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Nothing More Than a Fairy Tale Page 2

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T'Lara and Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Jan wandered the ship's corridors. There had been delays in the arrival of the last replacements. Gastovski's men had finally processed those that had been waiting already. Some complaints had come all the way up to him. He told those who felt the need to complain to suck it up. Jan wasn't too thrilled with the new Chief of Security, a very green lieutenant Frost, Terry Frost. He had almost succumbed to the complaints and was about to grant everyone passage had Jan not intervened. Gastovski would not be happy with this new boss. Now Jan had to see his boss about a different matter. He would complain about the choice for Frost later.

T'lara sat in her office slowly drinking a cup of coffee. She had slowly regained her strength on the trip to Starbase 347 and was feeling more like her usual self.
She had realised she had become a little more tetchy as of late and decided to meditate tonight to regain a more logical state. She couldn't very well run around like a hormonal emotional human for too long without it affecting her better judgements. Just as she had finished thinking along those lines the door to her office chimed.

"Come in" She said in a neutral tone.

Jan resisted the urge to draw his phaser, he still walked around with it after formally leaving the Security department, and clear the room. He put on a straight face before entering. T'lara was sitting behind her desk, consuming coffee. Jan still wondered how some people managed to swallows liters of tea and or coffee in a single day. Jan had one or two cups a day, but never more.

"Captain? I wondered if you could spare me a minute", he said when he had entered.

"Considering I asked you here I am sure that I can. Please take a seat, Tea, coffee? Blood wine?" she said gesturing to the replicator. She said the last one while slightly upturning her lip in the corner, something Jan had come to realise was T'lara's sense of humour showing.

She gestured for him to take a seat but he declined. He never liked to sit when he had to discuss something he wasn't comfortable with sharing.

"No thanks. I'm fine."

He crossed his arms and resisted the urge to start tapping his foot.

"All right, she said obviously giving up on him waiting to take a chair. "We are to leave the starbase as soon as we are ready and head to these coordinates." T'lara handed him a padd. "Apparently we are to rendezvous with someone there, but it does not say who or why."

Jan nodded and took a look. The coordinates didn't stand out as a likely ambush spot for pirates, rebels or associated scumbag. So the orders were probably valid and Starfleet being the usual bastard secretive organisation that didn't feel like sharing too much information with its employees.

"Do you expect any trouble?", he asked."I always expect trouble" T'lara answered in a bland Vulcan like tone. "Have all the transfers in and out of the ship been completed yet?"

Jan shook his head. "The USS Hood was delayed, she's carrying the last of our replacements. But I think she can rendezvous with us in space if you'd prefer."

Jan did some quick math in his mind. "If we leave in one hour and fly at warp 5 she will catch up with us in about 18 hours. Up to you Captain, we can wait here or start already and save us some hours."

"Might as well wait. It is not marked urgent and even if we left in 20 hours we could still be at the rendezvous point a day early if we traveled at warp 8. There is little point in rushing the matter. Besides it also means engineering can perform a more through diagnostic on the ships systems and give people a chance to settle in."

Jan nodded. He would have preferred if they had left. There was only thing he hated more than the endless time in space, when nothing happened and all you could do was fly. And that was being in port. Of course staying had its advantages, but he was sure that the engineering crew had everything in perfect working order. But this was not his call.

"Very well Captain, I shall inform the department heads. There is something else…something I need to ask you."

"Of course Mr Vogels, what is it?" T'lara said placing the padd down and giving him her full attention.

"I have stumbled upon a case of romantic involvement on board, two officers to be exact. I wish to know your standpoint on matters regarding such issues. Starfleet regulations aren't very strict in this area and it's usually up to each CO to decide whether it's appropriate or not."

Jan knew this wasn't entirely true. In fact the Starfleet regulations didn't approve of either fraternization or romantic involvement between persons serving on the same ship or post. But many Captains tolerated it as long as it didn't affect the duties of the persons involved.

T'lara looked at Jan for a moment carefully assessing him "It depends on the officers, I do not mind as long as duties do not suffer. Would I be correct in guessing it is personal and perhaps to do with Jordan?" T'lara leaned back and folded her arms in a casual manner to try and make Jan feel more comfortable.

"As always, the Captain's perception is remarkable", he said. If T'lara tried to make him feel comfortable, it didn't work. Jan was never comfortable when personal matters were involved. He also thought that such issues were private. But he knew the regulations and T'lara was his CO and trusted him. That meant he had to talk to her about it.

T'lara shrugged her shoulders in a human way. "I served with Jordan after she left the station..I know you two were involved. Jordan Is a good friend but also a very private person, which I respect. Although a class A alcoholic beverage can have interesting results. T'lara smiled slightly in her usual way. "You are also a very private person. I trust both of you and Jordan will always be someone I have a great amount of time for. You are both adults and I am sure you can both work anything out without my involvement. Lets leave it at that shall we?"

Jan nodded. "Sounds fine to me Captain. If some male crew members happen to disappear, you know whom to arrest." Jan grinned.

"I do not want any shows of human bravado or male dominance, It may not be as volatile as male Vulcan's but I have noticed it is more frequent." T'lara smiled again. "Besides if you have to prove your maleness in that way, you are obviously not doing something right…." T'lara picked up her pad and did her best innocent impression she could muster.

"You should know me better than that, Captain", Jan said.

"I hope I am beginning to." T'lara said seriously, "And likewise."

Jan shook his head. "There are two things in this universe which I will never understand and those are women and Vulcan's. Imagine the shock of finding you in command of the Presidio." Jan grinned again.

T'lara raised her eyebrow and smiled slightly "Ill take that as a compliment…even if it was not meant as such. Is there anything else?"

Jan shook his head. "I'm a bit worried about the state of the new security crew and their chief. But the guards are in good hands with Gastovski and we'll see if I can turn our new Security Chief into something useful. But I don't think we have to worry about anything. By the time we reach our rendezvous point, the entire ship will be at full readiness."

T'lara nodded. "If the new security chief is a little lacking I have no doubt you and Gastovski will be quick to rectify it or bring it to my attention. Lt Toval is a very able security officer and makes a good chief tactical officer. Perhaps he could also assist with ship security. He is a little more diplomatic than you when it comes to green recruits, I believe that is your favoured term?"

"Training and discipline do not require diplomacy in my eyes, this is no the Marine Corps. But I will take your request under advisement."

T'lara nodded again. "I will leave it in your hands. I have a feeling you will always have your eyes and ears at Security's door. If you will excuse me I am due in medical for a final assessment" T'lara kept a straight face but Jan was sure her eye twinkled.

Samuel McKinneley

Into the blue Horizon

Sam looked into the "viewer" as some people called it and watched as the stars wisked by he had been taken completely by surprise when the Captain had asked him to take the piloting postion on the bridge it was odd that the Captain would know that he had piloting expierence, at first he panicked and had lied to the Captain when Owain had asked if he had pilot expierence by telling him that he had only piloted small shuttles, when in fact the vessel had been barely smaller than the one he was on now, but Sam had a habit of telling "half-truths" and admiting to nothing unless proven guilty.

