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Nothing More Than a Fairy Tale

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Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

USS Presidio

Jan yawned as he "flipped over the page" in his PADD. Gastovski grinned.

"Enjoying the paperwork?"

Jan shook his head.

"I knew there had been a reason I skipped being XO and went from department head straight to CO. Why couldn't I have picked a Defiant Class again. No, I had to pick one of the biggest ships available."

Gastovski nodded.

"What's the current read?"

"Roster changes, staff rotating out at Starbase 347, new staf rotating in."

"Any word on a replacement for you?"

Jan shook his head. "Not as far as I could tell but probably some green amateur newly assigned to Megiddo. As far as I know they have no one there to fill the vacancy."

Gastovski grinned. "You could always ask Rico."

Jan snorted.

"I could, if I wanted the ship's population decimated in half after the first week."

"I'm glad we got rid of our cargo."

Jan nodded. The Monitor had met them en-route to take over the survivor. He had recuperated very well. He wouldn't be of much help to the Shroud. He had been an Engineer and thus had not seen anything of value, except a phaser blast going into his chest. All business with the Monitor had been done already and there was no need for it anymore on Starbase 347. The less people were involved the better. Jan had his radar out for new Kimerian attacks but there hadn't been any mention, on official and secret channels. Now it was just crew rotation and minor refit at Starbase 347.

"Well, for what it's worth, none of your guards are shipped out", Jan finally said.

Gastovski nodded in satisfaction.

"That's great to hear, I am finally getting somewhere with them. Another year or drilling and they might be a decent crew. Would be a shame if they had been shipped off already."

Jan nodded, took another sip of his tea…and nearly choked.

"You alright?" Gastovski looked a bit worried.

Jan nodded, put the PADD on the table and dried to dry his uniform. Gastovski grabbed the PADD to see what had set the off the reaction…he didn't have to look long.

"Oh my…this is going to be interesting."

"There's nothing interesting about it, just some old acquaintances moving in."

"Uh huh, this has disaster written all over it. When did you last talk to her?"

"Oh we kept in touch…a bit. We managed to talk things over like adults."

Gastovski just nodded, but said nothing.

"So, you don't think it's going to be a bad thing that your former lover is coming aboard as the new CMO?"

Jan shook his head. "I would have been worried if they had assigned her to Security. In that case, Rico might have been a better choice."

"Look on the bright side, she at least saw the light again and went back to the Fleet."

Jan nodded. "That's a score for her indeed."

"When is she coming aboard?"

"When we dock at Starbase 347."

"That shouldn't take long."

Jan nodded. Both had felt the subtle transition of the Presidio dropping from warp speed to impuls speed. Most people didn't even notice, but Jan had an affinity for it. It was a good thing most people didn't notice, if they did, it would probably mean the inertial dampers weren't functioning correctly. Jan wasn't in the mood to end up as wall pancake.

"Well, I better get going to prepare the guard and watch for the airlock. No one unauthorized gets on board. I'll take the guard shift myself."

Jan nodded. Some of the crew thought the strict boarding regime Jan had implemented was over the top. But it wouldn't have been the first time someone tried to sneak onto a Starship in an attempt to sabotage it. Better to be safe.

"I better finish reviewing these crew rosters. I'll have a list of authorized personnel for you within half an hour."

Gastovski nodded. "Oh and you might want to change the uniform before you go out and talk to Jordan, that stain just doesn't look well."

With that, James Gastovski left Jan's quarters and headed to the armoury to round up a guard detail for airlock duty.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan Levi watched through the view screen as the USS Presidio glided into the docking bay of the station. The ship’s size alone was intimidating enough to let even the most experienced officer awe at its magnificence.

She had her bag over her shoulder and a data-pad in her hand, containing her transfer orders. She waited, as she already knew the many procedures that the ship had to go through after docking, it would be a while before anyone would be allowed to enter or leave the ship. There wasn’t a rush, as the Presidio was to be at the station for at least a few hours, except that she wanted to get to sickbay as soon as possible. She would like to be settled in before they left.

Jordan grinned slightly. She had come full circle in her life and in her career. She had started off as the CMO on the first USS Knight under Ethan Corrigan. She had made many changes since then in her career. She had been promoted and demoted so many times her head hurt just thinking about it. She had been XO and CO of ships and now she returned to her original position – being a doctor.

She had almost given up that part of her life completely. She had been assigned to every position except medical for years. She had avoided it. But now, for her own sanity and a way of redemption for her past mistakes, returning to being a doctor seemed to be the right decision. It was the way to heal that part of her life that needed healing and the gods knew that there were plenty of those. No … it felt right, and more importantly, she was more herself than what she had been for many years.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she noticed the guards near the entrance of the ship. A throng of people seemed to engulf the entrance. The poor security guards seemed to be a little flustered by the amount of people. Instead of joining the crowd, Jordan found a seat not to far off from the entrance and waited for the crowds to diminish before she entered the ship. She had no desire joining the mass of people – she had, after all, always been uncomfortable in crowds.

She thought she spotted a familiar face in the crowd. She frowned but dismissed it. The second time she didn’t dismiss it as easily. She saw the face again. From where did she know him? Then it hit her. Gastovski, that was the familiar face near the entrance to the ship. Her mind started to race. Gastovski was never alone. Wherever he was, Rico and Jan were close to follow. Or was it the other way around?

She was about to put one and one together when an officer came to stand near her seat. She didn’t look up, but noticed from sleeves that he was wearing a red uniform. She ignored him, but then got a little irritated that the man was interrupting her thoughts. She glanced up. She had been right, but that didn’t help her heart from stopping for a millisecond.

“Jan, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” Jordan smiled. She stood up and gave him a hello-hug. She wasn’t sure what Jan was doing there, but it was good to see him. For a very long time their relationship had been strained. She would even say that their friendship was on the verge of irreparable repair. All of which had come to a climax a few months ago, when they were finally forced to talk to each other. Since then, their friendship had naturally repaired itself, of which Jordan was grateful for. “What are you doing here?” she asked as she retook her seat.

Jan Vogels - USS Presidio

USS Presidio

Jan donned a new uniform once Gastovski was done and quickly finished the new crew list and forwarded it to Gastovski. He just hoped he wouldn't eat any of the newcomers. Jan then proceeded to the bridge. T'lara was in her seat, looking highly annoyed, fuming and small thunderclouds were forming over her head. She looked at the lift doors to see who entered. She was furious.

"Can you believe this? We have been put on hold. Two freighter captains rammed their ships and now need to be towed away and are blocking the docking ports until then."

Jan grinned. A friend of his had something similar once. Ship refitted, brand-new and was then rammed by a freighter on his way out of Spacedock.

"Captain, we have clearance."

The helmsman hardly dared to speak.

"Take us in."

Jan towards his chair but remained standing as the Presidio moved into Starbase 347, a massive Starbase. It served as a waypoint, stop for traders and fortress. The docking procedure was slow but eventually the ship was docked. Jan excused himself.

"I will oversee the arrival of the new staff."

T'lara nodded. "Let me know when there are some problems."

Jan left. In the corridor he met crew ready to disembark the ship. Gastovski had already set up a guard post and the stream of incoming crew was tremendous. His guards seemed overwhelmed. Gastovski himself was leaning against the wall, supervising, his usual stoic self. Jan nodded at Gastovski and set foot on the station, briefly mingling with the new crew, trying to hear their chatter. Most of them were excited. That was hardly surprising, all looked young and according to the roster he had received about half of them were fresh out of training. It was only then that he had realised how crowded it was exactly. Numbers looked insignificant on paper, but once they were crowding at one small air lock it became a flood. By now the first started to complain about the long embarking procedure. The guards tried to explain the were following orders. One Lieutenant argued that there was no need for this strict protocol. Then Gastovski came forward, barked some words and all was quiet. Everyone went back into an ordinary file again. Jan grinned and gave Gastovski a thumbs up, who was already against the wall again.

Jan turned his head around. He finally found her. She was the real reason he had left the bridge. It had been a while since they last talked. Jan had still been on Megiddo Station and had a run in with Jordan. The Cold War between them was over, but it was a long road back to where they had been. But Jan felt it was time. He missed her. She was one of his closest friends. He had treated her unfair in the past and she had made him suffer for that. He slowly started to move into her direction. She had apparently not noticed him in the crowd. Within moments he stood next to her. It still took her a few seconds to register him. She stood.

