for your shift" says the computer, which really meant he had five more minutes to report to his duty station.

Sam quickly puts his uniform on and steps halfway into the hall, then turns back in,"I'll deal with you later BO!"

His head was killing him, it sounded like there were two africans beating tribal drums in his head and it was really spuring on his anger.

He got into the turbolift.


Bad day gets worse.

Sam tapped a few buttons, the ship flew beautifully he loved piloting her. He started to have a bad feeling.

Just then, however, McKinneley's badged tried to get his attention,
=/\= “McKinneley here, go ahead. What?? You can't be serious. I'll be right on my way! McKinneley out” =/\=

McKinneley turned to Owain with urgency, “Sir! The box has been broken into! I've got to get down there…”

There was a thousand things running through his head he was about ready to kill Tzen, he was sure that it was his fault, his head was hurting, and the turbo lift was too damn slow.

“Alright, who can tell me what happened?”, Owain asked the officers, and when nobody answered, he turned towards McKinneley, “Ok, can you tell me who you think did this?”

“Well, sir, there are Crewmans Tzen and Fleen. They had an altercation earlier when I had set this team up. They might be a good place to start with.”

Owain nodded, and went up to the Bajoran who he assumed to be Tzen. “You are Crewman Tzen?”

The bajoran slowly nodded and he had a mischievous look on his face as he did so, the slit of his eyes narrowed. “Yes sir, but I can tell you right now, I did nothing. It was Fleen's fault.”

It happened quickly. Fleen jumped at Tzen, knocking him on the floor, and it took 2 other officers in the room to restrain the two. “Liar! Backstabber! You think you're so great, aren't you? I saw what you did back there. Everyone knows what you really did!”, he spat out as he was being pulled away.

“Enough!”, Owain yelled out, “I won't have officers in my crew act like children. Perhaps you'd like to mull it over in the Brig.”

“I saw him do it, sir! He opened it. He just likes to blame everyone but himself.”, yelled out Fleen.

“As I said, you can tell me all about it in the Brig.”, Owain said as he turned towards McKinneley. “It appears we'll have to do it the hard way. We'll have to do a round of questioning, something which I'm not looking forward to. I just may have to let you do it. I'm retreating to my quarters. Have the rest of the officers pack it back up.”

And then he left, his fingers on his temples. “This is going to be a long wait”, he mumbled to himself.

Sam was pissed beyond words, he was ready to kill both of them as he watched two of his men walk Fleen, and Tzen off.

He looked back over at the crewmen looking at him,"Well what are you looking at get this stuff back in the damn box," he watched them do it, then put a forcefeild up and voice coded it to where no one could get near it without it being him or the Captain, which was what he should of done in the first place.

Sam gets in the turbolift,"brig" he mutters his anger growing because of his headache he was starting to have more and more often.

Good cop Bad Cop

Sam steps off the turbolift and walks up to the officer on duty,"I'll take over."

The two men were in seperate cells.

"Computer turn off all survelence equipment."

Sam deactivates the first cell.

"Fleen what the hell is going on?"

"Sir the box was talking I swear."

Sam steps up and picks up the Vulcan by his uniform and slams him up against the wall, blood starts trickling down his face, "Do you think your funny or something?"

Sam takes his the Vulcans head and slams it into his knee,"How logical is that Mr. Fleen?

Sam beat on Fleen for a few more minutes, and Fleen stuck to his story, and also started crying, then Sam knew that there was something wrong, Vulcans never cried or showed emotion.

Sam went over to Tzens, and his story was a bit different he claimed that the box had actually moved, Sam slamed and beat the hell out of Tzen too but he stuck to his story.

Sam had to admit this was a bit strange.

Still holding Tzen up against one of the walls Sam hears,"Ehmm am I interupting?"

"Well.."Sams cut short when he sees that its the Captain standing there, and slowy puts Tzen down. "Uh…sir," Sam started thinking quickly he had forgoten that he wasn't on his own ship anymore, he couldn't interogate prisoners howerver he wanted.

"Uh Sir…they uh they fell sir…" Sam stutters hoping that it would be enough for the Captain.

Daranavo Savoy - USS Presidio

USS PRESIDIO Personal Quarters of Lt. Savoy

Daranavo stirred in his bed as vivid dreams unfolded around him in his deep slumber. Expressions that ranged from pain to confusion came in waves upon his face and beads of sweat formed upon his forehead as he restlessly slept…

//The frozen wind whipped at the exposed flesh upon his back. He had run out of breath and had to stop for a moment. Battered and bleeding from a deep bite upon his leg Daranavo rested against a large grouping of rocks that seemed out of place in the forest in which he appeared to be. He did not recognize it, nor could he tell which forest it was by observation alone. As he scanned the tree-line that lay a few feet in front of him, a pang of pain struck him once again and he looked down at his leg. His pants were torn from ankle to knee and blood seeped out onto his boot from a large bite that he sustained just a few moments ago. In the distance, howls of wolves came to his ears as if upon the wind itself and his heart began to race once again. He was able to stun several of them but one had gotten to him and bit him hard upon his shin. He regretted having to tear out its throat but he knew he had little choice in the matter.

The storm raged on as he decided what to do and then he saw it. A dim light in the distance just beyond the trees to what he thought was north. Without hesitation he staggered forward through the trees and toward the light. The wolves howled once more and he knew they were closer then they had been a moment ago. Ignoring the pain he broke into a limping run. Soon he cleared the trees and found himself on the fringe of an unkempt courtyard. Further north he saw more lights that glowed inside large windows of a very large, old mansion that stood high upon a hill on the far side of the courtyard. Awkwardly he ran and he heard the rustle of leaves and the growl of wolves in the distance behind him. His entire left leg was covered in blood yet he staggered forward and across a very long stretch of lawn lined with bushes that were in terrible need of trimming. Vine covered, stone statues stood as sentinels here and there about the yard. He gagged as he fought to bring air into his lungs. Unable to climb the steps that cascaded upward toward the mansion, he stumbled and fell upon one of the statues at their base. It was cold to the touch and carved into the shape of some, ancient Spearman. He could not tell if it was Roman or Greek. He groaned and twisted his head around to look behind him. Large, dark forms jumped from the trees to the south and found their way onto the courtyard and then something strange happened.

The eyes of the Spearman opened and a hard, stone hand shoved Daranavo backward onto the steps. It hunched down and presented the tip of its spear toward him. In a low, broad voice it spoke; “Who goes there!?” Daranavo blinked in disbelief. The thing poked at him. “Well…come out with it…another villager?” It asked him. Daranavo heard the snarling of the wolves as they hopped over a small stone fence and bounded toward him and the statue. Just as they were about to pounce, several spears from different directions pierced into several of the wolves. One of the spears though missed it’s mark and only glanced off a rather large, black wolf that made it’s way toward Daranavo and landed on him. Daranavo was pressed back against the steps and the wolf licked its lips and growled almost joyfully anticipating its meal. Without warning, a large, clawed hand violently grasped the wolf by its neck and lifted it up off of him. Daranavo heard a loud, crack as two powerful arms snapped its neck and then sent it flying into the nearby bushes. Brashly he was grasped by his shirt and lifted up. Almost in a daze he looked up and saw large, gruesome eyes upon a beastly face. “Why have you come here!?” The creature barked and shook him from sleep.//


Daranavo scrolled through the mornings resource allocation matrix as long range sensors detected the USS Horizon. Before the Captain could ask him, Daranavo brought the Horizon up on the screen and the Helm brought the Presidio out of warp.

Lt. Savoy: "Captain, we are now within hailing distance of the Horizon."