He knew that eventually the Captain would uncover his life before Starfleet, but perhaps by then he would have proven himself to Captain Taggart and the crew of the Horizon. When he had looked at the piloting controls of the Horizon, he found that the weren't that different from the his ship that he had once piloted and Captain, although he was glad that Aegis had reminded him to release the mooring, otherwise he would of been very embarassed.

Sam caressed the controls, this brought back so many memories, and had his adrenilene running, he started having quick flash backs to his first battles in his old ship, but he quickly brought his mind back to the present, he in turn started to think about where they were headed and whether or not his men were doing as they were told.

He made a small note to himself to talk to the Captain about his personal history, when the time was right….

Nicholas Li

It was beta shift and Nicholas was finally off duty. He headed for the mess looking for some lunch. He passed the replicator and ordered some sushi and a syntheol beer. He looked of a place to sit and saw none of his buddies. He then pick out the new crewman. He walked up and said, "Mr. McKinnely, I'm Lt. Nicholas Li, may I join you?"

McKinnely nodded and gestured to his seat. Nicholas sat down and picked up the lacered chopstick and put a piece of raw fish into his mouth. He savoured the freshness of the salmon and smile.

"That's one thing I love about replicators, the food is never spoiled. So what is it that you're eating?"

"A medium rare targ burger with quarza root fries. Jonas in security recommended the recipe from this replicator's menu."

"Is it good? I could never eat the stuff raw like the Klingon."

"It's good cooked, it taste a bit like a cross between a moose and an ostrich."

"Hmh…. never would have guessed. Anyway, I've heard that you've had a chance to pilot the ship. What did you think of how it handles?"

"As expected it's quite responsive, but I was surprised at the ergonomics of the manual controls."

"Ya, chalk that up to our last pilot, he was pretty excentric with his piloting. E specially being a vulcan and all. He was pretty good at the helm though."

The small talk and eating continued between the two crew members and they were fast becoming good acquaintances. After two hours, Nicholas checked his chronometer and realize that it was almost time for his appointment on the holodeck.

"I've booked the holodeck for my Anbojutsu practice… care to join me?"

"What's Anbojutsu?"

"It's a martial arts developed on Nippon XI. It's a spear fighting sport where the two opponents are blinded and can only find their opponent with a sensor attached to the spear. There are various forms. I can show them to you if you'd like."

Samuel McKinneley

Learning expierences

Sam had gotten off of his shift as pilot, and decided he was hungry and would perhaps try something new, Jonas a man with which he worked with in security had suggested the recipe and said that a Targ burger was better than an Cow burger, which was to Sam like saying goat milk is better than Cow milk, but he decided to give it a try, or atleast let the replicator give it a try.

Sam sets down and start to eat it tasted good, alot like moose but had a bit of an ostrich tast to it too.

Ingrossed in his food he at first hardly noticed that someone was looking his way.

Sam looks up and nods, and looks the man up and down, noticing that he was from Asian decent, which he noticed first by what he was eating, and then the obvious face features, he liked most Asians, they in general they were very smart and friendly people.

"Mr. McKinnely, I'm Lt. Nicholas Li, may I join you?"

Still chewing his Targ burger, for it was a bit tough even only cooked to a medium degree, so he gestures with his hand to his seat and nods his head.

Nicholas takes his seat and takes note of what Sam is eating.

"Is it good? I could never eat the stuff raw like the Klingon."

"It's good cooked, it taste a bit like a cross between a moose and an ostrich."

"Hmh…. never would have guessed. Anyway, I've heard that you've had a chance to pilot the ship. What did you think of how it handles?"

"As expected it's quite responsive, but I was surprised at the ergonomics of the manual controls."

"Ya, chalk that up to our last pilot, he was pretty excentric with his piloting. E specially being a vulcan and all. He was pretty good at the helm though."

Sam liked the man nearly immediately he was every bit as smart or smarter than the smartest people he had met, this man was going places and Sam could see it, he had something that most people didn't and that was heart.

"I've booked the holodeck for my Anbojutsu practice… care to join me?"

"What's Anbojutsu?"

"It's a martial arts developed on Nippon XI. It's a spear fighting sport where the two opponents are blinded and can only find their opponent with a sensor attached to the spear. There are various forms. I can show them to you if you'd like."

This Anbojutsu sounded interesting, Sam enjoyed martial arts it helped him to relax, he had been a heavy studyer of it when he was younger and his father made sure he was well versed in how to use all Klingon tatics and weapons…but this Anbojutsu still sounded quite interesting.

"Sure when do you want to start practicing?"

Kos Jahrom - USS Presidio

It hadn't been long since Kos found himself being shipped from the Academy training center to the Presidio. In fact, Kos couldn't even keep track of minutes, let alone hours or days. Everything he had learned at the Academy was basically useless when it came to proper starship functions. Especially when one is posted onboard a Galaxy-class ship.

He knew he had been avoiding it for as long as he could, but as Kos wandered into Sickbay, still tugging on his freshly replicated tunic which for some reason didn't feel like it was a proper fit. As he looked up, he realized he had nearly bumped into someone who was exiting the main room.

"Sorry," Kos said softly, his eyes showing more of an apologetic look than his facial expression. Looking around, Kos didn't know not only who was in charge, but who he should talk to. Too many medical and science tunics walking around for him to figure out who was who.

Ozu - USS Presidio

“You will never sit still here” toughed Ozu while he moved trough the station to the space dock. There she was his, new home, the Presidio. Not his style of ships but he had to do it. He move to the air lock and identified himself to the security officer.

“Lt. Jg. Ozu assigned here as Pilot”.

The response came after a quick look on a pad “Alright drop off your stuff and report to the Captain or XO.” Ozu looked at them man and nodded.

When Ozu entered his quarters he found them quite large for a ship’s quarters. “Computer secure transport Ozu Omicron Theta 11” the blue transporter light flashed and his trusted chest stood in the middle of his room. “I love these tricks,” he said softly. He checked the contents of the chest and nodded approving he closed it again and moved it into a corner where it was a bit out of sight. Then he released his cat from his container. Sarion started to walk around very careful sniffling around. All the moving around hadn’t been easy for him. Ozu picked up a padd to check out if he had all his stuff here and it seemed fine.

“Well lets see whom I will find first, CO or XO.” He moved out of his quarters and moved to the bridge.

On the bridge he asked the first person where he could find the Captain or the XO. A Lt. pointed him to the ready room without saying a word. Just when Ozu wanted to press the chime, Lt. Commander Jan Vogels walked out of it.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Jan turned around to leave.

"Diplomatic, pah, this isn't a cruise", Jan muttered under his breath as he left T'lara's ready room and stepped onto the bridge, only to nearly collide with a new face.

