Title Mission Number Description
The Transition 1.1 The Aquila meets up with the Horizon at the station. There, the injured Captain Felix Farquhar is taken in for treatement at the station's medical facility, while its new Captain, Lieutenant Commander Owain Taggart is given command of the Horizon and promoted to full Commander.
Crimson Daggers of a Thousand Suns 1.2 When the Horizon is sent on a diplomatic mission to Aldeberaan, it is caught in the middle of a surprise attack by the Orion Syndicate. What's more, it seems they have made an alliance with the Gorn who board the Horizon in attempt to take control of it. It seems that the Orion Syndicate have found a use of a drug long thought to have stopped circulation by using it to control the Gorn into doing their dirty laundry.
Nothing More Than a Fairy Tale 1.3 (Joint Mission with Presidio) The Mad Hatter literally becomes mad with insanity when his world starts crashing down on him. What follows is of alarming consequence. The lines blur between the different fairy tales and stories that we have all lived and grown up with. Characters start appearing and interacting with characters that they should never actually know, ie, Alice interacting with Dorothy interacting with Red Riding Hood. It is up to the crew to find and fix the problem and put everything in its proper place.
Phases of Polarity 1.4 The Horizon comes across an uncharted planet and decides it needs some exploration. While initial exploration doesn't reveal much, the crew prepares to leave the surface. But before they can leave, they are ambushed by the natives of the planet and go truly where they've never been before.
An Empire Divided 1.5 An interesting turn of events unfold when the Horizon is sent to G'Hrel to deliver supplies, but finds much more than she bargained for when she is caught in the middle of a rising political struggle.
The Romulan Contagion 1.6 A conspiracy erupts when Romulus claims attacks made by an unsettled group of rogue Vulcans who take unification business into their own hands, threaten the wipe out the existence of Romulus using a deadly contagion.

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