T'Lara - USS Presidio

T'lara glared at the screen, she was having trouble focusing and her headache was getting worse. Normally she only had this kind of headache after a few drinks of Romulan ale.
Unfortunately Jordan and herself had been too busy to indulge in that particular offense since they had departed station 247. There was too much to catch up on and too many data pads needing looked at.
T'lara made her way to the medical bay for something to alleviate her migraine and quickly felt a little better. Jordan and Toval were off duty so she made her way to the bridge.
"Captain, we are now within hailing distance of the Horizon" Daranavo said from ops
"Thank you, hail the Horizon, perhaps they have a better Idea of why we are out here"
All she knew was that the Horizon was carrying something and they had to meet here…sometimes she disliked star fleets secrecy..

Owain Taggart

< = USS-Horizon: Brig = >

Trying to wipe his recent experiences with the ticking, away, Owain had ventured down to the Brig to see how the interrogation had proceeded. Putting his trust into McKinneley, he knew the job would be done right.

Standing and watching the actions developing before his eyes, he said nothing. Was he wrong with McKinneley? Was it really what he was seeing or was it just his imagination due to all of the crazy things his mind was making him visualize? He shook his head, not sure of what to think. Afterall, he had just overheard Fleen and Tzen talking nonsense. Or was it? He was getting frustrated with himself. He was starting to have trouble believing what was real and what wasn't. Doctors would claim for him to be Schizophrenic, surely. He really wanted to hit himself up the head at the moment, hoping that his imagination would smarten up. But then, of course, was the headache. He wouldn't dare…

“Am I interrupting?”, he finally said. He had had enough and finally had to take action.

“Well..”, Sam began and quickly put down Tzen at his Captain's sight while trying to recover the best he could, “Uh…sir,”

“Own up, man, quickly. I don't have all day”, he thought to himself.

“Uh Sir…they uh they fell sir…”, was the best Crewman McKinneley could do on short notice.

Owain stepped up to him and entered the chambers, glancing at the two men who had been roughed up. Then he put his arm around him. “That's alright. You only did the best you could considering the circumstances.”

This seemed to have taken McKinneley aback, who looked at Owain nervously, “Wha…??”

“You didn't believe their story, so the natural thing was to beat them up.” Here Owain paused for McKinneley to take this in, then his eyes turned to slits, “It's perfectly reasonable for someone with a dark past.”

“Sir…”, McKinneley began, but as he soon found out, Owain was just getting started.

“I can understand how one would do this, if they had gone down a different career path.” Now Owain took his arm away, and spun around to face him directly, “What I can't understand is how someone would do this when they've chosen a Starfleet career. When I first saw you on the Horizon just a few weeks ago, I put my trust in you. You looked like a bright kid with a bright future ahead of him. As a Starfleet officer, you have to wear the badge with honour. Right now, you're doing yourself a disservice by being a dishonour to your service. A Starfleet officer, does not, and I repeat, does not whack at an officer just because he feels like it! Am I making myself clear?”

“Err, yes… yes sir.”, replied McKinneley.

“Now I know we've all been stressed these last few days. It's been hard on all of us. We want nothing more than these dreadfull headaches to just go away. But, Starfleet has sent us here for a reason, and we're here to fulfill that job to the best of our abilities. Starfleet abilities. Not abilities of a dark past. “ Owain took a breath and sighed as he looked at the two other men again.

“These men might be guilty of fighting, and one of them might have taken a peek at what was inside, but you're just as guilty as the two of them.” He was about to continue, but had to pause when Owain's commbadge chirped, and he answered it.

“Sir, we're being hailed,” was the voice of Aegis, “I think it's our rendezvous. It's checking out as Starfleet.” Owain sighed with a relief. Finally. They weren't alone in this anymore.

“I'll be right over”, replied Owain, who looked at McKinneley when he said this. “Crewman, I don't like when my officers act like children on this ship. You'll apologize to them, call Sickbay and help the nurses clean up after them. You're lucky I'm not deciding to do anything worse to you. This is going in your records, understand. Anything else like this again, and it will make me question whether I should have you on my ship at all. Now hop to it. I'm needed on the Bridge.”

< = Bridge = >

When Owain entered the Bridge, he was greeted by Aegis who looked both happy and relieved. He couldn't blame him as they could now finally enter the second step of their assignment.

Sitting in his command chair, he quickly brought up the main viewer. They were still quite far, but now the image of a graceful Starfleet starship began to fill the screen. He grinned. He never got tired of seeing the sheer majestic magnitude of the Galaxy Class.

“Starfleet's sent us the great bird of the galaxy to help us.”, he quipped, which elicited cheers from the crew. They were elated. It was about time. “Open the channel”, Owain told the Operations officer on duty.

A few moments later appeared the face of Captain T'Lara. After a few moments of hesitation, he spoke. “Greetings. I'm Captain Owain Taggart of the Horizon.”, he began, and after realizing he looked in rough shape after all that had happened to them during their long wait, said, “Excuse us, we look like hell, but we're here all the same."

Samuel McKinneley

Old habbits die hard.

As Captain Taggart left the suroundings around Sam started to swirl Sam quickly put out his hand to keep from falling, his headache finally quit throbbing and went to a dull pain, he really had beaten these men-his own crewmember to within death.

"What the hells the matter with you," part of Sam yelled.

"Its only you, its how you were raised to deal with things you did nothing wrong…"another part of Sam said.

Sam quickly stood back up, no one could know that he was on the verge of loosing his mind.

=^=Crewman Mc Kinnely to Sickbay=^=

=^=Sickbay here…=^=

=^=Medical attention is needed imediatly in the brig, Mc Kinnely out=^=

Sam waited a second to see if they were going to beam them out, but they didn't.

He wasn't good at appologizing and his stomach was starting to churn.

He looked a Tzen and the at Fleen, he had battered these poor men almost to death.

"This is how you take care of things," that same sick voice in his head said to him.

Sam started to wonder what was wrong with him why did he think that beating men that made a bad choice was "ok", he had been raised that way…

"That may have been how I took care of things but I'm in starfleet now and I no longer take care of things that way…unless its abosolutly necessary…"he said to himself.

The voice in his head quieted.

Looking at the men he new he had to say something and make a quick exit before the medic arrived he didn't want to answer questions that would definately be asked.

Looking first to Fleen, he put his hand out,"Sorry Crewman Fleen…I should of seen that you were not yourself and believed your story I had no right to treat you the way I did…" Sam said as sincerely as he could be, and Fleen shook his hand.

Then looking at Tzen,"Crewman Tzen I may of miss judged your character, and I'm sorry for beating the hell out of you," Sam put his hand out to him to which he shook.

Sam looked at both men still bleeding," I umm owe both of you a drink…perhaps after this mission and everything gets back to normal, uh we can have a round of poker and drinks on me…"

And with that Sam turned around and walked out, and headed for the turbolift.

Sams Quarters

Sam looked around his quarters,"Bo," he says quietly.

The dog jumped up on his bed where he was laying, he forgot to get on to him for peeing on the floor earliar.

" I need a drink what about you?"

Getting out some of his bourbon he took a swig and then poured two shot glasses, putting one on the floor for Bo, and downing the other.

Laying on his bed he started to go through all the sights and doings of his day, what he did wrong and what he should of done, he didn't know if he was supposed to be on the bridge or on duty or what, but he was sure that if he was needed he would be contacted, and if not, he knew when his next shift was.

Ozu - USS Presidio

Ozu walked around the ship with a worried face. People all around the ship where suffering from headaches and sickbay was a busy place, which it shouldn’t be. "Ah well" he thought it seems that I am lucky enough to escape them. He walked to his quarters and picked up his little bottle with the brown red liquid and a glass. Ozu filled the glass and putted it on his desk, than he sat down and took a small draught from his drink and started to read through some data he had received yesterday.

Wile Ozu read it through the data he nodded approvingly and 30 min later he put the PADD away. He walked out of his quarters again to get some food in the mess hall. When he entered the mess hall he looked surprised, seeing how empty it was. Even the bartender was gone and the people who where there mostly looked ill. Silent Ozu walked to the replicator and ordered his meal. He sat down in a corner and started the eat wile observing the other crewmembers. People sat silent at there tables and there where almost zero conversations going on. “It seems like that we have a headache breakout or so” Ozu thought while exiting the mess hall.