"Jan, you’re a sight for sore eyes." She hugged him and Jan hugged her back. It felt good. Only now did he realize how much he had missed her indeed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked when she was sitting again."

"I came looking for you. I figured you might be lurking around the airlock. Still not a crowd person, are you?"

She shook her head. "You know me better than most persons. But I meant, what are you doing on Starbase 347?"

He looked at her.

"I didn't tell you, did I?"

"Tell me what?"

She looked into his eyes.

"I transferred to the Presidio a few months ago."

She nodded. "That explains some things. One of them being why you never returned my messages I sent to the station."

Jan was embarrased. "I'm very sorry Jordan. I was sure I had send you a message. I will make it up to, I promise you. May I escort you to the ship? I figure you want to settle in first. We can talk later…I missed you."

Jan gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, then rose and beckoned her to follow him. Jan knew better than to ask her if he should carry her bag for her. Jordan followed him. Jan cut forward in line. The guard actually looked at Gastovski. But when he nodded he let both Jan and Jordan pass without a control. Jan was proud of Gastovski, he had really trained his guards well. They feared him more than they feared the XO. Of course their 'shortcut' raised some angry murmurs. Jan turned around. Most murmurs died when they saw they were dealing with the new XO. Gastovski came forward. He nodded to Jordan.


He then turned to Jan. "I figure this will take a few more hours. By then we should have everyone embarked. An Engineering team from the Starbase is already on board for maintenance and refit."

Jan nodded. "Please register Cmdr. Levi's arrival."

"Already did. Welcome aboard." Gastovski actually managed a smile, a very rare occassion indeed. Jan also it meant shipping a crate of booze to Megiddo. He and Rico and a bet that Gastovski wouldn't smile in public for at least twelve months after his last one, which was seven months ago. Clearly Jan had lost the bet. Gastovski seemed to read his mind and grinned. He then excused himself, needing to get back to 'work', meaning making sure others did their job right. Jan started heading towards Jordan's designated quarters. She fell in line beside him.

"They made you XO?"

Jan nodded. "I wanted out of command. I accepted the position as Chief of Security. But recent events forced me to take up command again. We'll see how it goes."

She nodded.

"It is a fine ship as far as I can tell. T'lara is an adequate Captain."

Jordan laughed. If Jan said 'adequate' is was about the highest compliment he would give, which was equal to 'excellent' in most other vocabularies. They quickly reached her door. Jan unlocked the door with the command override, then reset it to generate a new random access code, only available to Jordan. The doors opened.

"You will find your new access code in your terminal. I'll wait outside while you fresh up. I will take you to sickbay then. Or the Mess Hall if you'd prefer to eat something first."

She nodded. "There is no need for you to wait outside. It's not like we are strangers."

He nodded and followed her in. Jordan disappeared into the bedroom with adjoining shower. Jan admirred the furnished but otherwise empty quarter. He was sure Jordan would have personalized in no time. He walked to the viewing port and admired the internal structure of the Starbase while he waited for Jordan to return.

Venessa Ana Efron - USS Presidio

Vanessa was with Ryan in the labs going over some PADD from Doctor Perry an old friend of theres. Vanessa was reading over a PADD in the labs, win she start to get hurgy.

"Ryan why do we do some of this reading in the mess hall so we can get a bite to eat." said Vanessa has she start to the door.

Ryan get up and walked with his wife down to the mess hall has they walked in. They found a tuble and take sit and looked over more PADDs.

Owain Taggart

“All ahead, full impulse!”, Owain yelled out, under all the noise on the bridge. The crew was tense, and there was reason for it. Their goal before them grew bigger as they approached, and he was determined to make it a success. He was almost there. How much harder could it actually be?

“More power, Mr Li! I need more power!”, exclaimed Owain, his teeth gritting in all this excitement. “I'm doing all I can, sir”, came the reply, “To be honest, I'm not sure how much more I can hold it!”

“Sir!”, exclaimed his tactical officer, “Klingons on the starboard bow!” Owain made noises like a Grizzly bear as he cursed under his breath. He wasn't about to lose this now. “Hail them, tell them we have mean no harm. We're only here to rescue one of our own.”

But his tactical officer's protest was plain, and what made it harder for Owain was that this officer was exactly right. “We're deep in the neutral zone, sir. I don't think it's a good idea.”

“Oh, I forgot. We're supposed to leave one of our own to die.”, he said sarcastically. “Like hell we will, Lieutenant. We're getting closer. Shields up, Red Alert while we're at it.”

The Klaxon blared, and the red lights had given a readiness to the crew. It was all or nothing now.

The tactical officer shook his head, “It's no good sir. The Klingons look angry, Captain. They've got their weapons powerup up. Looks like they're about to give us a warning shot.”

“What about that hail?”, he said as he turned towards his communication officer. “I'm not getting any response, sir. Would you like me to invite them for tea and crumpets?”, the officer replied.

Owain shook his head, “No. It will only make them angrier.”, Owain said with a smirk. And then came the blows. One by one, they all struck the ship, and as a result, they were all thrown from their seats, consoles sparking, smoke filling the air. It took a moment for Owain to regain himself and pulling himself up. His hair disheveled, it was a sign of failure.

“Just what were you trying to do out there?”, asked Aegis who was the next to recover, “ I mean, you could have easily gotten us killed.”

Owain combed at his hair with his hands, then looked at Aegis, “At least it wasn't the Horizon.” A smile broke out and then he started to laugh, “Shall we try this again?”

Aegis shook his head, “I think I've had enough of being thrown about for today. What's your obsession on getting it perfect, anyhow?”

“I want to see how Jim Kirk did it, and without cheating.”, he said with a smile. “It doesn't matter how many times it takes us, but I believe we'll get it some day.”

“Well, just be careful. They don't call it the Kobayashi Maru for nothing, you know.”, Aegis noted with a wink.

Owain's commbadge beeped, and he answered it. It had been to tell him that the new transfers were ready, and that the package they were to bring aboard needed attention.

“Well,”Owain told his XO as he put a hand on his shoulder, “Looks like we have some things to do anyhow. I'll need you to take care of the new transfers while I go take care of a package that is needing careful attention. I'll see you later.”

Nicholas Li

Nicholas hobbled back to his quarters. It was a very long day. It started with typical engineering problems that he could easily deal with or delegate. However, the captain came in and threw a wrench in his well planned schedule. He wanted a impromptu training session with the senior staff. Nicholas quickly canceled his appointments and delegated the running of main engineering to his second in command.

Nicholas trudged after the captain to the main holodeck. He was apprehensive about what to expect. His new CO was an enigma, Li didn't know if this was to be a leisurely professional development or some sort of rigorous, fix by the seat of my soiled pants type of training session. After 8 hours of various Kobayashi Maru scenarios, Nicholas was no longer apprehensive. Tired, yes. Black, blue and green all over… definitely. Running into rails and consoles, even photonic ones, still hurts like hell.

In the midst of a free flight into the bridge floor, Nicholas had an amazing epiphany. He was going to invent a woven magnetic pants that would hold oneself in place during such an emergency. Unfortunately for Starfleet and the Federation as a whole, that idea was knocked out of his head as he impacted the carpeted duranium floor.

By the end of this torture, one annoyed Cardassian, five bruised senior staff and one deliriously happy captain left the holodeck. As Nicholas arrived at his room door, he quickly dismissed the thought of having the captain's replicator serve him ectoplasmic goo instead of coffee tomorrow morning. Lieutenant Li jumped in the shower and put on a fresh T-shirt and jog-pants. As his head hit his pillow, he blissfully fell into a dreamless sleep.

Samuel McKinnely

New Orders and a new pet

Sam looked around at the station he was currently at. He had been given orders to be put on the ship Horizon, he had heard interesting stuff about the ship, and her crew. He had high expectations of what he would meet and what he would deal with on this new ship.

He would have new adventures seeing as how he would a security officer, or atleast thats what the orders said, you could never know what you could be called to do, on his last ship he had to help with engineering, which deffinatly wasn't his best thing to do. Evidently the ship needed a few good men, and thats what he intended to be, he hoped to one day be able to do enough good that it would out way his evil deeds of his past, which were many since he was raised as a pilot and killed his first man at the age of 13 and had been piloting since then, untill he was 17 and his parents had been killed which from then on the had been the Captain of the "Dead Mans Chest", which was an appropriate name for the ship for he had plundered many ships.