"Lieutenant J.G. Ozu, sir. I was ordered to report to you."

Jan looked at Ozu, digging up memories from his brain to attach a service record to the name and person.

"Ah yes, we had been expecting you." Jan marked another missing person as having reported in. Except for a handful all of the new crew had embarked.

"Well, we aren't leaving right now. Did you get a quarter designated yet?"

"Yes, sir. I settled in before I came to see you."

Jan nodded. "Very well. Our new CMO requires that every new arrival report to Sickbay for a routine check-up. I suggest you go there right away to get it over with. You will be briefed later on…as soon as I know what our new mission will be."

Ozu nodded and left the bridge. Jan gestured the Lieutenant in the command chair to abandon it. Jan sat down. He missed command a bit, but didn't mind losing the ultimate responsibility. The thing he did miss was the big comfortable chair. He took a deep breath before flipping through even more reports. He had to talk to the department heads to make more summarized reports in the future, Jan really didn't need to know about every quarrel between crewmember or misplaced tools. How was an XO supposed to work when he was drowning in paperwork. He grinned evilly when he recalled sending dozens of new arrivals to Sickbay in the last half hour. Jordan would have her day cut out for her. Jan whistled as he tried to track down the last crewmembers that hadn't embarked yet.

Jordan Levi & T'Lara (JP)

Jordan put the padd down and clasped the bridge of her nose between her thumb and first finger. She suppressed a sigh and thought about what she had read. The Presidio's crew was in pretty good shape, medically and psychologically, but many had neglected to report in for their physical check ups. It made her job just that much more difficult. It was always difficult having to take over a sickbay from another CMO. Each had their practices and preferences in running medical. Jordan's preferences seemed to have been embedded into the staff already. She liked things done right the first time. She wanted things in their place and she preferred things to be organised. She believed that those were the basics on which medical had to be run, They were, after all, dealing with people's lives here.

She glanced back down at the padd. She could see where the problem lay, it was with the senior crew. The Captain and the XO had both not reported in for their checkup. If she knew Jan, she would have to coerce him and then still drag him into sickbay kicking and screaming. She chided herself. She had only been on board the ship for a single shift. Surely, she couldn't expect everyone to have reported in for their check up (at least the ones that still needed to).

A slight tap on the glass panel to her office brought her thoughts back to the present. She looked up.

"Captain," Jordan said standing up. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"I have to have a checkup since my recent exposure to the virus. I need my neuron levels blood etc screened to make sure I am still functioning well"

Jordan nodded "Of course Captain, if you would take a seat in the main examination room"

T'lara looked at Jordan and frowned, "I would have expected you to call me by my first name unless on the bridge"

Jordan smiled slightly "Yes well there is allot to do around here. Dr Scott was quite a relaxed Doctor, I run a tighter department, and you Vulcan's are typically sticklers for protocol"

T'lara raised her eyebrow. "Since when was there anything typical about me?"

"Well lets hope your tests are normal or I may have to keep you here"

"That would not be advisable" T'lara said almost flinching

Jordan walked to the main examination room.with T'lara "It is true, Doctors really do make the worst patients" Jordan muttered.

"Really? and there I was thinking certain Xo's were the worst patients"

Jordan glared at her "Don't even go there TL"

Jordan scanned T'Lara and did the various tests required. She carefully avoided the topic of Mister Jan Vogels. She didn't know whether Jan had spoken to T'Lara yet, or how much th Captain knew. Besides, there were ears in the walls in this place … it seemed. She liked keeping things private, but she couldn't help wondering how long anything could be private onboard a starship.

"Well?" T'lara said when Jordan had finished.

"You seem to be in tip-top shape," Jordan replied. "And another patient to tick off the list. Just another dozen or so to go." Jordan handed T'Lara the padd with her results, knowing that the Captain would like to see what the results were herself. T'Lara, being slightly more Vulcan than normally at that moment, nodded and handed it back to Jordan. Jordan was busy packing away the equipment when T'Lara started with conversation again.

"You're having trouble with the crew already?" T'Lara said hiking her right eyebrow, in response to Jordan's previous comment.

"Some people just don't like doctors. Nothing I can't handle TL," Jordan replied. "Besides, I have my ways and means. I'll have all of them all checked out before we leave … which is when exactly?" Jordan asked suddenly.

“It won’t be long now,” T’Lara said as she got off the bed. “I’ll let you know when we know.” Jordan nodded and walked TL out of sickbay.

The next few hours brought a vast array of patients (apparently a specific XO had sent all the new transferee’s to sickbay, piling their work to the ceiling). There were humanoids and not so human species. The one that stuck out was the pilot, Ozu – who checked out fine. She had delegated most of the work to the other medical officers on board. But most of it was done.

She was tired. It was a long day and she knew exactly who to blame for sending all the new transfers to her all at once. He wasn’t going to get away with it that easily. She glanced at the watch in her office and saw that many hours had passed since she arrived. She wondered when they would be leaving. TL told her that she would be informed, but then again who informed the doctor of anything unless someone was dying?

The whole crew was checked and their medical status upgraded, all except one. She frowned at her datapad. She should have known this one would be difficult. He was always indifferent to check ups – she would know. Asking him straightforward to come to sickbay for a checkup would just not do. He would avoid it like the plague … he would make excuses and it would months from now before she would be able to get him to cooperate. No … this called for some trickery and she thought that she knew exactly how to do it.

“Computer, please locate Commander Vogels,” Jordan said. The computer chirped with confirmation.

“Commander Vogels is on the bridge.”

Jordan knew better than trying to contact him via the comm. system. That would make things awkward on the bridge. Instead she sat down and typed a message on her computer screen asking him to meet her at sickbay when his shift was over, it was rather important. She sent it to the computer panel that was attached to the XO’s chair. If that didn’t lure him into sickbay – nothing would … well almost nothing, she thought mischievously.

Owain Taggart

-= Sometime, Somewhere =-

Everyday, it happens as ordinarily as a heartbeat. Pages are turned, and the words are read, either out loud to children or silently, as the readers peer into a world unlike they've ever experienced. These readers often do so to escape their busy lives, other times to just immerse themselves in a world unlike anything they've ever seen, knowing that it would never would really happen if what they are reading is a fairy tale. A fairy tale; a dream; a writer's imagination coming to life before the reader's very eyes. Sometimes people get so immersed in these stories, they often wish they could meet these characters.

Ha! How shortsighted these readers are, for as routine as those page turns are, so are the lives of the characters themselves, who live in an alternate dimension. Every time someone reads out one of these stories, they know their cue, and live out their scene, day to day. What a life. Nothing ever changes, and they always know who or what will appear next. Nothing could ever possibly go wrong. It's not in their script.