When he walked out of the mess hall he went back to his quarters to get some much needed rest. When he entered his quarters he filled his glass again form the bottle. Then he lay down on his bed to read something before going to sleep. 30 min later he fell asleep with the PADD falling on the ground and his glass half full.

The next morning he woke up rested and fresh. He picked up the PADD and threw it onto his desk. Than he saw his glass on the side of his bed he picked it and emptied in the sink. Than he refilled it and started drinking slowly wile going though the sensor readings of the way ahead. When that was done he went to the bridge.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan nodded and let Jan lead her out of her office. Sickbay was a bee’s nest of activity but she tried not to worry about it. She needed the break, even though she wouldn’t admit to it openly. As they made their way through the corridors towards the mess hall they didn’t talk much. Jordan’s head was buzzing with a dull thudding sensation that seemed to have settled behind her left eye and worked its way through her left lobe. She held onto Jan’s arm for support. She never did like being dependant on somebody – but she had given up on her stubbornness for that moment, which was a feat in itself.

They entered the mess hall. It was moderately busy. They found a table near the window and moments later Jan went to get them something from the replicator. Jordan’s mind drifted to the dreams she had had. Odd things, those dreams, she thought. She wasn’t a stranger to nightmares but she couldn’t place the reasons for the contents of her dreams. It irked her. She was shaken out of her reverie as Jan set the tray down on the table.

“I am not hungry,” Jordan said when Jan put a plate of food in front of her.

“What have you had to eat today?” Jan asked.

“Well … nothing really …”

“Exactly,” Jan replied. “You need your strength, so eat something.”

“You’re not going to take no for an answer I presume,” Jordan said as a matter of fact. She pulled the plate to her and poked at her food with a fork. Grudgingly she took a bite of her sandwich and forced it down. “Jan, I’m sorry about the whole physical exam thing,” Jordan said suddenly. “I got caught up with doing my job and do it right. I should have known how you would respond.”

“It’s okay,” Jan replied. He grinned and winked. “Just don’t try it again.”

Jordan forced a smile and nodded. She forced herself to take another bite and then pushed the plate away from her. She usually had a healthy appetite – a very healthy appetite to be exact. She was always eating. For her not to eat was odd. She knew it but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Jan finished his food and soon someone came by to collect the plates.

“I’ve been having these strange dreams,” Jordan said suddenly, breaking the silence. “They are disturbing…”

“What are they about?”

“Everything and …nothing,” Jordan caught Jan’s look. “Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense. It’s almost as if they came out of a fairy tale – but a much darker one than what we’ve ever heard of. I’ve had my share of nightmares, but I’ve never had anything like this.”

“Could it be because of the headaches?”

“The dreams started shortly after the headaches,” Jordan said. “I believe there might be a connection.”

“Like I said before, some sleep will help with the headache,” Jan said after considering what she had said. Jordan nodded, but she had no intention to go to sleep. If she did, the dreams would just return. She had no desire to relive those dreams in any manner or form. “Why don’t you get some?”

“Maybe,” Jordan replied. Jan, of course, read her like an open book – which has frustrated Jordan on more than one occasion. She had always prided herself in her ability to keep her emotions, intentions and feelings to herself – but with Jan … somehow he saw through it all. It was much the same with how she could read him. Jan knew that her response was a diplomatic way of saying that she had no intention of getting any sleep whatsoever.


“Thanks for worrying,” she cut him off as she already knew what he was going to say. She squeezed his hand. “But I am okay. I’m more concerned about the crew and the effect of all of this on them.” It was odd that Jan and a handful of the crew were not affected by the headaches. The question that lingered in her mind was why? And how was it possible? The only way she could answer that was to know what was the cause … and they were no closer to finding that answer than they were the day before. She was quickly running out of ideas.

Toval Morgan & Ozu (JP) - USS Presidio

Toval was still going over the previous day’s meeting with the Captain and XO. For some reason unknown to either of them, Starfleet Command had ordered the Presidio’s security chief to be immediately transferred off the ship. So the chief security officer position was once again vacant. The meeting was very short and to the point, Toval was being temporarily assigned as the chief of security, until a replacement was assigned by fleet command.

Toval was on his way to the bridge when he ran into Lieutenant Ozu, one of the few Vulcan’s assigned to the Presidio. “Ah, Lieutenant, just the man I was looking for” stated Toval as they both entered the turbo lift. “Bridge” they both said in unison and the computer beeped its confirmation and was on its way. “Last night I had a meeting with the Captain and was informed that Lieutenant Stickler was transferred off the ship by order of fleet command. As a result, the Captain has made me acting security chief.” Toval took a moment to let the information sink in and then continued. “She also informed me that you’ve requested a transfer to the security department. With the current situation on the ship, we both feel that an increase in the security staff is a good idea, so your transfer request is approved, Lieutenant.” Toval handed Ozu a PADD containing the official transfer orders from Captain Maxine.

Ozu took a quick look over all the official stuff on his PADD than he looked up again. “Thank you Sir. And I guess I better change uniform soon” Ozu said with a smile. "You don't need to worry about it right now, but after your shift today, I expect you to be in a yellow uniform. Now here please read trough these training manuals and procedural documents. I'll be assigning Ensign Scott as your trainer. I know you outrank her, but she's one of the department's veterans, so she'll be showing you the ropes for the next week or so till your ready to run things on your own. After your training period, I'll most likely assign you as office in charge of the star drive section of the ship. Toval handed Ozu a other PADD “all right Sir”.

Once the turbo lift arrived at the bridge Toval walked over to the tactical/security station, where Ensign Scott was already posted, and noticed Ozu started to instinctively head for the helm before he quickly corrected himself, and after a quick look at the helm station, he found out that he was replaced so he moved to the security console took and quick look at it and started reading. Toval introduced Ozu and Scott to each other. Ozu started reading over the second PADD, which contained a short guide of the panel and what his job entailed. Ozu went through it quickly, and then read through it a few more times.

Toval informed the two officers that he would be in meetings most of the day and excused himself from the bridge and entered the turbo lift.

At the end of the Alpha shift Ozu stepped back into the turbo lift and had the computer inform him that Toval was currently in his office. A few minutes later and Ozu was outside Toval's office and was granted entry after pressing the door chime.

"What can I do for you Ozu?"

“Sir I saw that I am supposed to be outfitted with a started type two phaser?”

“That’s correct lieutenant, something wrong with that?”

“Well with your permission I would prefer the use my own phase pistol. It is one that has been developed by the smuggler organization I used to work for. It packs a bit more punch if needed, and is about 50% more accurate than the standard issue models."

Toval set the PADD he was reading down on his desk and looked up at Ozu for a moment, contemplating the request. After a moment he spoke; "I'm sorry lieutenant, but I'm going to have to deny that request. If I let one of my officers start carrying his own personal weapon, pretty soon I’ll have my entire staff walking around with phaser rifles strapped to their backs. For standard day to day operations on the ship, a type two phaser is more than sufficient. However, I don't see it as a problem for away missions and combat situations."

Toval could see a bit of disappointment on Ozu's face, but he would just have to deal with it. "One more thing, its ship policy that all non Starfleet issued energy weapons be stored in the armory. After all, the last thing anybody wants is for somebody going psycho and going on a shooting rampage with their own personal weapons. You will still be able to withdraw it from the armory for maintenance, target practice and what not, as well as for away missions and other heightened security situations."

“Sir if I store my personal arms in the armory I do need a personal secured locker. I don’t think that certain people will be happy if their weapons are just lying around for anybody to pick up. My weapons include the phase pistol, the Eagle 5 rapid-fire sniper rifle and the hawk light assault rifle. I also have quite a few blade weapons, what am I supposed to do with those? As last on my armor suit we used for raids where should I leave that?”