Sam was now trying to correct his past mistakes, after joining starfleet, he wanted to be the lowest rank he could and work his way up, he needed some recuperating time before Captaining a ship again.

An unexpected friend

Sam looked around at the Vendors while wondering around and found a few good deals, he was in need of a few weapons, knifes, and stuff that he had lost when he had unexpectedly been taken from one ship along ways away to the station in a matter of seconds by a man that said he owed his father a debt and was repaying it.

Sam had his weapons, and clothes, and other necessities ready for transfer to the Horizon whenever he found out where his quaters would be. He headed for the bar he now needed to make sure he was loaded up on his liquor.

"Bartender what extra liquor do you have by the crates?"

"We have 2 crates of Kanar, 2 crates of Jack Daniels, 1 crate of the homemade stuff…"

"Homemade stuff is that like moon shine?"

"Moonshine? I suppose."

"I'll take it all…(Sam leans forward and wispers) now do you have any romulan ale?"

"WHAT no its illegal!" says the bartender in complete and utter shock.

"Oh now come on…I'll make it worth your while…"

"All right I have 1 crate…but you didn't get it from me!"

"Thanks have it put here."says Sam handing the man his money and a PADD that had directions to the spot where Sam had his other stuff to be put on the Horizon.

Sam got up and walked towards where he was havining his stuff put and heard a ruffling sound at first he thought someone was in his stuff. But as he looked at where the sound was coming from he found a small puppy.


Sam immediately recognized the breed it was a Pit Bull…they were thought to be a mean and violent breed back in the 20th century, but that was mainly thought by people that didn't own one, they were actually very loyal dogs,some had killed people, but that was mainly because of there size and muscle, but some didn't like kids, which wasn't a problem since there shouldn't be any on the Horizon.

Sam decided to keep the pup and but him in a carrier and put it with his stuff to be beamed aboard…soon he hoped.Sam looked at the time that was displayed on one of the screens to his left, it was about time for him to report in. He headed for the docking port that the Horizon was curently "parked" as he like to call it, but others would say "docked".

When he arrived there the could see a line of new transfers for the Horizon, he smiled and took a few steps back, it would take the commander a while to be able to go through them all, and he was in no hurry he had left food and water for his new pup, that he had decided to call Bo, seeing as how it was an American dog, he figured it fit him.

Sam leans up against the bulkhead and waited for his turn to "report in."

Jordan Levi and Jan Vogels (JP) - USS Presidio

Jordan went to the bedroom, leaving Jan in the adjoining lounge area. The living area was much larger than that which was assigned for an average officer or crewmember. It was one of the perks of being a senior officer on board one of the largest ships in the fleet. Usually a starship was small, cramped and uncomfortable – but that wasn’t the case on the Presidio.

She placed her bag in the bedroom and then went to the bathroom where she washed her hands and face. She could hardly believe that the short trip to the station had been such a strain on her. She was still recovering from her previous adventures, if you could call it that. It wasn’t that uncommon to feel tired after missions.

Despite her weariness, she was excited and content with her new position. It was a new turn in her life and she had embraced it. To put the cherry on the proverbial cake, Jan was also on the Presidio. She was not completely alone. Having him onboard and close made her feel more at ease. Besides, even though she hadn’t admitted it yet – she had missed him. She wasn’t sure how it would work between them considering their past, but that didn’t matter to her all that much – they would make it work, whatever it was.

She finished freshening up and then made her way back to the bedroom. For the first time she noticed her new quarters. It would do. She would make her personal changes soon enough but for the moment she had to catch up with an old friend.

She paused at the doorframe and watched Jan staring out the window. She grinned slightly; he hadn’t changed much since she had last caught him staring at the stars.

“Are you ready?” Jordan asked.

"Huh"? Jan turned around.

"Wow. You look good Jordan." She really did. She didn't look weary and tired anymore.

"Where are we off to?"

"Sickbay", she said.

"Ever the working girl."

She nodded as she fell in behind him as they left her quarters.

"I must make sure everything is in proper order."

Jan nodded. His heart at had finally slowed down to a more regular pace, his mind wasn't racing anymore as he tried to think.

"I'm very sorry for telling you about my whereabouts", he finally said. "I send of the message but never bothered to check if it actually arrived. I found it bound bounced back to my inbox at the station."

Jan had checked quickly using Jordan's terminal. His last message to her had been bounced back to his now defunct inbox at the space station. A notification had been sent but had missed it in the mountain of messages that had awaited him when he boarded the Presidio. He tried to find words as they walked through empty corridors.

"I know I haven't been much of a friend to you lately. I've done a lot of things to you I regret. Things I should have done differently."

He stopped abruptly. Jordan only reacted in time or she would have been half way across the corridor. He turned and looked her straight in the eyes.

"I never stopped loving you. I only realized it when it was too late. I blamed you for all my misery and pushed you away. I don't know where this has left us and if it can ever be repaired. I really missed you."

Jordan’s heart half stopped. She had hardly expected Jan to tell her how he felt in the middle of the ship’s corridor. It wasn’t his style … or was it? It had been so long since the two of them had actually spoken in a civilized tongue with each other that she didn’t know whether this was usual for him or not. But that didn’t matter. What mattered was what he said.

She stared into his eyes for a moment. She rarely expressed her emotions, but with Jan it was unnecessary. He read her like a book, something that had always irked her. But this time keeping her emotions bottled up was not going to do. She needed to be open to him as he had been with her. She had no desire to hurt him. Both of them had done enough of that through the years.

“Jan,” Jordan said and took a step closer. She took his hand in hers. “I told you back on the station that I loved you and that would never change. I still do love you and I’ve missed you. Whatever happened in the past, it’s in the past and I’ve forgiven and forgotten. You need to know that.”

Jan swallowed. Thinking what to say. Whatever he would say, it would have to be right here and now. He had avoided the issue long enough and didn't want to push Jordan away for a second time.

"I remember your words on the station. But I wasn't sure if you would be willing to forgive me. I don't know if I could have if I had been in your place. I want to make it up to you, start over again, no matter what it takes."

That might become problematic. He wasn't sure if T'lara was thrilled with her most senior officers engaging in romances, not exactly a thing Starfleet policy was promoting for a reason. But Jan had known Jordan for a great deal of time now and he knew himself, knowing that a relationship would not affect either of their capabilities to do their jobs. But Jan had screwed up their relationship, the ball was in his court now to fix it. Jordan had always made him realise there was more to life than the uniform.

"I just don't know how to start."

They had started walking again through the still empty corridors and arrived in Sickbay. Sickbay was empty as well, most of the staff was either rotating out or not present since they were in Starbase and no casualties present. Jordan headed for her new private office. Her predecessor had already cleared it out. She was silent. Jan knew she didn't feel comfortable in showing emotion, especially not in public. The corridors had been empty but she had felt exposed. But Jan simply had to tell her before his courage had left him again to do so. He told her so.

Jordan had felt exposed in the corridors. She wasn’t use to expressing her emotions. It was difficult for her to do so, but she also knew that this was not the time to suppress them. She needed to get to a place she felt secure and safe to do so. The corridors of the ship were not such a place. It made little logical sense that her office in sickbay was any more secure, but she felt a little more relaxed there. Jan had followed her into the office. For a moment they just stood there, neither one of them knew what to say.

For months Jordan had waited for Jan to change his mind, to give their relationship another go. Now that he had finally suggested it, it took her by surprise. She had to admit that she didn’t know where or how to start. She didn’t know how to rebuild their relationship. But at the same time she knew that that could be used as an excuse, which she wasn’t going to do.

“We start by taking it one step at a time,” Jordan said, though she didn’t know what that entailed exactly. She decided to throw caution to the wind. As much as she needed reassurance in her emotions she knew that Jan needed the same.

“Start over again?” Jordan said, quoting a part of his speech back in the corridor. “Commander, I believe that is one of the most sensible things you’ve said all day.”

Jordan smiled, for the first time letting her guard completely down in front of him. She leaned forward and brushed her lips against his.

Jan's eyes went big. He had expected almost anything from Jordan, from a blow to where it really hurts, to a verbal tirade to a sensible conversation. He decided that resistance was futile and returned her kiss. He gently touched her face and she smiled.

"One step at a time, aye", he said.