The Mad Hatter was pacing around nervously. It was their tea party, just as it happens every time someone reads the story. That rabbit was late. He was always late! But not this kind of late…

No, this kind of lateness was not in the script. The Mad Hatter was beginning to worry. About five minutes ago, the rabbit was supposed to come hopping in here yelling out, “I'm late! I'm late!” But, without his voice, it was suspiciously silent. Too silent for the Mad Hatter, and too silent even for a tea party. Was he going to have to tell his other party-goers that the party was off? He did not want to be a party pooper. He bit his nails hard and let out a whimper. “Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Something's wrong!”

It was then he heard a loud crack, followed by a boom, followed by what sounded like a cat's screech, nothing like he'd ever heard in his scripted life. “Eeek! Oh, dear! Something IS wrong!”, he yelled out, which had gotten concerned looks from his party-goers. He had to do something, quick. He had to trust his instincts, so he decided to go for a walk to explore where this noise came from. Off the beaten path, he went until he came upon a terrible mess. It was as if some destructive wind had decided to purge the land of wonder, and there was a large open rift where there hadn't been before. It was blindingly bright, as the Mad Hatter had to shield his eyes, which eventually subsided and closed back up a few moments later.

“Hello”, called a voice. It made him jump as he hadn't expected it, or did he? He turned around and looked at where the voice came from. Here was a beautiful young lady with dark hair and a fair complexion, though she was quite dirty at the moment, her hair disheveled. The mess around her described a bit of what she went through. He frowned at the sight of her.

“You… You're not Alice”, he finally said after a momentary hesitation.

“Oh, pardon me, no.”, she said as she held out her hand, “My name is Dorothy, and this is my dog Toto.” She looked around, only to find her dog near a big tree, barking at the feline that was climbed atop. The feline wore the look of a sour puss, instead of the usual grin. “Oh, come on, Toto, that's not very nice of you! Come here”, she told her dog, which she picked up then turned back towards the Mad Hatter, “I'm terribly sorry. I'm obviously not very welcome here. You see, this is obviously not the land of Oz.”

The Mad hatter simply didn't know what to say. The fact of the matter was, he didn't have a script to tell him what to say. So he told himself he had to take the plunge. This was a very different encounter than the one he was used to, and something had happened. Something that would change things forever. He had to learn to just answer for himself. This was going to be a whole new adventure for him.

“The land of Oz?”, the Mad Hatter asked with curiosity, “Never heard of it, my dear. But, my friends around here call me the Mad Hatter. Not really sure why, as I'm not mad or insane or anything of that sort. In fact, I was just about to have tea with some of my friends. Would you like to join us?”

“Oh, goodness yes, thank you. A little something to warm me up after that horrible wind would do some good.” And so the Mad Hatter walked back with her to the table, and all the others wanted to hear who this new lady was.

-= Sickbay, USS Horizon =-

The Horizon was getting closer to its destination. They would be there shortly, according to the last time he had asked Crewman McKinneley, which was before he had went to sleep. He awoke with a terrible migraine, and zipped down to Sickbay to get a cure. It was there that Owain realized that something may be wrong, as Nikki had advised him that he hadn't been the only one asking for a migraine cure. It was very busy there. In fact, it was busier than it would have been normally. It was almost as if the whole crew was experiencing migraines.

When he had asked Nikki when some of them had their migraines, they had all started when they were having dreams, which was odd. It wasn't something he could do anything about right now, but he felt he needed to look into it more and have her alert him of any further cases or any changes.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Jan and Gastovski stood at one of the rear terminals on the bridge, behind tactical.

"It's just appaling. I'm usually patient with officers, even give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes. But this Frost guy, I don't know."

Jan frowned. Although Gastovski had a dislike for junior officers, to Gastovski that was anyone below the rank of Commander unless they had distuingished themselves in some capacity, but his reaction with Frost was exceptionally bad. Jan wasn't impressed with the man himself. But if Gastovski had this kind of reaction it had to be really bad.

"He's messing up procedures, basically undoing everything we accomplished so far. I tried to talk to him but he gives me the "I'm an officer and know better" routine."

"I see. I will talk to him first thing in the morning."

Gastovski nodded. "It would be much appreciated. I can't work in these conditions."

Jan yawned. It had been well into evening and his shift had ended quite a while, but he was still settling into the XO routine.

"How about a drink", Gastovski suggested.

Jan nodded. That sounded good.

"You might want to check your messages first, your chair has been blinking for a few hours now."

Jan frowned. "And you only inform me now?"

"I figured if it was very important you'd be contacted by now."

Jan grinned. "I guess you are right."

Jan pulled the message to the terminal. Gastovski read over his shoulder.

"Hmm, the woman means business."

Jan nodded. "And apparently I should have been there half an hour ago."

"Are you sure it just isn't a plot to get you into sickbay. I'm sure you managed to avoid your physical for now."

Jan shrugged and pulled up the reports from medical.

"Hmmm they processed everyone already." Jan grinned. "Jordan will be pissed. Hmmm, it says even you have been there."

Jan stared in disbelief.

"Commander Levi was absent at the time and a nurse was trying to 'process' me. I just stared at her coldly and she suggested that we should consider it done. She used my old vitals, altered them a bit to her own insight."

Gastovski wasn't a fan of medical procedures any more than Jan was. Jan grinned.

"You are bad, my friend. But yes, I think you are right. I'm not going to fall for it. Thanks for the heads up, in my current state I would have missed this poor attempt to lure me into sickbay. My brain could really use some rest."

"Well, time for a drink first", Gastovski said.

Jan nodded. "Let's go."

"You are leaving without leaving her a message."

Jan shook his head. "No that wouldn't be gentleman like, would it?"

Jan typed a short reply and send it to Jordan's office. She was probably camping in ambush in sickbay already.

"Hi Jordan, it sounds tempting. Unfortunately I don't feel very well. Have a headache. Nothing serious, just too much work the last few days. We can have lunch tomorrow if you'd like. Jan."

"Headache huh? I thought the myth said this was only used by women."

Jan shook his head. "I'm psychic. In half an hour I *will* have a headache. I wasn't planning on leaving a bottle half empty you know." Jan grinned, as did Gastovski.

"Well, let's go then", Gastovski said. They left the bridge to the night shift and went to turbolift to head to Gastovski's small crew quarters.

Steve Sharp - Marines

Steve and Mike boarded the Presidio dressed in their Marine Blues, or full Marine Dress Uniforms, both of them carried a duffle bag that contained their BDUs and Type 1 uniform, the Marines looked snazzy in their uniforms with their Mameluke Swords hanging from the sides of their Blue slacks with its Red blood stripe. Steve had on his holdster that had his gremlin in it as he never went anywhere with out. Even though they were only on the Presidio for a short time, he and Mike felt that making a good impression would be the way to go.