“The reason they are called ‘personal’ weapons Lieutenant, is because they’re yours, not community property to be used by whoever feels like it. All personal weapons are secured in lockers that only you, the master at arms and myself have access to. As for your blade weapons and armor suit….I don’t care what you do with those, as long as your not using them on other people and they don’t interfere with your duties.

Not really happy, Ozu left Toval’s office and went to his quarters. Once inside he prepared all his stuff for storage. He also did a maintenance check and recorded the conditions of his weapons. Then he sealed and locked them to make sure nobody else would be able to use them. When he was done he put the weapons in their cases and locked them. All was ready now and Ozu moved to the armory with quite a load of weapons. When he entered the security codes he entered the armory. A few heavily surprised security staff looked at him, but Ozu ignored them and moved to the storage area and locked his stuff in there. He walked the guard “for your advice, don’t try to use the weapons I put in there and inform your relief of this also.” Ozu then signed out his type two phaser and left the armory.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Several days ago
Jan yawned as he flipped through reports. Jordan mentioned several cases of headaches. It seemed unusual, but probably nothing to worry about. Many of the crew on board where on their first mission, headaches were often symptoms of anxiety, adjustment problems to the environment or stress, all three could be playing a part here. Jan was glad his headache from last night was gone, that had a totally different reason though. He didn't mind lack of sleep, but he hated reports. He wondered if it had been right to accept the XO position…an XO dealt with even more paperwork than the CO, since the XO was supposed to filter reports for the CO. He hated that part. He should consider hiring someone to do it for him…or T'lara were to stick her reports and fetch them herself. He figured the last option would cause at least some minor resentment. Suddenly, the door chimed. Jan blinked.


Jan saw a marine enter and cursed in his mind. He had been putting this off a long time. He still needed to talk to T'lara. The marines coming on board had been a total surprise to Jan and not a pleasant one. The marine came toward his desk and stood at full attention.

"Major Steve Sharp, reporting as ordered by Captain Maxine. Commander, Sgt Eaverts is already down in the security area, as you are aware we were brought on board to train them in repelling boarders and instill discipline into them….rest assured we will achieve our goal."

"At ease Major. I will be perfectly honest with you. I wasn't informed about this until you actually came aboard and I'm not thrilled. Unfortunately I also have no choice in the matter. My master-at-arms has selected those of the security guards that require the most attention. I will send word to him to have them meet with your Sergeant. I have made sure that holodeck one is available for this cruise. You can use it at your discretion. My master-at-arms will keep an eye on the training. You will report your progress to Lieutenant Toval. If there is anything you need, regarding the training or otherwise, contact either Lieutenant Toval or Master Chief Gastovski. They will handle your request and forward it to me if necessary. I may not like this situation at all, but I will do my best to accommodate your needs. I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now and give you free hand in how you implement the training. But I want it perfectly clear that this is not a marine boot camp. These men and women have finished their basic training already, but they lack experience. Do you have any questions?"

"No sir."

Jan nodded. "Very well Major, dismissed and good luck."

Major Steve Sharp left. Jan hoped he wasn't making a mistake. He didn't want to end up with a bunch of gung-ho trigger happy gunslingers. But T'lara had put her faith in the marines so that was good enough for Jan. And as he had told the Major, even if it wasn't, there wasn't anything he could do. Gastovski would follow the exercises in case the marines went over the line. But that probably wouldn't happen although Jan was sure a few would complain. Jan grinned at that part actually. Jan walked to the replicator to refill his cup of tea and started reading more. He was still puzzled why the Presidio was send to rendez-vous with the Horizon. But Jan guessed they'd find out once they would meet. He yawned as he read through the reports Science.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Present day
"There is just one thing that is weird", Jan said.

Jordan looked at him.

"What is it?"

"There are a few that are not affected. I and Gastovski are among those."

Jordan nodded. "I had the vast majority of the crew check in with sickbay or at least consult us about symptoms and I'm sure of the remainder some just didn't bother to come forward. But I know for a fact that a few of my staff have been unaffected."

"So that's probably where we should start. Have you taken detailed scans of people with symptoms?"

Jordan nodded. "If you read my report you know I have."

Jan nodded. "I've seen that you made brain scans, but when did you start?"

"Two days ago."

"Then take scans of people that reported to you with symptoms and still have them to get a complete image of the situation. Then take scans of people that feel fine. Perhaps this can give us a clue what is causing this. Also take histories of both groups, perhaps something can identify why some are not affected. Uhm, I'm sorry Jordan, I just started telling you how to do your job, which of course isn't needed."

Jordan smirked. "Are you volunteering?"

Jan smiled, even though he didn't like going to sickbay. "I guess I am. So far I'm unaffected. It would be irresponsible not to do it. And my ego would certainly love if I were somehow a miracle cure. I severely doubt that last but we must investigate every option."

Jordan nodded. "Then why don't you join me right now?"

Jan was interrupted by his commbadge.

=/\="Commander Vogels, please report to the bridge."=/\=

=/\="What is happening?"=/\=

=/\="We have made contact with the Horizon and Captain Maxine requires your presence."=/\=

=/\="On my way."=/\=

He looked apologetic to Jordan.

"Sorry, duty calls. Start with Gastovski and others. And don't give him a hard time because he skipped out on his physical. I will come see you as soon as I can, I promise."

Jordan nodded. Jan rose and headed to the bridge. Most of the crew had reported symptoms. But so far, everyone was doing their job. But it would only be a matter of time before concentration started to lessen. Then mistakes would be made. Something had to be done. He would speak to T'lara about it on the first private moment they could have. No need to worry the crew. He arrived on the bridge and found Captain T'lara talking to the captain of the Horizon. Surprisingly, he looked like crap too. So this was even more serious than he thought. Jan stepped into view next to T'lara. Since no one was talking at the second, Jan took the initiave.

"Captain, Captain. May I request that we continue our meeting in person. We will ready our conference room for you and your XO."

Captain Taggart looked at T'lara. He hoped she would trust him on this. But he didn't want to speak about the situation on comm, with the entire bridge crew to hear. Jan was afraid it might cause mass hysteria or panic.

"I need a moment with my XO, Captain Taggart. I will contact you again soon."

Captain Taggart nodded and closed the channel. T'lara went to her ready room. Jan followed her. T'lara's look was stern and questioning when she faced him.

"What was that Commander?"

Jan quickly brought her up to speed with his and Jordan's concerns. T'lara then confessed to having headaches as well.

"It seems evident that the Horizon is experiencing the same symptoms, at least as far as the headaches go. I think by now the whole ship knows about the widespread headaches. But I don't want to blow this up in from of the crew right now. The last thing we need is panic. We have to find out what is going on. So far, no accidents or injuries have occured, but I'm afraid it will sooner or later. Possibly together with the Horizon crew we can find out what is causing this and put a stop to this. Or it will interfere in whatever mission we were send on."

Nicholas Li

<=USS Horizon - Chief Engineer's Office=>

Li was checking on the ship's energy use efficiency readout and he noticed a spike from deck 12-B. With a quick wave of his hand over the interface he isolated the problem. Their was a large drain from the air-scrubbers in ensign McKinnely's quarters. It seems that they are disposing of large amount of animal hair and dander. Li shook his head when he remembered that Sam had told him that he had a dog.

The young lieutenant rubbed his eyes with fatigue and leaned back into his chair. It's been a long day, and boring energy use report was not a way to keep awake. After the third yawn, Nicholas called to the computer,

"Computer! Put on the Sammy Davis, Jr. and Carmen McRae version of Baby it's cold outside."

I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside
I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside
This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in
So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice
My mother will start to worry - Beautiful, what's your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor - Listen to the fireplace roar
So really I'd better scurry - Beautiful, please don't hurry
well Maybe just a half a drink more - Put some music on while I pour

As the music continued to play, Nicholas felt a surge of energy and he continued to type up his report. He quickly finished it and got up out of his chair. He stretched and worked the kinks out of his back. He needed a stiff drink to relax after a hard shift. He headed to the mess for some nice R&R.