She still smiled. It looked good on her. To the outside wall Jordan was usually a large emotionless granite wall. The smile and emotions made her more attractive.

"Well", she said, "I have changed my mind after all. I would like something to eat, I'm starving."

Jan rolled his eyes. "When are you not?" He grinned as she poked him for making fun of her.

"Lets go to the Mess Hall then." He squeezed her hand, then let her pass him out of her office, out of Sickbay, to the Mess Hall.


Since the horizon had docked Ageis hadn't had any time to get on to the station.There were transfers to be done and a few other jobs, before Aegis could even think about some time for himself. He had worked through the majority of the transfers, most of the newly arrived crew looked young and eager. As the last man approached,dressed in the gold uniform of security, a small quadruped ambled its way up to Aegis and started sniffing at his shoes.

"Crewman Apprentice McKinnley, reporting for duty Sir" He said with an Irish accent.

Aegis looked the man over. He had obviously been through quite a lot during his life, but struck Aegis as a confident and no-nonsense person by the way he held himself for scrutiny. The perfect qualities for a security officer.

"Greetings Mr McKinnley." Aegis said as he glanced down at his PADD,
checking the transfer order.

"Everything seems to be in order here. Use the directions on your PADD to find your quarters. Fortunately for you, we are not up to full complement yet. So you will have your quarters to yourself for the time being." He said with a smile.

Just as he had finished his sentence, he noticed his foot felt decidedly wet. Looking down, he saw the quadruped, its leg cocked over his shoe urinating. The dog looked up with with it's big puppy eyes and an almost entirely relieved expression on its face.

Aegis looked up at the Crewman, expressionless. The man quickly bent down and snatched up the dog.

"Ah, sorry sir, I guess he really had to go."

"But did he really have to go on my shoe?"

"It would appear so Commander." Came the reply.

"Although there are no regulations against having a pet aboard, I must insist you properly train your animal."

"Yes Sir." the man said, somewhat sheepishly.

"Carry on crewmen"

With that, McKinnely, dog slung under his arm embarked the gangplank to the ship, with the Aegis, close behind, his foot squelching in his boot. If Aegis was vindictive enough he would have had the crewman cleaning rifles for a month. But decided against it. Everyone deserved a chance.

Samuel McKinnely

As Sam walked up the gangplank and onto the ship he had to hold his breath to keep from laughing histarically at the Commander, he had not meant for the dog to even be out he must of snuck out of his carier, wich means he was a smart dog, but for him to pee on the Commanders shoes…well it must of just been bad luck for Sam.

He takes a look down to see where his room was on the ship, and went to them.

Extra roomy room.

Sam stepped into his quarters for him only being a crewman and on a smaller sized ship they were huge.

"Sam to transporter chief"sam says as he walks over to his computer terminal.

"Chief here."

"Could you beam the stuff from these coordinates to my quarters please."

"Yes sir."

"Thank you,"Sam says guessing that the chief probably didn't realize that he out ranked Sam.

Sam taps a few more buttons on his terminal to see when his first shift would be, he had almost 2 hours before his first shift began, so he decided to head for the Mess Hall, it was ussually the best place to meet someone.

A kings meal

Sam walked up to the replicators.

16oz Ribeye medium rare, green beans, and mashed potatoes…

Sam looked at the plate that appeared it looked great, but that didn't mean it tasted great.

Sam took a seat near a window, and took a bite of each one he had gotten, to him it needed salt and a few other things,for some reason the replcator never put enough salt into it, he would have to program his own foods into the replicator.

Sam ate his food and looked around at the crew he could tell alot about a person, by what they ate, infact he could tell stuff about them-like if they walked a certain way it meant something, and he could read expressions pretty well, occasionally he had been accused of being betazoid, but he wasn't that good, just very observant.

Toval Morgan - USS Presidio

Star base 347

Toval Morgan had been on shore leave for the last month and had been waiting at star base 347 for the past three days waiting for the Presidio to arrive for its scheduled re-supply and crew transfers. Finally the time had come to end his leave and report back to the ship and get back to work.

Upon arriving at the docking port where the Presidio was connected to the station, Toval saw the huge line of personnel waiting to board the ship. He could see Master Chief Gastovski keeping watch over a pair of security officers who were processing in the new crew members. “I’m not waiting in that line” Toval quietly said to himself as he turned and made his way to the nearest transporter room.

After a few minutes Toval entered the transporter room and glanced at the crewman standing behind the control console. “One to beam over to the Presidio” ordered Toval as he stepped up onto the pad. “I’m sorry sir, but all new transfers have been instructed to report to the Presidio through the docking port.” Toval sighed quietly to himself, he was usually a laid back person, hating to have to pull rank and put people in their place, but it appeared he would have to today. “Crewman, I’m the chief tactical officer of the Presidio, Toval Morgan. Check your database and confirm, then do as I instructed and beam me to my ship. After a few silent moments the crewman looked up “I’m sorry about the mix up sir, energizing now.”

USS Presidio, 30 minutes later

After returning to his quarters and putting his clothes away, Toval checked his computer and saw a message from the medical department indicating that he was overdue for his annual check up. “Well, no time like the present” Toval said to himself as he left his quarters and headed for sickbay.

Toval was deeply immersed in his PADD as he walked toward sickbay, he didn’t need to see where he was going, as he knew the corridors of the ship by heart. Toval was going over the recent mission reports, he’d not been present due to his leave, and as such, did not notice Jan Vogels and Jordan Levi exit sickbay and head away from him down the corridor. A few seconds later Toval entered sickbay and looked around for Dr Alexander Scott, who was the CMO when Toval left on vacation. Not seeing anybody around, Toval addressed the computer. “Computer where is Doctor Scott?”

“Dr. Scott is no longer assigned to this vessel, the current chief medical officer is in her quarters.”

“Great, looks like we have a new doctor” said Toval, to nobody in particular, as he was alone. “Computer, activate the EMH.” Toval heard a series of acknowledgement beeps from the computer and then the EMH materialized infront of him.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency” stated the mark II EMH program.

Toval addressed him immediately; “There is no emergency, however the CMO is unavailable and I’m overdue for my annual checkup.” The EMH sighed deeply then instructed Toval to get on the bio bed as it retrieved a tricorder from a nearby supply table and began his scans.

After the checkup had been completed, Toval thanked the EMH and departed sickbay and decided to head to the mess hall and get something to eat.

Owain Taggart

« Cargo Bay - USS Horizon »

Owain ached all over, after having been thrown about in the Kobayashi Maru simulation. Everyone of course grumbled about what he had done, but he told himself that it had to be done. In a way, it was like an impromptu fire drill. You knew nobody would like what you had to do, but had to do it anyway to get people on their toes and know what to do during an emergency. That's exactly what the Kobayashi Maru was to him. He knew it was impossible to win, but it built everyone up, kept them alert and made
sure everyone knew what their part was during an attack. And if he had to stand outside in the cold while the alert subsided, then he had to ache all over. That was all predetermined though, and life had plenty of mysteries.

As he arrived to the Cargo Bay, there was his Transporter Chief, Mitchell Cunningham. Orders were that the Horizon would receive special cargo that required special attention. “Ready to transport, sir”, said the officer.

Owain nodded and waved him off, “Energize”.

The transporter chief nodded and he played with his console. Within moments, a large cargo crate had materialized. Owain frowned, wondering just what this cargo was for. “Did they tell you what's inside?”, he asked the chief.

The chief only nodded his head from side to side. “No sir. But it did come with a padd.” With a closer look, it seemed the man was right, as he noticed the padd lying on top. Owain made a whistling sound as he read the contents. It hadn't told him much at all. He just felt like all this was very strange. Strange indeed.

« Ready Room »

“You mean to say a dog peed on your boots?”, Owain asked Aegis. It was hard to stifle a laugh, as the situation he described was very amusing, but he knew he had to get down to business. Of course that stare coming from the Cardassian wasn't making it any easier.

“So, everyone has checked in?”, he asked his XO who was very glad for this awkward moment to be over with. Aegis nodded.

“Yes, sir. I think you'll approve of Crewman McKinneley. Dog peeing on my leg notwidthstanding.”

“Tell him I'd like to speak with him personally. But first, there's business to discuss. As you know, we've just received a very mysterious crate in the Cargo Bay.”

“Mysterious? How so?”, asked a curious Aegis.