Shortly after arriving, Steve and Mike were approached by a crewman who had been assigned by Captain Maxine to show them to their Quarters which were located smack dab in what Steve would call fleeter country. They were fortunate to have Quarters next to each other, as they could go over the problems with the Presidio's Security personelle with out having to go half way accross the ship. Steve placed his duffle bag on the bed in the spartan like quarters, and decided to wait till the Morning to report to the ships XO
one Commander Jan Vogels

=/\= Sgt Eaverts im going to read over the files of the security officers, then turn in for the night, feel free to aquaint yourself with the ship as we will be seeing a lot of it over the next month while training these security officers.=/
\= Steve says as he knows Mike probably already unpacked his drill sgts hat and was ready to head down to the decks below.

Ozu - USS Presidio

A little bit angry Ozu walked through the corridor to the sickbay. Damn I just had a check up a few weeks ago on the station. What could be different now except for the annoying headache he had all the time. Not knowing how mad he did look he was a little surprised of the distance most people took when he passed by. A minute later he realized that he wasn’t going the right way

“Damn these enormous ships” he thought.

“Computer where is the sickbay and what is my current location?” he said a bit loud because of his rising anger.

The response of the ever calm computer came fast. “The sickbay is located at deck 12 you are currently at deck 14”.

“Great” he said and he looked around for a turbo lift and quickly found one. “Deck 12 sickbay” he said and a short hum later he stepped out of the lift and saw the sickbay a few meters in front of him.

Still mad he entered the sickbay where a nurse came to him to ask why he was here. He answered that he needed a check up again because he had just boarded the ship. The nurse told him to sit on a bio bed and wait until Doctor Levi was ready. Before the nurse turned away Ozu asked her if he could get a padd so he could learn the ships layout in the meantime. When he had the padd in his hand he called up a layout of the ship and went through it deck by deck. When he looked at it he thought “the designer who made this ship probably designed mazes too”. Then he heard a new voice and he looked up with his mad face. He saw Levi and recovered in a split second to a neutral face again. “Sorry doc I ain’t mad at you this just isn’t my day”

“All right it wasn’t my best one either. Julia can you do his check up please?”

A response came from the far end of sickbay. “Sure on it”

A nurse walked to Ozu with a medical tricorder and started the question routine. But after the first Ozu said frustrated “Just take the answers from the last one I had it was a few weeks ago. The only thing that is different is a continuous headache.”

A little bit startled the nurse looked at him. “Any idea what I causing it?”

“Mm maybe the fact that I performed a kamikaze run with my fighter into a Klingon Bird or Prey.”

“You did what!?” she asked surprised.

“If you want the story look up the Horizon mission logs and now please get this over with. I need to blow of some steam on the holodeck,” he said angry

“I thought that Vulcans did have emotions. But you aren’t going anywhere until I check you for that headache,” came the nurse response calmly but with an angry note.

She finished the check up scan and told him to lie down on the bio bed for scans. But Ozu had enough of it and walked out of the sickbay leaving a startled nurse behind. His check up was done but for more scans he had no need now. All he wanted to do is to blow of some steam and have a drink and meal.
Half an hour later he walked into the mess hall with a small bottle in his hand. He picked up some food and a small glass from the replicator and looked for a table to sit down. He found one in a corner and settled in he opened the bottle to fill the little class with a light red brown liquid. It smelled heavily like cinnamon.

Micheal Eaverts - Marines

Michael Starred into the eyes ahead of him in the crystal clear mirror in front of his head in his quarters as he fastened the last button directly underneath the collar of his dress blues. Before however placing his lid atop his head he took notice of "Federation Flyer" newspadd he had picked up earlier on his way to his quarters. The following stood out as his eyes took notice and he began to read the first portion of the article that was most likely being read throughout the Megiddo and neighboring Eri systems

Former Nesh'Rah military commander and known terrorist Chulan was arrested on the surface of Erista as he was captured by Federation Marines while attempting to flee from the scene of a firefight in the congressional records hall. Witnesses who viewed the struggle during the crack hours of dawn believe this was amidst a covert hostage extraction mission by the Marines following an Eristan military cout de tat against president Usani by one of his own chiefs of staff. President Usani respectfully declined to speak to Federation Press officials as Federation Senator Kahll forecfully deined having any foreknowledge of one of his senior aids financially supporting the Nesh'Rah terroist cell organization. Starfleet Intelligence and Internal Security have now launched a full scale invesitagation. Citizens everywhere in the Megiddo system cheered and threw confetti however as news spread of the man repsonsilbe for the bombing of Terra Nova Station and several embassies and federation buildings was taken into custody to Megiddo Station….

Mike placed the padd down as he didn't bother to read the rest of the article and didn't want break his reputation of punctuality seeing as how he already had plans to visit the Starfleet veterans memorial wall temporarily setup at the station in honor of veterans weekend before meeting with Major Sharp at dock terminal 4 currently connected to the Presidio. Before walking over the threshold of his doorway he slid the case into his locker containing the disassembled high powered rifle and other weapons he had bought only moments earlier from the arms merchant. Personal matters and shore leave would have to wait until after he got back from the Presidio

Exiting his quarters he swiftly fasted his lid atop his head and walked with a casual yet paced rate. He wasn't known exactly for being a very talkative or social person yet surprisingly and unkown to anyone else's knowledge save his own he manged to save those characteristics for his personal logs.

SGT Eaverts, Personal Log stardate 60847.8

It has been 3 days since I have returned to the nest from the Eristan surface with Kilo Platoon. We have all been ordered not to speak to the press or talk on any matters related to the recent conflict which took place in the capitols city there.

In the meantime I have been asked by my CO, Major Sharp, to instruct a large group of tactical and security officers some of which are fresh recruits on field surivial and marksmenship aboard the USS Presidio per Captain Maxine's request. I have made time however to visit the memorial center temporaily in place aboard the station to commerate and honor those who have served and died in the line of duty defending the Federation. Perhaps it is today of all days that I am greatful for still being alive and able to enjoy the simple things in life that are taken for granted. Many of my fellow comrads and friends from both the Dominion and the conflicts which occur today were not so fortunate and I admit I miss them.

I have to confess this constant conflict and battles in this quadrant that I find myself involved in do take their toll on me even if I don't have the luxary of leaving my emotions unsurpressed outwardly expressing what I think. I meditate on a daily basis , sometimes more than twice a day to help maintain my sanity and mental health. Surprisingly I find it becomes easier every day but sadly only because my mind is becoming more desensitized to the violence. I sincerely hope it is not out of apathy but of discipline and experience…

Miek stopped as he rounded his last coridor entering a type of indoor courtyard with a small stream fowlling through it. The engineers had a nice artistic touch in deigning this memorial apparently.

There it stood. The transparent aluminum wall which spread in a large ecliptic shape encompasing th entire room which lit up like a giant HUD of names which scrolled upward through it. There were different sections of the glass reserved on thewall. Most of the space was taken by the more recent of wars, the Dominion War, but there were fallen veterans listed going all the way back to the Romulan Wars. Mike made his way to the small portion given to the fallen of the Battle of Setlik. The only person who could've technically been considered a half sibling of Michael's, Luke, died there as a Marine Captain and vulture dropship pilot in the first major conflict of the Federation opising the Cardassians in aiding the Bajorans at the end of the Bajoran/Cardassian occupation. He showed his respect by signing his name with the electronic pen in the folder designated just for look in the system. Luke never even had a chance to be in the Dominion

It is days like today I sometimes wish I had a sibling. But that is something out of my control..