<=USS Horizon - Mess Hall=>

Nicholas sat at the bar and leaned in. He waved to the mess attendant and said, "Irish coffee please."

The attendant, a short eastern Dreadan, nodded and sauntered to the replicator. The drink came back piping hot and Nicholas sipped the coffee whilst looking around at the mess. It was pretty quiet. It appeared that everyone was stressed for some reason. It dawned on him that a few individuals on the engineering team had to head for sickbay to take care of their migraines. He didn't notice it then, but their seemed to be a general malaise in the atmosphere on the Horizon. Oddly enough, the uncertainty of their mission popped up in Li's mind as to a possible reason. But, he quickly dismissed the idea, there was no evidence of that.

Boredom rapidly set in after a little wile. Nicholas gulped down his already cool coffee and headed out of the mess. He thought that he might try the Holodeck. That might cheer him up a bit. He got to Holodeck 2 and got in. He had programmed it to simulate a Denobulan cruise ship. The holocharacter showed him the way to the massage room and asked him to take of his clothes and get underneath the towel. Nicholas ended up leaning on the table with his eyes closed and listening to the soothing music and the bubbling the Arosian fountain.

Nicholas almost fell asleep with someone gently entered the room and began the massage. The hands were delicate at first, they felt dainty and soft. As the massage progressed, Nicholas found out how much strength those digits had. As the deep tissue massage continued, it release the knots and kinks in Li's overworked muscles. The masseuse had worked Nicholas from neck to calves and the engineering officer was nice, warm and relaxed. A musical voice asked him to turn around. As he turned around Nicholas saw a glimpse of red hair and a familiar face. It was Valentina, the ship's new holosentient.

"What are you doing here?"

Valentina smiled and replied, "Well a person, even a holographically generated one, needs to pass the time. So I work as a masseuse on the Holodeck. It's a fun way to meet interesting people and crew members that one doesn't see often."

Through the rest of the day, Nicholas was unable to forget that angelic smile.

Steve Sharp - Marines

Steve walked into the Security briefing room with Master Guns and Staff Sgt Eaverts. Steve walked to the podium with Master Guns and Staff SgtEaverts flanking both sides of him.

Steve began to address the security officers. "When you went thru basic training you were taught how to use a Phaser and a Phaser rifle, for self defense…Well thats about to change, we are here to teach you how to repell boarders using your Hands…or even this." Steve says as he pulls out a K-Bar.

"Many races use bladed weapons…the Klingons…the Remans…and a few others, knowing how to use a blade could help you in the long run."

"You will train in the Holodeck, against opponents of different strengths, Staff Sergeant Eaverts has the record for disarming a Klingon warrior in less than 2 Minutes, he will train you how to fight and how to fight effectively, If you have a Complaint about Master Guns or Staff Sgt Eaverts….well im afraid im your only option." Steve says as he points to Master Guns and Staff Sgt Eaverts.

"These two marines answer to me and to me only, so dont try to pull rank on them, Training will begin exactly at 0400 Hours in holodeck 3, be there in your work out gear, As your first test will not be to easy." Steve says as he motions Master Guns Cassidy to the podium.

"Im Master Guns Cassidy, you will begin your training and see it thru to the end, If you can wield a weapon you can fight with your hands…Dismissed!" Master Guns says as the Security officers file out of the room.

Samuel McKinneley

Whistles the Wind

Sam looked around his quarters he was desprately trying to find his twenty first Century clothes, he was going to the bar….so to speak he had a good holodeck program and now was a good time as any to get super drunk and have get into a bar fight, which Sam always found to be very theraputic, and it deffinately helped with getting rid of stress.

Sam after finally finding his clothes that he needed headed for the door and out into the corridor towards the turbolift, but he felt something pulling on his pants leg, it was Bo.

"What you want to come?"asks Sam.

The dog barked in response.

"Well then come on, cant hurt anything thats for sure.

Reaching the turbo lift.

"Holodeck 1, if no ones using it."

The lift started to move, he took that as no one was using it, reaching Holodeck 1 he stepped off and tapped up the program he wanted to use, it was an Irish Pub,and he turned the Saftys off too. Sam and Bo stepped in and took a seat at the bar, with Bo sitting beside him on the floor watching drunken men fall around.

Sam looked at the bar keep.

"Here boss"says Sam handing him a bottle of bourbon he had brought with him from his room.

"Its some good stuff,"Sam says as the bartender pours Sam a glass and leaves the bottle on the counter.

Sam found that there was Irish music playing in the back ground he started to be able to pick out the words he enjoyed this song, it was by a band called Flogging Molly, and the songs name was Whistles the Wind.

He started to hum the song.

Whistles the wind, blowing my way
Sweeping me back, back here to stay
Can winners be losers running on the same track?
Some head for glory, others refresh

A man comes and sits down next to Sam, he was being to loud for Sams tastes.

"Could you quieten down a bit I'm trying to listen to the song"says Sam trying to be polite.

"And just who might ye be?"asked the man.

"I'm the man who will break your friggin face if you don't shut your trap."

The man sat back and didn't say anything for a few minutes, and Sam went back to enjoying the song.

Well it breaks my heart to see you this way
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me, you were doing okay
Somehow I guess they were wrong

My isolation, now there's a sobering thought
A minute alone, a lifetime too long
See the face in this mirror, so pale it could crack
Desperately wanting a color in lacks

The man reaches for Sam's bottle.

"You touch it and I'll break your nose."

The man decided to test Sam, which inturn Sam downs his drink, then takes the mans head and slamed his face into the bar, which broke the mans drinking glass on his forehead and broke his nose, Sam let go of the man and he flew back onto the floor, he was out cold. Sam sighed in relief he could hear the song again, he poured another drink, and so he started to sing it, in his Irish voice that he ussual kept hidden.

Well it breaks my heart to see you this way
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me, you were doing okay
Somehow I guess they were wrong

So you drank with the lost souls for too many years
Time to be right cause they'll cripple with fear
Never been righteous, go sell them, we're wrong
Life's only life with you in this song

Another man stepps up behind him and puts his hand on Sam's shoulder, saying"Now just who so ye think ye are? A stranger comin here and bustin a good mans nose?"

Sam kept singing,
Now there's an ocean between us
Where I am and where I want to be
So you prayers in doubt, doubt not for me

Well it breaks my heart to see you this way
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me, you were doing okay
Somehow I guess they were wrong

And while singing Sam downs his drink agian and then took the mans hand twisted it over and stood taking his knee and slamming it into the mans face, now Bo was growling,because the whole bar was buzzing and fights were starting out everywhere, a wild sucker punch came in from who knows where and Sam hits the floor, but keeps singing

Well it breaks my heart to see you this way
The beauty in life, where's it gone?
And somebody told me, you were doing okay
Somehow I guess they were wrong

Whistles the wind
Whistles the wind
Whistles the wind
Whistles the wind

He had stood back up and was fighting like hell, he was even using some of the Anbo Jutsu techniques he had been learning, the song went on.

Oh you'll find your way out, but there's no going now
Every woman and child drags you down for the good
It's not safe being free, can't give back what you feel
You said you'll always be in heaven with me

The song repeated itself a couple of times, with Sam singing it the entire time, and fighting pretty soon no one was standing including Sam.

Sam wakes to being licked in the face, he started to move, he could feel blood trickling down his face and arm, he had a big cut across his brow, and one across his left arm, both were pretty big.

He got up and was happy to see that the bartender had kept his bottle safe, he walked up and took a swig, he then headed towards the door.

"Come on Bo…"

He headed back to his quarters and got his dermal regenerator out and went to work on the cuts, then he hopped in the shower it was just about time for his next shift, and boy did he have a hangover.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Some time after the rendezvous between the Presidio and Horizon
Gastovski and Jan wandered the corridors.