“Well, that's just it. Nothing much came with it other than a padd with some orders on it. Earth has an old Christmas tradition from what I remember reading and hearing about. Sometimes people would send their packages early, but tell the receiver not to open until Christmas.”

Puzzled, Aegis tried to piece this together, “Ok, so let me guess. Our orders are to proceed to specific coordinates as disclosed in the padd. We aren't to touch this package until we're at these coordinates?”

“Exactly. And once there, we're to await further orders.”

“Hmmmm, I don't like this. It all sounds too much like the work of Section 31”. They both shot themselves a look after that thought.

“Nah”, they both said in unison while shaking their heads. “It couldn't be.”

Samuel McKinnely

After eating…

Sam finished his meal, and got up, he had-had enough of the stars, and enough of the food, it was time to settle in. As he walked through the coridors he noted to himself that this ship did have plenty of beautiful women, and he would have to get to know a few of them atleast, it was his duty as a male…

Settling in…to a homesome quaters

Sam had started to settle in carefully hiding the Romulan Ale, it would look bad for him to be a security officer and get caught with the stuff, but on the other hand, it could come in handy if he needed to loosen any lips, and of course there was other various reasons, including consumption for himself to calm him down.

Next Sam set of a few sturdy fixtures on the wall, and unloaded the rest of his stash on to the shelf, but he was careful to only put two of each, Kanar,Jack Daniels, and supposedly Moon Shine, but that was to be seen. The rest he put in a place where if the ship was under attack it would be impossible to break. He then proceeded to place his weapons, phasers, phaser rifles, and knives, he had picked items that were not the norm, if he needed them they would be there.

Sam sat down after puting his clothes into his closet, it was small but it would suffice, he only had his other Starfleet suites anyway.

He lays back onto his bed he was exausted, there had been quite a bit of stuff to do but now it was done, he heard a rustling and then a small plump onto his bed, and up came his new puppy, Bo.

"Hey Bo…what have you been up to?"

The dog looked at him and cocked his head first to the right and then to the left.

"Thats a good boy" Sam says while peting him.

Sam gets up and looks a the carrier he had put him in, and wondered how the hell the dog got out, it was standard issue, with at electronic lock, the dog would of had to of known the code to get out. Sam takes a closer look…well maybe not Bo had chewed through the box and through wires, no doubt shocking the hell out of himself, but then again Pit Bulls were known for there pain tolerance, the had once been fighting dogs, in which alot of money was made at the expense of the poor dogs.

Sam put a new lock on it, one that was metal and went through the top and bottom of the carrier, he carefully put Bo into it and locked him in, imediately the dog started to wimper, so Sam put a towel over the carier so that he couldn't see Sam. Sam gets up, but smell a disgusting odor, the dog had pooped somewhere, but he couldn't tell where, as he walks around to his bathroom it became more intense, there was no doubt about it, it was in there.

Sam steps into the bathroom and picks up the pieces of poop and put them in the toilet, and with a flush the smell was gone…that was it, Sam walked over to his console to see what holodeck programs was available, and sure enough there was one with a town, and in the town was a trainer, Sam decided the would have to get his dog trained NOT to use the restroom in his quarters…he would have to train him like one trains a cat…Bo would have to learn to use a litter box.

The Main Man

Sam took a sonic shower and put on a new Starfleet uniform, then proceeded to his console to see what his duty roster said he was supposed to do. According to it the first thing he was to do is speak with Captain Taggart.

He was slightly worried about this, it could be a number of things ranging from, Starfleet figuring out he used to be a pirate, to the fact Bo had peed on the XO's feet. Sam got up and poured himself a small shot glass of Jack Daniels, and drank it he liked the burning feeling as it went down, the quickly brushed his teeth so that the smell of alcohol would not be noticable.

Sam left his room and headed for the turbo lift.


Sam stepped off the turbolift and on to the bridge, he looked around on th bridge for the first time, he wasn't sure how often he would be on the bridge considering his rank- and not knowing what personal the Horizon actually had, but the bridge was like nothing he had ever served/used, on his other posts he hadn't gotten to see the bridge, and the simulators and holodecks he had used had nothing on the bridge of the Horizon, it had a slick design, and Sam loved it.

Sam walks over to where the Captains ready room was, and pressed the chime button to let the Captain know he was there, it was much like what the 21st century people would of called a door bell, which was what Sam always thought of it as…a highly advanced door bell. Sam quickly dones his poker face, so that his inward feeling could not be seen, he had a hell of a poker face too.

Sam awaited the acknowledgment of the Captain and for the doors to open, he couldn't wait to see the Captain that he had heard so much about-in first person.

Nikki Garland

Nikki's personal quarters- USS Horizon

The alarm had been ringing constantly to itself but Nikki was refusing to get up. There was alot to do in sickbay with the start of the new mission. All Nikki could think about was how warm it was tucked up and it was cold outside.

Oh damn alarm, i spose i'd better make a move otherwise the new recruits will wonder where the CMO is to their check-ups, she thought

Nikki's alarm continued to ring, she glanced at the time, it was 07.55, her shift started in 35mins and she wasnt in the slighest ready. With a mumble of annoyance she half jumped and half crawled to the shower.

The water was cold and an unwelcome wake up. Must get an engineer to fix that. Nikki rushed to find a clean uniform that didnt look like she had just got out of bed in it. She glanced at the clock, it read 08.20am. Time to go.

She left her quarters and walked quickly but gracefully to the turbolift. =^= Sickbay =^=. Nikki was quickly fixing her hair back in the lift when the doors opened.

Nikki entered sickbay exactly at 8.30am looking ready for a days shift but hiding the fact that she was almost late.

Owain Taggart

« USS Horizon - Ready Room »

“Come in!”, Owain exclaimed the moment he heard the chime. He had been expecting the crewman, and the moment the doors swished open, he saw the face of a confident gentleman. He looked the man over once, twice and then a third time as he stood up to greet him.

“Mr McKinneley, please have a seat”, he said while gesturing to the chair before his desk. Owain then returned to his desk and sat in his chair while the crewman made himself comfortable.

“I'd like to personally welcome you aboard the Horizon. I take the time to personally get acquainted with every new face, to make sure that they're fit to serve on my ship. I have a long day ahead of me before we leave, so I'll make this quick.”

“Thank you, sir”, replied the crewman.

Owain picked up one of the padds sitting on his desk. “You have a very impressive profile, Mr McKinneley. I see you've been here and there in your time. I understand you've just transferred over from the Sentinel.”

McKinneley nodded, “Yes sir. I -”

Owain nodded back, “No need to explain. I know perfectly well that everyone needs a change of pace.” Then Owain got up from his chair and headed to a little cupboard and pulled out a bottle and two glasses with his back to the crewman. “I understand you'll be one of my security officers”, he said while pouring the liquid. “Good, because I can use someone who's confident in their abilities, and I think I can trust you. Speaking of trust…”, he began to say as he turned back around, with the two glasses in his hands. He literally heard a gasp coming from the crewman as his hands had revealed the glasses to be full of Romulan Ale. The look of surprise on the crewman's face gave him pause as he knew what he must be thinking.

“If there's one thing you need to learn in this business, is that Captains have their own secret stash”, he said with a wink as he handed one of the glasses over to the crewman.” He searched his mind within this moment, as he hadn't done this for nothing. He knew what his next step would be. “There is a very special package that needs special attention in the Cargo Bay, Mr McKinneley. I know you're wondering why I'm telling you this. The fact is, the package is not to be touched until we arrive at our destination and have awaited for further orders. This package needs to be watched over to make sure that nobody goes near it or tries to sneak a peek. So, what I'm about to do, is put my trust in you to guard this package like your life depends on it. I want you to put together a team to watch it all times until we arrive. This will be your first duty for me, understood?”

McKinnely nodded, “Aye sir. I'll guard it with my life.”

“Good. If anyone has any questions about what and why you're doing this, please send them directly to me. Dismissed”
McKinnely was almost out the door when he realized he still had the glass in his hand, turned around and put it back on the desk. Owain looked up at him. “Oh, and Mr McKinnely, if your dog ever has an accident on my leg like he did with Commander Kardin, I'll personally make sure he's off this ship.”

Samuel McKinnely

First mission under a new Captain

Sam stepped out of the ready room in almost complete shock he couldn't believe what he had just seen, or that the Captain had given him such an important task, he must of seen something for him to put so much trust in Sam.