Michael then made his way to where a handful of other people, some civilian, some in Starfleet uniform, some even Starfleet who were just in civilian clothing while off duty. He simply stared at the hundreds of thousands of names that scrolled by before bending over to place the rose he was carrying in his right hand at the foot of the wall

It is also a time of regret for me as well unfortunatly as I remember things from the war I would prefer not to..

Mike remebered only too well the children he was forced to kill in the first waves that landed on the streets and cities of Caradassia Prime when he was a PFC, mostly noted the one 12 year old girl with the short cut black hair holding the photon grenade in her hand ready to chuck at his squad as they passed by. He shot her at point blank range out of reflex and could still remember her face as he saw the blak burn mark on her shirt before she fell downwards. It still haunted him to this day and very might for the rest of his life. Back then the Obsidian Order had no qualms with using children in their final resistance against Federation Marines and Ground Forces. They were small and could easily fit in areas where a full grown adults could not

It was time to leave as there was nothing more to here that would significant and he wanted to get out of the way of the increasing number of sviliation and off duty officers who came to pay their repectes as he did always tend to take up a lot of space. Taking a step back to attention he gave a firm salute to the wall before going back to a relaxed stance and strolling out of the memorial center politely nodding to the others coming in as he walked out.

Perhaps though with time and effort I can learn to forget and look forward to the future. I still believe with solid affirmation to this day that the prospect of war is little more than a mass waste of life, resources, time, and money. I don't expect that opinion to change during the course of my lifetime

Carrying his bags in his left hand he met up with Steve standing sternly yet patiently by the terminal entrance.

"Everthing set SGT?"

"Aye Sir" mike replied as Steve lead the way all the way up th terminal into the personnel dock hatch

They passed many enlisted and some fleet officers aboard that gave looks and expression as if to show they weren't used to having Marines around onboard and didn't really know what to make of it. He however understood their uncertainty. There were not not many Fleet Officers in his daily work that he worked with or met either. Major Sharp had told him however the Presidio CO thought he was a good choice for this assignment partially because he was Vulcan and would be much less prone to the classic fleet/marine rivalry that constantly took place when the two sides clashed. He wondered if that opinion was somewhat biased but nevertheless ignored the concept all together.

As the crew showed the Major and SGT to thier assigned quarters Mike parted ways with his CO and walked into his quarters. As requested they were small and spartan, reminding Mike he was there for primarily work and his usual isolation beyond that.

While he began to neatly unpack his belongings the Major came through his earpiece:

=/\= Sgt Eaverts im going to read over the files of the security officers, then turn in for the night, feel free to aquaint yourself with the ship as we will be seeing a lot of it over the next month while training these security officers.=/\=

=/\=Affirmative Sir, I will see you at 0900 tomrrow in Commander Vogels office he replied.

T'Lara - USS Presidio

A few hours later…..

T'lara made her way onto the bridge and asked for a report from Daranavo. "Captain all crew are accounted for and the last boarding finished a few hours ago and have been processed through medical" He replied dutifully.

"T'lara took her seat and waited for the last updates to come through.
"Captain, Engineering reports the last diagnostics have been completed and we are running at full efficiency" Toval said from Tactical.

"Oh and the marines are on board" Jan added sounding a little annoyed.

T'lara's lips quirked and she just nodded and opened a ship wide com.
=^= This is Captain Maxine, All decks prepare for departure. We will be clearing the station as soon as we have had official clearance=^=

T'lara turned to the view screen motioned to Daranavo to request clearance which was granted by the station as soon as a Ferengi freighter had moved out of their flight path.

" Station clamps released and we are now clear Captain. Coordinates laid in" Said Ozu, someone T'lara had not seen before.

"Warp 8 Engage" T'lara said calmly and relaxed into her seat. She made a mental note to send Jan to meet up with the two Marines Command had sent her along with over a dozen fresh faced security officers to shape into something resembling a decent security crew.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

Jan stared at the bottle. It was empty.

"Got any more?"

Gastovski shook his head.

"I'm afraid we are done pounding our livers for tonight. You know I had planned to last at least a whole trip on these?"

Jan nodded, immediately regreting the motion of his head.

"We'll get you new cases once we dock somewhere", Jan replied.

"Oh and what is that crap about Marines on the ship?"

"Huh", Jan said surprised. "What are you talking about."

Gastovski tossed him a PADD.

"It says right there that two Marines have come aboard, all with proper papers from the Captain, to help in training the security guards. I never asked for that."

Gastovski's dislike for Marines almost equaled Jan's.

"I can't have all my guards turn into gung-ho guns blazing macho mindless automatons."

"I'm sure it won't be that bad. We can always get you new ones. I'm afraid I can't do anything about this, the Captain seems to have made up her mind. Oww my head hurts. Told you I wouldn't be lying to Jordan. I better get going. You look like you can need rest yourself, old man."

"Aye", Gastovski said. "You better not run into her on your way to your bed, you wouldn't be able to resist if she dragged your sorry arse to sickbay and I wouldn't be in a condition to help."

Jan grinned. "I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow. Weed out the guards that are the greenest."

Gastovski nodded and Jan left, walking slowly. He passed Jordan's quarters, which was conveniently close to his own. He grinned and vowed he'd avoid the whole sickbay crap. An examination could always be done if he somehow ended up there anyway. No use in wasting precious time. Jan entered his quarters, made sure Jordan hadn't set up an ambush here and then went into the shower to clear his head. He only had a few hours of sleep left, but it would do. He just had to make sure to get more rest the next night.

A few hours later he was woken by the unsensitive voice of a mechanically sounding female voice telling him to get up. He drank a large mug of coffee, which helped him in appearing a bit awake, then took another shower. He felt reborn after that. He dressed into a new uniform and headed to the bridge, whistling. T'lara was just in the process of departure. Everything seemed fine. He voiced his displeasure about recent crew additions, then went through his schedule for the day, while T'lara gave the order to leave.

Ozu - USS Presidio

When they cleared the station Ozu noticed again how big this ship was and how slow it responded. He knew he had to fix this response time or he would surely crash into something. The ship accelerated to warp 8, ahead to some unknown place. This would be a boring shift so he better start working on these control systems. He started to upload all his personal flight data in the computer. 2 hours later the entire control system had been changed. Now all that had to remain was to get some engineering thingies done but for that he would need permission.