"This is getting worse, sir. I don't think there is anyone left that is not affected but us. Have you felt strange, sir?"

Jan shook his head. "No headaches or dreams. I don't get it. Jordan and her staff are working around the clock, but with them affected too, progress will likely to be slow. She has tried all kinds of known drugs. Hmm that reminds me, I offered her to take a scan of my brain. Unfortunately the rendezvous with Horizon got in the way. We shall do that tomorrow. I expect you as well."

Gastovski nodded.

"Will do. It's been two nights since our last drinking bash. Feel up to it?"

Jan shook his head.

"No, I need some sleep. This whole situation is draining me, even without a headache. I certainly can't use an artificial one."

Gastovski chuckled. "We have to discuss this marine thing tomorrow before I toss them out. Sleep well, sir."

Jan nodded and went to his quarters and went to sleep.

Some time later
Jan woke up…or at least he thought. He immediately saw he wasn't on the Presidio. He was standing in a field. The view was, to say the least, surprising. The thing towering before him was most definitely a dragon. Behind it stood a tall tower with only a window at the top. Out it he saw a person. It could only be a person that was described in old fairy tales, a princess of medieval times. Oddly enough, she looked like Jordan, her voice was Jordan's.

Jan rolled his eyes. Jordan and a damsel-in-distress. As if that would ever happen. Jan wondered if he was supposed to be the Knight in shining armour. He looked down and almost dropped his jaw. He was clad in a bright and shining armour, a full plate mail, wrapping his entire body. Only now did he realize the sword at his side and that his left hand carried a large round shield, large enough to cover him from the shoulder to the knees. It was made of metal and should weigh a ton. But Jan carried it with ease. He want to scratch his head and noticed a helmet. He took it off. This was the weirdest dream ever. Here a was, a medieval knight, a paladin, coming to the rescue of a damsel-in-distress by slaying the dragon that had taken her yet he wore an Corinthian style full helmet. His mind must have been melting fairy tales with his interest in ancient history. The dragon lumbered towards him as he threw the helmet away.

"This is ridiculous. I'm not playing this stupid game."

The dragon swept away with his tale. Jan was surprised. It hit him and he was flung against a nearby tree. His body felt like it would explode. He actually felt pain.

"What the?"

Suddenly he woke up, for real. His body felt sore for a second, then it went off. Jan walked to the bathroom to wash his face. He appeared normal again, no plate, no helmet. He then went to a cabinet in his living room and took out an unlabeled bottle. He knew the contents all to well. He poured the contents into a glass and drank it. His body warmed up on the inside. Jan took another glass and then went back to sleep. The sleep was dreamless.

Next morning
Jan woke up early, feeling refreshed. He was glad he wasn't plagued by any other strange dreams. This was alarming though. For the first time he had a dream. From Jordan he know virtually everyone was experiencing nightmares or strange dreams, next to the headaches. Jan hurried out of his quarters and collided with Gastovski.

"Sorry sir, you seem to be in a hurry."

"I am. What did you do last night?"

Gastovski shrugged. "I went to bed right away. Drinking alone is no fun."

"Any strange dreams?"

Gastovski shook his head. "What is wrong?"

Jan told him about his experience.

"Hmm, did you dream again?"

Jan shook his head. "And I still feel fine. No headaches."

"Same here, sir."

"Well I'm going to see Jordan now. You better stay available. From what I figure we might be the only ones that aren't fully affected."

Gastovski nodded. Jan left and went to sickbay. He found it almost empty. Jan went back to Jordan's quarters. He rang the chime. It took a while before he was allowed to enter. Jordan looked like hell. Evidently her sleep hadn't been good.

"Jan, what are you doing here? Duty hasn't begun yet and I have a headache."

"I need to talk to you Jordan."

She rubbed her temples and nodded, taking something, probably something to make the headache go away.

"Nothing seems to work. On some people, some drugs have some effect but the headaches don't go away completely. And the dreams, they are getting worse. Some people report have dreams that feel very much like reality."

"Hmm, about that."

Jan quickly told Jordan about his dream. The second he mentioned he had a dream she was all focus.

"But there was something weird about the dream. From what I read from the reports, people had hard times to distinguish the dream from reality and felt almost as if they were living the dream. I was very much aware that it wasn't really and was reasoning about it. It wasn't as intense as any of the reports I've read. The pain felt real, but that was it. It was almost as I were looking on the dream from a 3rd person perspective."

"Do you have any headaches?"

Jan shook his head.

"Did you dream all night?"

"No, when I woke up, I had a drink and went back to bed. After that it was a completely dreamless sleep. You know how alcohol gives me those dreamless sleeps."

"Hmm. Maybe that is a key. But I have heard of others who drank some alcohol and still were experiencing dreams and headaches. But you never had any dreams before?"

Jan shook his head.

"And you had a drink each of those nights?"

"Not all, the last two nights I didn't. This night would have been the third."

"It would seem that whatever is affecting everyone seems to have a harder time on you. Maybe your alcohol consumption does something. But it only seems to benefit you. And no, I'm not giving you a free pass to drink yourself into delirium every night. I'm going to give you a thorough examination this morning."

Jan nodded. Jordan seemed surprised.

"Don't look so surprised, I promised you I would cooperate. And while you are at it, examine Gastovski as well. He hasn't had any dreams at all last night."

"Hmmm, very well. Maybe we can find a connection. We'll have to take a full history, all your missions together."

"You know that even I am not allowed to review many of those files", Jan replied sarcastically.

"We'll be there. How are you feeling, Jordan?"

"Not good. I'm going to take a shower and have something to eat. Take Gastovski and meet me in sickbay at 10:00."

Jan nodded. That would give him a couple of hours to start digging in the shared past of himself and Gastovski. It wasn't that far fetched. Both Jan and Gastovski had been to various outskirts in the Dominion War. Who knows what they had been exposed to in the past.

Ozu - USS Presidio

Ozu entered holodeck 2, where Ensign Scott was already waiting for him. “Hello Ensign I heard that we are here to train me the basics.” Scott looked up for a second and nodded. “That’s correct Lt. We will start with a few basic scenarios. First an old one, the bar fight.”

The program loaded and Ozu found himself in the mess hall. He guessed it was the delta shift crew because most of them where quite young. He made a loud whistle and all the non fighting personnel stepped aside but the fighters didn’t notice it. Ozu let one more whistle off but the men kept fighting. He used the Vulcan nerve trick and 5 seconds later both lay on the ground. “Ozu to security please send 4 men to the mess hall”. He spoke to the people inside with an angry voice. “You will all remain here, each of you will come on report. You made a mess hall into a ordinary fighting ring.” A few wanted to protest but Ozu ignored them. The two security officers arrived and took the two unconscious men to the brig. Then the program ended.

“Not bad Lt. only be careful with that nerve trick. Time for the next scenario; theft”

6 hours later.

“Ok tomorrow same time same place. That’s for the rest of the week.” Ozu nodded. “When do we start the away mission training?” Scott looked on his PADD “ Friday and Saturday will cover that.”

Next Friday.

More and more people started to act weird and suffered from headaches. Ozu also had some trouble with it. He had dreams with “things”. He couldn’t place some fluffy beast and more. His headaches he could suppress mostly with some drugs but he was worried about it. But his training had to go on so he once again walked into holodeck 2. Ensign Scott greeted him with a simple nod. Over the past few days Ozu started to like the calm ensign, he never looked stressed angry even if he was so. In Ozu's opinion he could teach at the academy but he knew that the man himself would never do that.