Walking towards the turbolift, he breathes a sigh of relief at least he didn't have to worry too much about the illegal Romulan Ale that he had, for the Captain had some, but he was only a crewman so hiding it would be a good precaution still.

First Command oportunity…proving grounds.

Upon entering the Turbo Lift.

"Cargo bay"

The lift starts its way down to the Cargo bay. Wondering how many men he would need, and who would he pick, he decides to ask the computer, about what sort of men were available.

"Computer, how many security officers are Crewman Aprentices?"

"There are currently 12 on board the Horizon."

" How many have a record of being overly cautious and strictly obey the commands given by their supperiors?"

"3 with high probability of obeying supe…."

"Good have them meet me in the Cargo bay."

"Now computer how many are known as hard asses, and are likely to tell a supperior officer where they can put it?"

"1 high, 2 moderate,and…

"Good have them meet me in the Cargo bay also."

Sam steps off the turbo lift and heads for the cargo that the Captain wanted him to watch, he had to admit to himself that he even wondered what was in it that it required a security duty to watch, but that slipped from his mind when he remembered that he hadn't asked the computer the names of the individuals.

Well it was too late now, they were starting to arrive, one by one, he guessed that the ones first to arrive where the starfleet norm so to speak, which was also confirmed by their appearance.

"Alright gather together…."

Once they had all gotten withen ear distance of Sam,"I've asked you here today because I have been told to guard this stuff here,"Sam says while pointing with his hand to the mission important stuff.

"First please tell me each of your names, starting from the right."

"Boont Fleen" says a tall Vulcan very calmly he was undoutedly one for strictly following the rules.

"Jim Roberts" says a short human, another for following rules.

"Bob Owens,"says another human, and one for following the rules strictly.

"Jack O'Donnel," says another human in a scottish voice, he had the looks of a short tempered man, undoubtedly one of the ones for bucking the rules.

"Jenifer Bates," says a female human, she had an odd look about her, and her file showed that it was only men she mainly had a problem with.

"Benjia Tzen" says a Bajoran in a rather hateful voice, he would be the trouble maker of the group, Sam knew his type well.

"Now I have been put in charge of putting together a group of men to watch over this "cargo" and no one is to take a look at what is in the crates…"

"Which is where you men and uh women come in, you will watch these crates in shifts of 8 hours, without breaks or anything else that you may be used to. Also no one except Captain Taggart is allowed to come within two meters of the cargo, I don't give a damn if its an Admiral, you can tell them to go talk to the Captain if they have a problem with it."

"Now is there any questions."

Sam looked at each one of them one by one….

The one on his far left steps up,"I have a problem, who says you get to be in charge of this, we are all Aprentice Crewman here."

Sam steps up to where he could look eye to eye with the man.

"The captain says so…"

"Well what if I say thats not enough?"

Sam wanted to end this quickly, he quickly looks the man over and sees that hes Bajoran.

"Whats with you Bajorans are you all always pissy, and who do…"as Sam had hoped Tzen took the bait and swung quickly at Sam, which he ducks the hook and catches the fist and quickly pulls it behind Tzen's back.

"Now look Tzen, you can either take this duty, prove that you actually have a reason to be in starfleet, and get to tell people above you to go to hell if they want to see what your guarding, or I can break your arm and you can go back to your normal, daily, boring, duties. Now which will it be?"

Sam had a good idea which option the crewman would pick.

"I'll stay."Tzen murmers.

"Good,"Sam lets go of his arm and helps Tzen to get up.

Sam watches Tzen rub is shoulder, it undoubtedly hurt alot, but it was indeed something he needed to learn in quick. Now that Sam had the respect of the men it was time to put them to work.

"Alright I want Roberts and Bates take shift A…"

"Fleen and Benjia take B shift,"Sam figured that the Vulcan could take care of any problems Tzen may put up.

"Owen and O'Donnel will take C shift…"

"We are currently at the beginning of B shift so Fleen and Benjia will start their dutys now,and I will begin to put the motion sensors around the cargo so I will know if anyone gets within two meters of the crates…I will keep an open comm link to you at all times so if you have any problems tell me, and use any force you deem necessary if someone crosses into the 2 meter area of the crates…they are not to be touched by anyone except the Captain, is this understood?"

"Yes Sir,"they all chimed.

"Good the rest of you that are not B shift may leave…"

"Crewman Fleen, step over here a minute."

"Yes sir," says Fleen.

"If you have any problems with Tzen, just tell me."

"Yes sir."

Sam takes a deep breath and walks over and places his motion sensors two meters in front, he place enough of them that it would be impossible to take one out with out him knowing, or to step anywhere within two meters of the cargo.

Sam gets up and walks towards the turbolift, his shift was over, and he was supposed to go for a check up by the CMO of the ship, but he hated check ups, so he decided to just go to his quarters till the CMO made him go to sick bay for the check up.

He hated doctors, and hated physicals even more.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jan and Jordan went to the mess hall. The corridors were still quiet and the mess hall even more so. The crew was apparently taking full advantage of the opportunity to get some leave from the ship.

When they entered the mess hall, Jordan went straight to the replicator. It felt like she hadn’t eaten in days. She replicated a toasted sandwich and two glasses of ice water, while Jan picked a table somewhere near the window. Jordan joined him, juggling the food on a try. She placed the glass in front of him. He wasn’t hungry, or so she was told. She dug into the sandwich and after a moment she noticed Jan staring at her.

“What?” Jordan asked.

“No nothing,” Jan insisted.

“What? I’m hungry … I’m a growing girl, you know?”

Jan shook his head and grinned.

“You’re always hungry.”

“Well, that’s beside the point,” Jordan answered by biting into the last bit of the sandwich. She winked and then finished her water. There, that was much better. At least now she didn’t feel like she was self-digesting her own stomach.

They chatted for a long time. Jan gave a breakdown of what he had been doing since being on the Station and how he ended up being the XO of the Presidio. He spoke about the special forces and what had happened to Rico and Sara Sidle, and all the others. Jordan in turn told him of her rocky career path and how she had ended up returning to the fleet.

“The marines were a mistake,” Jordan said. “I wanted to find myself and understand my decision and I thought going back to the marines would be the answer. I was wrong. They had not changed. I understand clearly why I left them in the first place.”

Jordan continued by explaining how she had been CO of the Knight for a time before she had been demoted due to a classified mission, Ethan Corrigan had also been demoted in the process. It was at this time in her life that she decided she needed to make a change. Returning to her original calling of being a doctor was how to make up for mast mistakes she had made and redeem herself not only to the others in her life but most importantly to herself. Jan seemed to understand that. He had, after all, enough demons of his own in the past.

She smiled. It was good to confide in someone. There had been only a handful of people in her life that she could confide in. Jan was one. It was good to have him back as one of her friends. In the back of her mind she couldn’t help but wonder what it would do to her if he ever hurt her like he had done recently. She didn’t believe she would be able to recover from that. It was difficult enough for her to open up at the best of times. She could only hope and trust that Jan wouldn’t do the same thing in the future. Her heart depended on it.

=^= Commander Vogels, please report to my office. =^=

=^= On my way Captain, =^= Jan responded. He gave her a look that barely masked his unenthusiastic look and disappointment.

“Duty calls,” he said as he stood up.

“Doesn’t it always?” Jordan responded. “I suppose I need to introduce myself to the Captain sometime soon? Not that T’lara and I are strangers.”

“I’ll mention your presence to her,” Jan said. “So take some time to get settled in. You can do it later.”

Jordan nodded. She was reluctant to say goodbye. She thought that she was being ridiculous, it wasn’t as if they were going anywhere … they were after all on the same ship.

“See you later then?” Jordan asked.

“You can count on it,” Jan replied and left the mess hall. Jordan watched him leave. After a while she decided she had better get to sickbay. She had allot of work to do before the Presidio disembarked. She stood up and left.

Venessa Anna Efron - USS Presidio

Vanessa was just walking back in to sickbay about the Sametime that Lt. Commander Levi…

"Hello Commander Levi." said Vanessa has they walked in to sickbay. They walked but has they walked in a nurse handed Vanessa a PADD with a letter from her mother.

"Thank you nurse." said Vanessa has she started to read the PADD.