Ozu picked up a padd and started to write down the changes and how they would need to be implanted. While working a padd he kept an eye out on his console to check if all was going well. Sometimes he made some minor course corrections but nothing special came up along the road. The end of his shift neared and he had finished his work on the padd. The first people of the next shift arrived and soon he felt a small tap on his shoulder. He nodded to the ensign and pushed a few buttons to change the console interface back to normal.

He walked to the XO.

“Sir I would like you to take a look into this. It contains changes I suggest for the helm and ship itself.”

Jan looked up.

“All right Lt. I will take a look into and forward to the Captain if needed”

Ozu walked to a turbo lift. “Mess hall” the lift hummed for a moment and halted again. Ozu entered the mess hall and picked up huge meal from the replicator, which quickly found its way into his stomach. 30 min later Ozu moved out again to his quarters.

In his quarters he picked up a bow and a quiver with arrows. The bow was a great piece of art as well but all that art had a function to just to make the bow perfectly stiff. With the bow and quiver he moved to a holodeck.

“Computer start program Ozu omicron four.”

Moments later he found himself in a lush forest. He looked to the ground for wild marks and soon he found a trail. 2 hours later he saw the deer drinking at a small pool. He picked an arrow checked if it was straight and slowly pulled back the bow and the he released it. The arrow flew straight into the deer’s heart. He moved to the deer and picked his arrow back to find out it had been broken at the top.

“Computer end program,” he said and walked out.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan yawned as she walked through the deserted corridor. She had had a long day. She had not expected to work as hard as she had on her first day but … sickbay had been a mess when she got there. Despite the crew physicals she still had to organize sickbay itself. She had consequently pulled a double shift.

She turned the corner and came to her door. She entered and found her quarters the same as it had been when she had left earlier – stale and without character. She had no doubt that during the course of the next few days she would personalize her surroundings – but not today, she was too tired.

She collapsed onto the couch and closed her eyes momentarily. Jan had not fallen for her trap to have the physical done. In truth, she didn’t expect it would work. She knew him as being as stubborn as the best of them – but then again, she was known to have the same trait. She let it go for the time being. If Jan wanted to be stubborn about it she wasn’t going to get in the way. But one day he would have to come into sickbay and have that physical done. She shook her head. That could be months.

She pushed those thoughts out of her mind. They were not her problems for the time being. All that mattered was getting some rest. It didn’t take long for her before she dozed off and with it, all her concerns vanished.

Owain Taggart

-= USS Horizon, Bridge =-

It had taken many hours and many days, but they had finally arrived at their destination. A beautiful planet lay ahead of them, and Owain was very glad to see nothing had happened to it before they were able to get there.

Their previous mission had taken a turn for the worst when the planet of their destination had suddenly ceased to exist; now a million fragments of a world they were so close, yet so far away from. It had devastated the crew, and for weeks, Owain had felt responsible for not being able to help their distress in time. In time, they learned the reason for its destruction, and thankfully not all the lives of the Aldeberaaneans were spared. Several of their military officers and an ambassador were now in talks with the Federation into becoming a member world.

Here, the sight of the planet had re-lit the sense of exploration which he had been yearning for. Among all the tragedy he had witnessed, he had forgotten what it felt like to see a new planet again. It was a good feeling; one that reaffirmed his decision to enter Starfleet. It was for the dream, and the dream was alive. Smiling, he turned to Aegis.

“Of all the times I've managed to see a planet for the first time, I never get tired of seeing its vistas. It's like coming home again for the first time.”

When Owain had first met Aegis, he had never worked with a Cardassian before, but it wasn't long before he had taken a liking to him and found out he was much like a Vulcan in the inside, and like a Klingon on the outside. He was stoic and didn't show his emotions very much, aside from getting angry from time to time, but didn't feel ashamed from showing he could be a good warrior. He had also learned that Cardassians loved to smile, especially this particular one, and so when Aegis returned the smile, he wasn't surprised. “I know what you mean. The sense of wonder; it's one you can never tire of. When the human astronauts first set foot on Earth's Moon, it was a feeling they wanted to experience again and again. It's not surprising Starfleet was eventually set up.”

It was true of course, and Owain was incredulous over the incredulity some had over the original Moon landings. He couldn't believe people would want to deminish the sense of accomplishment of the original Apollo astronauts. Perhaps they thought it was all science-fiction. If someone didn't believe in the plight of Starfleet, did that mean the Horizon and her sister ships were also science-fiction? He sighed, not noticing Crewman McKinneley.

“Sir, since we're in orbit now, I was wondering about the package…”

Owain knew what he was thinking, of course. “Not right now, no. We'll need to rendezvous with whatever Starfleet has sent us before we're able to check out cargo. It shouldn't take too long now though. I'm sure whatever and whoever it is, is on their way now.”

Just then, however, McKinneley's badged tried to get his attention, =/\= “McKinneley here, go ahead. What?? You can't be serious. I'll be right on my way! McKinneley out” =/\=

McKinneley turned to Owain with urgency, “Sir! The box has been broken into! I've got to get down there…”

Owain was suddenly disappointed in the officer, but before he could show his disappointment, he had to figure out if he was to blame. “I'm right behind you, Mr McKinneley. Commander, you have the bridge!” And then his migraine flared up again…

Daranavo Savoy - USS Presidio


Though his mother could not help him, seeing and talking with her always left him feeling less homesick then he was. As he left the turbolift and moved toward Main Engineering he briefly wondered if there was a reason that the black wolf appeared in his visions. That perhaps it was a mystery that his ancestors needed him to figure out. In any case he now knew that he was on his own in this. Ensign Jacobs stepped up to him and handed him his PADD. Quietly Daranavo took it from him and began to read the data that appeared on it. Since there was a lack of a Chief of Engineering, quite often Daranavo gave guidance to the Engineering crew when he could.

Jacobs: “Sir, All Engineering crews are in place and ready for departure. As you can see, we are still having trouble with the auxiliary shielding. Presently, it is running at 96% efficiency but each time we tax it below 50% it drops below 87%.”

Daranavo frowned when he read the information. Just as he did the Ensign coughed as his throat felt scratchy however, Daranavo did not hear a cough, he heard a growl and he thought he heard it behind him. Startled, a concerned look crept upon his face and he turned around quickly but nothing was there. Confused, Ensign Jacobs turned in the direction Lt. Savoy faced and wondered what he was looking at.

Jacobs: “Um…everything alright sir?”

Still slightly shaken from what he was sure was a wolf’s growl he replied unconvincingly.

Daranavo; “Yes…yes, everything is fine.” Quickly he forced his thoughts back to his work. He frowned and continued to scroll through the Engineering data. “It sounds like that same conduit has gone bad again…check the power regulator again and reduce the overflow induction ratio by another 15%. If we are still getting a power reduction, replace the conduit. It may be the regulator but now that we are departing we will not be able to take it offline…I’ll inform the Commander.” He nonchalantly handed the PADD back to the Ensign. “Good work Ensign,” he added though it was a struggle to keep his thoughts in check.