“Lt. may I ask what type of weapon you got there?” Scott asked wile he pointed to Ozu’s phase pistol. “That's a raider phase pistol, one of my personal weapons. Lt. Toval said I could use it on away missions.” Scott looked on his PADD looking for some date about his pistol without doubt. “Mm can’t find it on the list here. Can I ask where and how you got it?” Ozu didn’t look happy, his background had been a talking point for to much lately. “From my smuggler organisation I worked for.” Scott looked and nodded. “Ok fine with me. Ok the first will be a diplomatic away mission all you need to do is keep your eyes open”

The program started. Ozu found his self in the transporter room of Voyager. He had taken over Tovuk’s place. He didn’t like it that he hadn’t got a briefing so he had to improvise. With his type 2 on his left side and his own pistol on his right side he felt safe enough. The transporter activated and a moment later he found himself inside a large room. A unknown alien walked trough the door on the opposite of the room and greeted the Captain. Janeway introduced him and ensign Harry Kim to the man. They moved to a meeting room and all sat down. Ozu was racing through his mind trying to find out if he knew anything about this scenario, but then he thought that it was of course just a made up one. 1 hour later they beamed out again and the program ended.

“Lt. I want you to make a full report on all possible dangers you have spotted during this mission in 30 min.” Scott said. Ozu nodded and started to work. 28 min later he turned the report over the Scott. Scott read trough it and nodded here and there. “You have listed a hell of a lot more than there where Lt.” Ozu looked at him with a bit of surprise on his face. “As a smuggler you learn that everything can mean trouble.” “True true, but still this a bit over the top you might shoot someone before he did anything bad. And no don’t say anything that’s I simple fact at the end of the day we will run a similar scenario again I want to see improvement by than.” Ozu nodded a bit angry and the training went on.

Owain Taggart

< = USS-Horizon, Bridge = >

The channel clicked off, and Owain and his XO were again staring at the floating form of the Galaxy. His headache was preventing him from thinking clearly enough and so he just lingered for a few moments before he turned to his XO. "Well, you know what this means. Follow me, Number one! Mr Li, you have the bridge."

On his way to the transporter room, he started to converse with Aegis about this dreams. "It's getting worse, Aegis. I try not to show it, but I worry for the well-being of the crew. I personally don't know how much long I'll be able to take it. We've got to find some answers, and soon."

Aegis nodded, "I know what you mean. It's driving everyone up the wall. The only thing that would be worse is if these… creatures suddenly started appearing in our reality, but that's not very likely to happen."

Owain gave him a hard stare. "I don't know. Sometimes I swear I can tell someone is following me or watching me. Just the other night for example. First there was that ticking sound, and then I started hearing a voice…"

"Voices? Maybe they're your subconcious trying to tell you everything is alright."

Owain shook his head, "Nah. I very clearly heard someone telling me they were late…"

"Well, whatever it is, I think we'll find our help with the Presidio. It can't be too far off, surely.We'll get to the bottom of it if it's the last thing we do.", Aegis told him, and Owain hung on the last words his XO had told him. "We'll get to the bottom of it if it's the last thing we do." He got chills.

And then they arrived to the transporter room, and they took their places on the pad. Owain looked at the transporter operator and nodded, "Energize, Crewman"

Ordinarily, Owain wouldn't think much about the transport, but right now, due to his headache, made him envision different things in his mind. He felt like he was inside the tornado that brought Dorothy to the Land of Oz, only he wasn't in Oz when the transporter effect ceased. He was on the the transporter pads of the Presidio being greeted warmly by its crew. He held his hands to his head, dizzy. "What the hell…" He shook his head, "Thank god this isn't Oz."

Jan Vogels & Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan had arrived at her quarters. After a shower and something to eat she felt marginally better. She stared at herself in the mirror. A dark shade had formed under her eyes from the lack of sleep and exhaustion. She was tired, but the dreams kept disturbing her sleep – in the end she couldn’t sleep.

She tried wake her mind up by merely willing it. She needed to be alert. She was meeting Jan and Gastovski in sickbay. There might be a clue to the cure of the headaches and strange dreams in examining Jan and Gastovski. They were not affected in the same way as the rest of the crew. What was odd was that Gastovski had not been affected at all so far. As for Jan – he had only recently shown any sign of being affected. There might be something there and Jordan needed to be alert enough to see it.

She glanced at the wall clock. 09h55 – she was going to be late.


"You know sir, she doesn't like if people sit in her chair with their feet on her desk."

"The dragonlady isn't here, is she?" Jan replied.

Gastovski grinned. "Just don't expect me to stand guard."

"I can need the time-out. I went over all our old missions together and made a list. Jordan might need it."

Gastovski nodded.

"And now she's officially overdue. But she looked like hell this morning, so we are to cut her some slack."

"I actually think she's arriving, sir."

Jan rose from the chair and both vacated Jordan's empty office and went into the main sick bay. There they waited. Jordan entered, looking only marginally better.

Jordan was deep in thought when the doors to sickbay opened. It took a moment for her to register that Jan and Gastovski standing in front of her. Her mind seemed dulled by the residue drugs in her system as well as the lack of sleep. Damn it all! She needed to find out what was causing all of this before it became out of control. It was already spiraling in that direction.

“Gentlemen,” Jordan said. “I apologize for being late.” She didn’t offer an explanation and both men knew not to ask for any. “If the two of you would each of you would please pick a bio bed … we can then start the examination. I’d like to do a brain scan afterwards. Depending on what we find … well … we’ll take it from there. Nurse,” Jordan called. “If you would see to them …” Jordan voiced trailed off as she explained to the nurse exactly what examinations should be done. When she was satisfied with her instructions she left the examination room.

She would be back when the brain scans were done. That was where she suspected the immuneness of the men against the headaches lay. The rest of the examinations were a formality and a way of eliminating anything obvious.

"Do you really think they will find a clue, sir?"

Jan shrugged. "I can't tell. But remember the anger management issues we had a while back. It seemed to affect virtually everyone, even me to a degree. You however were a calm in the tempest. That can't be a coincidence. It must be something we have been exposed to in the past and you to a higher degree than I was.

The nurse interrupted Jan.

"Please get ready, the scanners are prepared."

Jan and Gastovski did as they were told. Within minutes they were on a cold biobed with scanners covering the majority of their head. The scans were done faster than preperation had taken. The nurse left them, heading to Jordan's office. She found Jordan rubbing her temples, trying to ignore her headache.

"Ma'am, the results".

“Thank you Gutred,” Jordan said as the nurse handed her a datapad with the test results. She scanned over them. The normal physicals seemed to be fine. There was nothing extraordinary that she could pick up. She stopped at the scans of the brain though. Now that was odd.

Jordan returned to the biobeds. By then, Jan was annoyed, having to wait that long. Before either could speak, Jordan began.

“Jordan,” Jan said. “What is it?”

“I’m not exactly sure,” she replied. “Perhaps we should go to my office and discuss it.” She didn’t wait for an answer and headed towards the office near the centre of sickbay. Jan and Gastovski were close to follow. “Please close the door,” Jordan said when they entered. She slid the datapad over the table towards them.

"I've analysed your brain scans and compared them to scans from the other senior staff, both from the physicals and from yesterday. The comparison between my scans shows heightened activity in the area of the brain that we believe produces dreams. There isn't any activity with you, mr. Gastovski. Jan, yours shows only very slight activity. I can only guess that your consumption of alcohol did something. I have never studied the effect but I think something surpresses REM activity in your brain, preventing dreams. But I don't know why, I haven't observed a case of this before. No matter how much alcohol a person consumes, there is always REM activity and thus the potential for a dream."

"What about me, Doc?" Gastovski asked.

"I don't know, I simply don't know. I went through the history you gave me, Jan. There were a few incidents that got my attention."

Jan pondered. "Hmmm, I would guess Hydra IV-A was among them."

"Yes, what can you tell me about that?"

Jan shrugged. "Not much. Bunch of marines screwed up a demolition job in Dominion territory. Me and Gastovski were pulled of the lines to complete it. Our goal was destroy a Dominion installation which Intelligence believed to be fabricating chemical agents. Whatever was brewing in those tanks, it was completely destroyed with anti-matter charges and vaporized before it could do any possible harm."