(Dear Vanessa,
I have some bad news to tail you about your Bother Peter… He get his post on the USS Charmed-A and the ship has gone missing, and Starfleet Command has sent 3 ships to found the USS Charmed-A, I will keep you and Ryan up to date with this. Oh plus your father's ship is one of the ships looking for the USS Charmed-A.
Love your mother,
Captain Taylor Swift Hudgens
Commanding Officer USS Wilson)

Vanessa looked over to Commander Levi "Ma'am I need to go talk to my husband about this if it is ok with you." said Vanessa has she put the PADD on her desk.

Jordan Levi and Toval Morgan (JP) - USS Presidio

Toval's body was on auto-pilot,taking him to the mess hall and the steak he was going to order from the mess hall. Full Vulcans may be vegiterians, but sometimes Im glad I'm half human thought Toval as he neared the entrance to the mess hall. He was looking down reading his PADD and didn't notice the doors to the mess hall open he walked straight into whoever was unfortunate enough to be exiting at that moment, and they both toppeled to the deck.

Toval quickly regained his composure and began standing up when he saw just who he had run into. What the hell is Captain Levi doing here thought Toval, then he noticed that her uniform was not command anymore, but rather the blue of medical and science divisions, and she no longer sported the 4 pips on her collar as the last time he saw her. Her collar now had two solid gold pips and one black pip with a gold border around it, the insignea of a Lieutenant Commander. What has happened since he last saw her, when she was his CO and Captain of the USS Knight?

Toval stared for a moment, speechless, and then seemed to remember how to talk. "Capt…." Toval quickly corrected himself and continued, "Commander, what on earth are you doing here? The last time I saw you was on the Knight, and your uniform was much different."

Jordan was between being shocked and annoyed. They had crashed into each other with some force. Her right hand was still throbbing from where she had broken her fall. On the other hand here was Toval Morgan, standing in front of her – the last half-vulcan she had ever expected to see on the Presidio. They had come a long road and had served with each other twice on the Knight. Once when Jordan was XO and again in her brief term as CO, when Toval transferred.

“It’s a long story,” Jordan started. “Needless to say it’s classified information and because of keeping it classified Ethan and I were demoted. Like I said, it’s a long story and one that I don’t necessary want to get into right now.”

“I understand.”

Jordan glanced at his hand. There was a nasty bruise that was already starting to turn purple.

“I better take a look at that,” Jordan said. “Come on let’s go to sickbay.” Although Toval protested against the suggestion, Jordan insisted on going and won the argument. They walked down the corridors, chatting a bit until they reached sickbay. Jordan came to a dead halt when she saw the EMH walking around.

“Who left him activated?” Jordan asked the rhetorical question trying to mask her annoyance. “Computer deactivate EMH. There’s nothing as annoying as someone fiddling in my sickbay,” Jordan thought out aloud. “Alright Toval, have a seat and let’s see what’s happened to that hand of yours.”

Toval quickly decided not to mention that he was the one that left the EMH online but simply stated, "I thought the mark two EMH's were able to turn themselves off." Jordan, having moved into an andjoining room to retrieve some medical equipment, hadn't clearly heard what Toval had said. When she asked him what he'd said Toval replied "oh, nothing important really" then held out his hand so Jordan could examine it and heal the sprain.

As she was conducting her scans on Toval's wrist, she looked up and noticed that he had also changed since their last encounter, although his change had was physical, whereas her's was just a new uniform and rank.

Toval noticed Jordan staring at his ears, which he had surgically altered during his leave on Vulcan. "Oh, yea, that," he said, reaching up and feeling the points at the top of his ears. "I decided to stop hiding my Vulcan heritage and had my ears altered so that at least on the surface I'm a real Vulcan, even though I can do this" he said as he flashed a wide smile at Jordan. "Full blooded Vulcans cant do that, well, at least the ones who follow the Vulcan path can't." Toval took a deep breath and looked down at his wrist, wich Jordan was in the process of healing. "Enough about me, lets talk about you some" stated Toval as Jordan finished up her repair of his hand.

“Me?” Jordan scoffed. “I’m not nearly as interesting to talk about.” Jordan winked. “Besides you already know what’s happened to me. There,” Jordan said when she finished. “All better.”

Toval flexed his wrist and tested Jordan’s handiwork.

“It’s good to see you again Toval,” Jordan said suddenly in a more serious tone. “In this day and age it’s good to know who your friends are.” Toval nodded. Both of them knew what she was referring to. The Federation was going through a rough time, but it was important to know who and where ones friends were. When things get bad you needed to know who you could rely on.

Toval got up off of the bio-bed and thanked Jordan for fixing him up. "I'm due on the bridge soon, but perhaps we could get together for dinner soon" said Toval, then leaned in close to Jordan and whispered so that only she could hear him. "Besides, I don't want to have to tackle that case of romulan ale I brought back all by myself.

Before Jordan could answer him, Nurse Efron entered sickbay and was handed a PADD by one of the other nurses on duty. She quickly read over the PADD then approached Jordan with a concerned look on her face. Toval sensed that Nurse Efron wanted to privately with Jordan, so he excused himself quickly, and as he walked out the door said over his shoulder to Jordan, "I get off duty at 1930, call me if you want to have dinner. With that the doors to sickbay closed and Toval headed for the nearest turbolift to start his bridge shift.

Jordan Levi - USS Presidio

Jordan frowned. She and Toval had always been good friends. They had served together for a long time now, but there had never been anything more than friendship. Perhaps she was reading something into nothing, but she had the distinct feeling that the dinner invitation was something more. She reproached herself. She was being vain. Everything didn’t revolve around her.

She shook her head and went into her office. She had to supervise the more recent crew physicals. It appeared that more than one of the senior crew members hadn’t had their monthly checkup, even some of the younger crew members had failed to report to sickbay. Well, that was going to change and soon. Besides that she had to review the findings of the doctors that were working for her.

She glanced up when one of the nurses entered her office. She knew the woman, they had worked together before. Kiran Parker was an elderly woman well into her late forties. She had an almost motherly look to her, and often during Jordan’s internship (where they met) she would go to Kiran for advice. It was however, somewhat bizarre to find the woman on the Presidio as well. It appeared as if she knew half of the ship and she hadn’t been on the Presidio for more than a day.

“Well well, won’t you look at what the cat dragged in?” Kiran said. “You’re a sight for sore guys girl.”

“Kiran,” Jordan grinned and hugged her. “Sit down, make yourself comfortable. It’s been ages since I last saw you. It must have been …”

“When you shipped out on the Knight,” Kiran finished her sentence. “I must say you’ve had quite an adventure since you graduated. I’ve been keeping an eye on you.”

“I wouldn’t have expected anything less,” Jordan said. “Though I am surprised you’re here of all places.”

“I’m taking it a bit slower in my old age,” she winked. “Which brings me to the next logical question. Who was that boy flirting with you earlier? A nice catch I must admit. Jordan-dear, I’ve told you before it’s time for you to find someone and settle down.”

“Toval?” Jordan’s eyes went wide. “I…well … I mean –“

“He seems nice enough. Why don’t you go for dinner with him?”

“You heard?” Jordan stopped right there before she said another word and regained her composure. So, Kiran concurred at least with what Jordan thought of Toval’s actions. The problem was that Jordan didn’t want to create the wrong impression. “Kiran, Toval and I are friends.”

“That’s besides the point.”

“No it’s not,” Jordan persisted.

“Oh stop being such a prune.”

“I’m already involved with someone else,” Jordan blurted out just to make the woman stop nagging.

“Already involved eh? And who might this be?” Kiran persisted with a slight grin on her face.

“That is none of your business,” Jordan said in a softer tone. “Look I appreciate what you’re trying to do but just please don’t meddle. That’s the last thing I need.”

“Me? Meddle? Never!” Kiran said as she left. Jordan groaned. How come she knew that the woman would have said that?

Her thoughts brought her back to the predicament she found herself with Toval. Even if she met him on strictly placid terms it would still be awkward considering that Jan and herself only started mending old wounds recently. She wasn’t about to put that in jeopardy.

She wrote Toval a message and told him that she would be unable to meet him for dinner but that she appreciated the invite. She sent the message and then leaned back into her chair. She would tell Jan of the invite when she saw him again. The last thing she wanted was secrets between the two of them. Once she had spoken to Jan, they would find a way of telling Toval. After all, she didn’t want the entire ship to know about them. Not that she wanted to keep it a secret but it was private after all and no one else’s business. She didn’t want to put Jan in an awkward spot either being the XO.