As the ship departed, Lt. Savoy stepped over and handed Commander Vogels his final ship systems report. He knew that Jan had very little knowledge as to Engineering specs. And briefly he gazed up over at the Captain who seemed preoccupied as she scanned diligently through the onboard telemetry on her chair’s console.

Commander Vogels: “Thank you Lt.”

Lt. Savoy: “Sir, if you have any questions or need clarification on anything, just ask,” he said without expression. Sharply, he stepped back over to his station and sat down.

Nicholas Li

== Flashback on the Horizon ==

The world was dark. The primitive part of his brain sent adrenalin coursing through his veins. His heartbeat rose as a response to his lost of sight. But training kicked it and he embrace the darkness. He remembered what his sensei said. Use your inner light to shine forth and light your world. Let your senses guide you. His heart rate slowed. Now he could hear breathing. The capillaries in his skin flushed and he felt the movement. The compression of air to his left told him that it was coming. He dodged. He pushed the sensor back in front and scanned the ring. The slight hum of the anbo told him that McKinnely was in front of him. He swung the padded end towards the crewman and heard a clank. The hum must have warned him as well. His opponent was well trained. Even thought this was his first anbojutsu sparing session, his training in other martial arts have honed his reflexes like a sharp blade. That was enough to allow him to survive the first couple of attacks, but that won't be enough to prevail against a sandan level opponent.

McKinnely used his superior strength to shove Nicholas back. He lunged with surprising speed with an over head strike. If he had been more used to the anbo, he would have force Nicholas to block. But, the strike was a tad too slow. Nicholas was used to be beaten by much faster strikes. He side step out of the way of the swing and with an instantaneous release of ki, surged forward and struck at McKinnely's forearm, forcing the anbo down. This opened McKinnely to a head strike that earned Nicholas the winning point. Ippon!

The two opponents faced one another and bowed. They lifted their visor and smile through the sweat dripping off their faces.

"Good match Sam. That block was sweet, and the counter strike almost got me. Your a very good opponent."

"Thanks Nick. It was thrilling and fun to fight blindfolded."

"Ya, this martial art, like many other blind fighting styles allows you to train your awareness of the surrounding environment. With practice you become more aware of the unconscious sensory information and develop a synesthesia of all your other senses. You instinctually build a mental map of everything around you. It makes it harder for your opponents to catch you unguarded."

"Ya, that last thrust you sent my way. I could almost see you throw it. I think it would complement my martial training if we practiced once in a while."

"When ever you want to give it another go, just give me a shout."

With that the two new friends and colleagues headed off the holodeck to the sonic showers.

== End Flashback ==

Lieutenant Nicholas Li was back in Main Engineering, going through his routine system check and analysis. As usual, Main Engineering was a buzz with activity. Jonas was watching the matter/anti-matter flow. Sanchez was monitoring the variances in the warp field layers. Awlinson was working in her usual cluttered way, on a data conduit on the upper platform.

Nicholas was just looking for irregularities in a comparison of space-time geometry to a warp field efficiency graph, when suddenly Awlinson tripped on his toolbox and sent a hyperspanner sailing straight for the back of Lt. Li's head. The young crewman's face paled in anticipation of the impact. But Li's training was not for naught. He heard and felt the changes in Main Engineering, he spun and snatched the hyperspanner out of the air. He looked down at his stinging hands and frowned. He glared at the young woman on the upper platform.

"Awlinson, finish up and go take a break. We'll talk later about proper workplace organization in my officer at the beginning of beta shift."

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan was almost instantly asleep, but her dreams were plagued with nightmares.

She found herself in a corridor; she was wearing a red uniform. She found it odd as she did not usually wear red. Down the one side of the corridor she heard a terrible unearthly scream and then almost instantaneously to the other a deep growl. She turned around only to come face-to-face with the biggest wolf she had ever seen. Its yellow eyes stared at her unblinking. Its lips curled up into a snarl. She was certain it was about to pounce when something from behind ran past her and slammed into the wolf. It yelped as the beast rammed into it. She perceived it all happening in slow motion as the beast looked back at her for a moment – its blue eyes not fitting his grotesque exterior and then he was gone.

Jordan’s eyes snapped open as she became instantly awake. Her breathe was labored. She could still hear the sounds of the beast and the wolf fighting but that dissipated as the moments progressed.

She got up only to be welcomed by a whopping headache that nearly brought tears to her eyes. She grimaced and clutched her head in her hands. She squinted at the watch – her shift would start soon. She tried her best to ignore the headache and got ready. Moments later she exited her quarters and made her way to sickbay.

Once Jordan entered sickbay she was bombarded with medical personnel that had some report to give to her. She listened to them patiently and finally retreated back to her office. The headache wasn’t getting any better. She was also somewhat disturbed by the dream she had the previous night. It seemed all too real.

She shrugged and pushed away the thoughts about the dream. Instead to injected herself with a hypospray to clear the headache. Self-medicating was never a good thing, but she didn’t believe it would do any harm for a headache.

Slowly the headache began dissipating but a dull throb remained. She considered having another dose of medicine but decided against it. She never did like medication and she wasn’t going to use any more than absolutely necessary.

She turned to her computer screen. They had started their journey towards the planet. They had only been in route for a few hours. In the mean time all that remained for them to do was wait.

Owain Taggart

-= Cargo Bay, USS Horizon =-

When Owain arrived following McKinneley, he was fuming. The other officers in the room tensed up and looked around nervously as he felt his presence enter the room.

“Alright, who can tell me what happened?”, Owain asked the officers, and when nobody answered, he turned towards McKinneley, “Ok, can you tell me who you think did this?”

“Well, sir, there are Crewmans Tzen and Fleen. They had an altercation earlier when I had set this team up. They might be a good place to start with.”

Owain nodded, and went up to the Bajoran who he assumed to be Tzen. “You are Crewman Tzen?”

The bajoran slowly nodded and he had a mischievous look on his face as he did so, the slit of his eyes narrowed. “Yes sir, but I can tell you right now, I did nothing. It was Fleen's fault.”

It happened quickly. Fleen jumped at Tzen, knocking him on the floor, and it took 2 other officers in the room to restrain the two. “Liar! Backstabber! You think you're so great, aren't you? I saw what you did back there. Everyone knows what you really did!”, he spat out as he was being pulled away.

“Enough!”, Owain yelled out, “I won't have officers in my crew act like children. Perhaps you'd like to mull it over in the Brig.”

“I saw him do it, sir! He opened it. He just likes to blame everyone but himself.”, yelled out Fleen.

“As I said, you can tell me all about it in the Brig.”, Owain said as he turned towards McKinneley. “It appears we'll have to do it the hard way. We'll have to do a round of questioning, something which I'm not looking forward to. I just may have to let you do it. I'm retreating to my quarters. Have the rest of the officers pack it back up.”

And then he left, his fingers on his temples. “This is going to be a long wait”, he mumbled to himself.

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