Mission Ideas

If you have a mission idea, why not post it here for everyone to see? This place will act as a mission dump. All titles here are subject to change.

Green and Grey

Starfleet issues a warning of dire consequences. K-White has been found circulating en-masse around the quadrant and pushes its stance against the drug. When the Horizon is sent on a diplomatic mission to Aldeberaan, it is caught in the middle of a surprise attack by the Orion Syndicate. What's more, it seems they have made an alliance with the Gorn who board the Horizon in attempt to take control of it. It seems that the Orion Syndicate have found a use for the drug by using it to control the Gorn into doing their dirty laundry.

Renamed to Crimson Daggers of a Thousand Suns.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

The Feud

It's 16th Century London. Isaac Newton is depressed as he hasn't had any success in years and has locked himself up in his study. Word on the street is that Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz is coming to visit London and confront the man on his studies and to cheer him up. As history dictates, their feud is supposed to escalate, but when Newton, through his newly invented Newtonian telescope catches sight of what he thinks is an alien craft in the sky, the feud never happens. In fact, they grow closer in trying to figure out this new phenomenon.

Our task as the crew of the Horizon is to make them feud again in order to help set history back on track.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

Steampunk Trek (possible Fleet Mission idea)

In an alternate timeline, we meet Jules Vernes. His flying machines become the basis for a new organization endorsed by the Queen herself. A fleet of new advanced flying machines constructed by Vernes takes to the stars in the hopes to be the first to challenge their curiosity of travel to the stars.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

Information is Life

Nearly 400 years ago, World War III had spurred a colonisation movement. As many colony ships were built as possible in the hopes to escape the war and settle elsewhere and make a new life. Many years have gone by since then, and Starfleet held belief that none of these colonies had ever made it to their destination, however, Starfleet has become puzzled as of late when a distress signal begins to be transmitted from what it thinks is one of the colonies.

The Horizon is dispatched to track and find out where this signal is coming from. It is later found that it is coming from a planet in the Angendian Galaxy, a largely uncharted area of space, and when they arrive at the signal's location, they are astounded to find out that the planet does not have living people on it, rather, a whole teeming city full of sentient androids. Questions arise about what happened to the civilians, learning about wreckage of a colony ship on one of the planet's poles. While the Horizon wants to find more about what happened about the civilians and this society of androids, the androids have a different plan however.

Information for them is their way of living; their food and their blood. They always require new information to keep their cycle of life running; lest they rust to a malfunctioning heap of junk. The Horizon arrives at an opportune time, the androids having used up all information on their world. They need more, and the Horizon's database is just the thing they need. As the away team on the planet learn what has happened to the civilians, the androids having outlived their creators, become more and more forceful upon what they want towards the Away Team and eventually force their way onto the Horizon and to the ship's central data processing unit where a battle ensues.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

Earth, Wind, Water & Fire

A Geological phenomenon is happening to a section of space. Research reveals that a number of planets are undergoing a rapidly evolving state of atmosphere and geological formation. What would normally take 1000's of years is happening within months or even weeks. Planets in the area are quickly turning into neverending storms, some inundated with water, and some with some very high levels of volcanic activity turning the planet into an unlivable mass of hot abyss. The Horizon will visit all of these to try to rescue any survivors before things get worse.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

Some Never Quit

It has been years since the Dominion war ended but now the Federation has received information that a small Group of Dominion has gone rogue and started with piracy. The Horizon gets the order to check this out and to map all the space to go through because they don’t need to rush to there because the Dominion pirates wont move for some time. But when the Horizon is mapping the space they get attacked by theses pirates and get some damage. The question rises why a pirate group would attack a federation vessel wile they know that Starfleet would check it out and how did they now that the Horizon was on her way to them because the attack happed far behind there normal operation area.

Submitted by: Ozu

The Brothers' Very Grimm Mother Goose Mixup

The Mad Hatter literally becomes mad with insanity when his world starts crashing down on him. What follows is of alarming consequence. The lines blur between the different fairy tales and stories that we have all lived and grown up with. Characters start appearing and interacting with characters that they should never actually know, ie, Alice interacting with Dorothy interacting with Red Riding Hood. It is up to the crew to find and fix the problem and put everything in its proper place.

Current Mission, Joint with Presidio. Renamed to Nothing More Than a Fairy Tale.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

Cupid's Arrow

Love rules the day in this adventure as a society of cupids are found.

Submitted by: Owain Taggart

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