She rubbed her forehead in an attempt to delay the impending headache. One of many to come, she believed.

Daranavo Savoy - USS Presidio

Daranavo sat rigidly at the desk in his quarters and he held a troubled look upon his face. Half in and out of thought he lightly spun the Ancient Hawk Feather that he held between his thumb and his forefinger as he patiently awaited the transmission from earth. His chair was turned so that his back was to the view screen that sat lifeless upon his desk.

Beep…beep, his view screen beeped and drew him quickly from his thoughts. Swiftly, he turned his chair and set down the Feather into its case and closed it. He took in a deep breath and clicked on the monitor.

Color and light came into view along with a familiar face. It was his mother and she smiled brightly when she saw his face in her own screen. Her hair was long, black and parted in the middle just like it always was. She was always ageless to him.

“Nepevomohtahehe?” (How are you feeling) She asked him plainly, the smiled still lingered upon her face. Daranavo nodded and forced a smile to his own. “Napevetano (I am happy) mother,” he replied back unconvincingly. The woman’s face grew slightly more solemn and she looked hard into the view screen. “Your father is very proud of you my son, I think he has informed the entire valley of your promotion.” Together they both smiled and laughed at her words and Daranavo would have almost expected such a reaction out of his father being a former Starfleet Officer himself. “I miss my home mother, very much.” He looked up at her slowly, his face now just a grin. “And it misses you Daranavo, it has been many months since you have sat at the council fire.” Daranavo just nodded in agreement not really knowing what to say.

Several moments passed where no words were spoken between them.

“I have done what you have asked of me my son, but I have no answer for you, could you tell me more about these dreams?” She finally told him. Her face showed signs of concern and her eyes scanned his face as he looked at her through the view screen. Daranavo’s mouth suddenly went dry and he licked his lips as he tried to remember. “I was not completely truthful with you before…they are not dreams, it is happening when I attempt to speak to my spirit guide.” Before he completed his sentence, his mother’s eyes grew larger and her face wrinkled in worry. “Each time I try, a large, black wolf appears and bars me access to the grove. Each time I try to move around him, he moves, bares his teeth and growls as if I am an enemy. There is one other thing as well…a little girl is standing behind the wolf and she cries as if she is frightened.” His mother nodded slowly and took a moment to take it all in as she tried to think.

“I do not have an answer for you my son but the appearance of this wolf, troubles me greatly,” she told him finally. “It is alright mother, I am sure the answer will present itself eventually, he is there for a reason I am sure.” His mother grinned at him briefly. “Daranavo just remember that not all things can be solved by the mind, trust your heart and your instincts in this.” Daranavo smiled back at her. “I will try mother.”

“Lieutenant Savoy, please report to Engineering,” Suddenly poured over the comm. Channel. Daranavo instinctively tapped his communicator. “On my way,” he replied glumly. He looked at his mother again through the screen. “I…” “I know Daranavo…duty calls you…” She interrupted him. “Nemehotatse (I love you) my son.” “Nemehotatse mother,” he replied softly just before he clicked off his view screen and stood. He took one last look at the case that held the Ancient Hawk Feather that once belonged to his great grandmother. He thought for a moment and wondered if his spirit guide was the same Hawk that guided his own mother. The thought seemed unlikely to him but still it did bring him hope that perhaps we was not so alone in this as he once felt. “Navoomo hesetseha nahko'e, Evo'neto na'exanêstse.” (I see it now mother, with my own eyes.) He whispered as he lightly touched the carefully etched wood of the case with his fingers then silently picked up his tri-corder and stepped out of his quarters.

Owain Taggart

« USS Horizon »

Leaving behind a safe haven, such as a station or an outpost was always somethng Owain found hard to do. Not physically, mind you, but emotionally, as it meant leaving behind friends and aquaintances for the unknown. Often times, ships would be out of communications range and be unable to contact Starfleet for months, or even years, as was the case for Voyager.

But that was a risk to take as a Starfleet officer. And that risk often stirred the sense of adventure in them; most of them having signed up for that very reason. Some even proclaimed that if you didn't risk yourself, you weren't fully invested in your duty.

Duty calls. He nodded to himself wordlessly as he waited for his crew to arrive to the bridge. Just moments ago, he had called for his command staff to their duty stations. Now one by one, they arrived and took their seat.

“Into the unknown”, Aegis told him, and Owain had jumped a little as he hadn't even heard his XO arrive. He looked at him as he sat down and nodded and smiled, “We'll know soon enough.”, he said in reply, uncertain just how long it would take before they would find out.

He looked around the bridge, and once satisfied that everyone was in place, he stood up and walked down the little steps closer to the viewscreen, then he turned himself around to face the crew. He was pleased to see that Crewman McKinneley was here. It meant he had already done the job he was given and had assembled a team, allowing him to be on the bridge. He smiled warmly in the officer's direction. “Mr McKinneley, would you do us the honour of taking us out?”

A surprised expression flitted across the man's face, wondering why he was being singled out considering he was a security officer “Sir?”

“You have piloting experience, don't you, Crewman?” Owain asked him with a wide grin.

“Err, well yes, but only small shuttles, sir.”

Owain nodded in understanding, “Then patch the navigational controls over to your station. You want to prove yourself, not disappoint me.”

“Yes sir”, responded McKinneley. The response was quick and flat, one that still showed disbelief, but if Owain knew something, it was that you couldn't argue with a superior officer who saw hidden potential in you. Owain had learned the hard way aboard the Chesapeake when he was Engineer. He was still a daft person back then; very argumentative. It was before he had fully accepted the fate of being joined and become a Taggart. He and Erizmus were like magnets of opposite polarity, always choosing to disagree with his symbiont. Of course, what didn't make it easy was the way his Mother had imposed all this on him. Back then, he didn't understand. It took him a few years of being joined to realize that even though they were different, they were still both Trills, and then the disagreeing subsided. They were both in perfect harmony now in fact. But the point of all this was that Owain was very fiery in his first posting towards his Commanding Officer, Jay Dhillon, who saw command potential in him. Later, Owain would become Jay's Exec, which had made the irony come full circle.
It was the same kind of fatherly instinct that Owain had now that told him that this crewman had potential. He had read his biography earlier, and even found out some stuff that wasn't in his biography itself. He had ways as a CO of course. This missing information, however, told him that McKinnely had potential as a pilot, and with Ozu gone, he would harness that potential when he could.

He was lost in thought now, and it hadn't even occured to him that people were waiting on him until he heard the crewman's voice again. “Where to, Captain?”

He lifted his head back up and turned back around towards the viewscreen, lifting his arm up and pointing at the screen, “There…” In space, there was everywhere. There was no here, no there, and so it was very hard to specify where by pointing. Basically, it was pointless to point, but everyone knew he was trying to be dramatic. “Five Five Six, Mark Zero Two Six”

“Course laid in, sir”, replied McKinneley.

It was Aegis who nudged the crewman as everyone stared at him. “Aren't you forgetting something, Crewman?”

“What -” He began to say, but he caught himself when he realized perhaps the most important step before departing, “Oh, right, the Moorings.” Chuckles filled the bridge, but everyone understood the mistake. It was one that first-timers always tended to make. “We can't exactly tow the outpost…”

“Alright, Mr McKinneley, take us out, nice and easy, when you're ready. Switch the view to aft.”

The viewscreen switched to a view of the outpost, and McKinneley had started the procedure. It was slow of course, as all docking proceedures were, but once McKinneley got the go-ahead from the outpost and the moorings were unclamped, the ship started to move at a steady pace, until eventually it disappeared from view.

“Beautifully done, Mr McKinneley. I might need to borrow you more like this from time to time.”, he said as he smiled. “Course locked in?”

“Aye, sir, course locked in.”

Owain nodded, “Well, you know what to do. Engage.” And soon, the stars were pinpricks of light scattering into millions of prisms. Owain now headed to his ready room. “You have the bridge, Mr Kardin. Let me know when we've arrived at our destination.”

« Ready Room »

Reading. He never did enough of it, and when he did, it was mostly reports from other of the officers on board. He hardly had time for leisurely reading. But now with the wait they had with receiving the rest of his orders, he told himself he had to. Picking up the book on his desk, he put his feet up and relaxed, letting his mind get immersed in the story of the journey to see a wizard, on a long yellow brick road.

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