"Except for that small tank", Gastovski said.

Jan nodded. "We were caught in the act of planting explosions by a squad of Cardassian soldiers. One of the tanks ruptured. I guess we then inhaled something. We killed the guards, set our charges and got out of there. Our only worry was not to get caught in the blast. We made a report but there was a war going on and we were shipped back the lines without an examination. I guess after the war, everyone, including us, forgot."

Jordan nodded. "It's possible that the Dominion was experimenting with chemicals to attack our brains. Just imagine what an unseen airborne virus might do. Whatever it did, it didn't kill you, but it affected you. Where there any others on that mission?"

"No, all marines were deceased. We found their remains and they went up with the compound, so did the Cardassians."

"Well, I can't tell any thing conclusive, but I will study this further. I don't know what makes you resistant. Hell I don't even know if you truly are resistant. You have shown resistance to it, Jan. Gastovski has shown immunity by now, but I don't know why. Stay alert and contact me if you notice anything odd."

Jan nodded. "I don't know if it is related, but the last few days it feels like my energy is draining faster than usual. I become tired very quickly and even though my sleeps give me rest and I wake up refreshed, it doesn't take long for me to have lapses in my concentration. Nothing serious so far."

Jordan nodded. "It could be that your body is fighting off whatever is infecting us, thereby draining you faster. We evidently seem to have no mechanism against it. Unfortunately the headaches are doing the same job in the long run as do the dreams. No one can sleep sound. What about you, Gastovski?"

He shook his head. "Feeling fine ma'am."

"Perhaps your defense mechanism is stronger and doesn't wear out as quickly. I don't know. Or it could all be a coincidence. Well, I will get back to the scans. Maybe I do find something. I will keep you updated on everything."

Jan nodded. He and Gastovski left. Jan felt tired, as he had told Jordan.

"Who knows, we may owe the Dominion a favour", Gastovski said. Jan nodded. "I will try to get more sleep. But I can still function better and think straight. I hope Jordan gets to the bottom of this. If I could only beat some information out of either Captain about our mission. Well, I'm off the bridge."

Gastovski nodded. "I'll be in security."

Toval Morgan - USS Presidio

Toval had just finished his shift on the bridge and was heading back to his quarters to try and get some rest. His headaches were getting worse. Most of the ship’s crew was experiencing one form or another of severe headaches and or hallucinations. From the reports he’d read so far, most of the people hallucinating were experiencing scenes from what humans called “fairy tales”.

Toval entered his quarters and immediately noticed a little girl with long golden blond hair snooping about his dining area. She looked at Toval as he entered. “I’m so hungry” she stated as she sat down at Toval’s dining table. “Do you have any porridge?” she asked as she got up out of the chair and moved to another one. “That chair is too hard” she stated and sat down in the second chair.

Toval could not believe what was going on. I must be hallucinating he thought as he slowly approached the girl. This girl was not familiar to Toval. When he’d taken over as chief of security, he’d gone over the files of all the crew’s family members stationed on the Presidio, and so far as he could remember, she was not anybody’s relative on this ship.

“This chair is too soft” stated the girl as she left the dining area and moved to the couch and sat down. As she sat on the couch she seemed content in her apparent search for the appropriate place to sit. “This chair is just right” she finally stated as Toval slowly moved and sat down in the chair opposite the couch she was on.

“Computer, how many personel are currently inside Lieutenant Morgan’s quarters?” The computer immediately came back with the reply “there is currently one person in Lieutenant Morgan’s quarters.” Toval then heard the little girl giggle and he looked at her. “I’m still hungry” she stated and again she asked if he had any porridge.

This is not logical thought Toval as he sat staring at the girl in front of him. He ignored her questions as he was deep in thought about what was going on. Other crewmembers have reported seeing things from fairy tales of human lore. Perhaps I can have the computer search the database and find out if this is also a story from Earth’s past.

Just then Toval heard his comm-badge beep and he quickly abandoned his thoughts and noticed that the girl had disappeared. “Lieutenant Morgan, please respond”. The voice was that of Captain Maxine, his CO and former shipmate aboard the USS Knight. “Morgan here, Captain” Toval quickly answered. “Is everything alright, Lieutenant?” she asked. “No Ma’am. I was experiencing a hallucination just now, but the girl I was imagining seems to have disappeared.” “I see,” replied the Captain, then continued “Captain Taggart of the USS Horizon is about to transport over for a meeting, please go to the transporter room and escort him to my ready room. Then go to sickbay and have the staff check you out and see if there is anything they can do for you.” “Yes Ma’am” replied Toval as he left his quarters. He stopped in the doorway and took another look at the room, but the girl was nowhere to be seen.

A minute later Toval was standing in transporter room two. The transporter tech indicated that he had received the matter stream from the Horizon, and Toval instructed him to complete the process and rematerialize the guests. Toval immediately noticed the Trill Captain and one other crewmember, presumably his executive officer. But then Toval noticed that behind the two men was something that should not be there at all. Sitting behind the men was a small, brown bear. What the hell is going on thought Toval as the bear looked directly at him and asked “Do you know who ate my porridge?”

Toval had to use every bit of Vulcan mental discipline he had to ignore the bear little bear and it’s constant nagging questions about who ate it’s food. This is obviously another hallucination, thought Toval as he greeted the visiting Captain and his crew member. Toval then led the two men and the imaginary creature out of the transporter room and escorted them to Captain Maxine’s ready room for their meeting.

As Toval left the bridge the little bear followed him into the turbo lift. “Are we going to find out who ate my porridge?” asked the bear. Toval could no longer stand it and turned to look at the little creature, which from what Toval knew about Earth animals, was about half the size that a brown bear should be. “No” Toval simply stated. “You are a hallucination of my mind. I am going to sick bay to be examined by the medical staff.”

“Oh” replied the bear. Toval could tell by the tone of it’s voice that is was obviously disappointed. “Do you think they will know who ate my food? I’m starting to get hungry, and porridge is the only food that I like.”

A few agonizing minutes later Toval entered sick bay, which was a lot busier than it normally was. It was obvious that just about every person on the ship was being effected by whatever was going on here.

Ozu - USS Presidio

The lights in Ozu’s quarters where dimmed and Ozu was in deep meditation. People all around the ship where dreaming and hallucinating and had headaches. But Ozu didn’t dream much, just a little. He didn’t hallucinate but he had the feeling that there was something in his head. He had been meditating for 3 hours now to get his mental barriers to full strength. But when he would stop he slowly felt it spread out like a pool of water. Then suddenly in a burst of unknown anger he smashed the wooden table in half. At that moment he knew he wasn’t ok anymore. He slowly lost his control. It wasn’t logical. It wasn’t natural. It shouldn’t be there. It drove him mad. He crawled to the big chest in the corner opened it and took out a data PADD picked up and placed it in his uniform. “security to my quarters” he said trying to get a hold of himself. But the anger inside him was stronger than a pon far.

5 minutes later.

Ozu had almost lost all of his self control. At that time two security guards entered his office. One started to ask a question but before he could finish Ozu had smashed the man unconscious. The second guard was startled for a second than he draw his phaser. But Ozu grabbed the phaser of the first man and stunned the other with it. Immediately the alarm sounded. Ozu let a scream of fear while he tried to control himself but he couldn’t get his self-control back. Armed with the two phasers of the guards he moved out of his quarters just to find out that it had been sealed. Second later he felt that he was beamed out. The last thing he saw was a glimpse of sickbay before they put him to sleep.

A nurse found the data PADD it contained a file about a reamen named keita and two lines Ozu had written. “Only one man I know has broken my defence before because of his rare form of telepathy. Maybe his medical files can be of help.” Was the first line the second sounded more desperate. “Help me to get my self-control back. Don’t let me fall back. Don’t bring this back. Don’t bring this back.”

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