The Gorn (Homo lacertae) are a humanoid-like species of reptillian sentients native to the planet Gornar in the Beta Quadrant. The Gorn communicate through what many Humans describe as a snake-like hissing sounds; these are actually a structured language. The Gorn state is the Gorn Hegemony.



History and politics

The Gorn race were actually three species who were genetically identical and lived on three separate worlds. After they achieved space travel, the three Gorn races discovered one another and learnt of their similarity whereupon it was discovered, through fossil records, that none of their planets were their races true homeworld. Seeing the similarity, the three races would join one another into a single political unit.

Early in their history, the Gorn people encountered the Paravian species. The encounter led to hostilities between both races and eventually to the extermination of the Paravian people by the Gorn's hand. The next species they would encounter would be the Romulan Star Empire. Due to the fact that the Romulans lived in a poor region of space, the Gorn Hegemony and the Romulan Star Empire engaged in battle in a war for resources over the few planets they managed to discover. The Gorn would achieve several victories but each were costly and bloody. This had resulted in a constant state of conflict between the two races. This also clouded the Gorns view on other races due to these two encounters.

The Gorn made first contact with the Federation in 2267 when a Gorn vessel attacked a Human colony on Cestus III interpreting the colonization as in invasion into Gorn Space. The vessel was pursued by the USS Enterprise until the Metrons, a non-corporeal species intervened and eventually awarded the planet to the Federation. An era of peaceful relations resulted after this encounter.

A brief lull in Federation/Gorn rivalry in 2269 enabled Gorn cadet Telosirizharcrede of Cestus Eliar to enter Starfleet Academy.

The Romulans were noted in attempting to fracture the newly developed Gorn-Federation alliance, however, their attempts only served to further cement the two's relations which became based on mutual trust as well as respect.

In 2374, after decades of peaceful relations with the Federation, the Gorn government was toppled by a coup d'etat, and a new offensive was launched against Cestus III. A halt to these hostilities was negotiated by the crew of the Enterprise-E, who also managed to pursuade the Gorn to join the Federation Alliance in the war against the Dominion.

Thanks to their familiarity with the Gorn the Enterprise crew were later able to convince the Gorn to join a task force to meet the 'Iconians' in the gateways crisis of 2376.


Gorn are a cold-blooded reptilian species with green, leathery skin and an average height of approximately 2 meters. They tend to be stronger than most humanoids. Their ears are simple holes on the sides of their skulls. Their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp, carnivorous teeth, and their hands and feet have vicious claws. They have a size and bite radius similar to the now-extinct velociraptors of Earth. Like most cold-blooded lifeforms, the Gorn are known to prefer warm temperatures.

An average Gorn male weighs about 215 kilograms. Their leathery hides is naturally strong which serves as natural armor. Their physical strength is even greater then what their appearance suggests as they possess a great deal of muscle mass. Though this is impressive among the males, the female Gorns are even fearsome a they can average around 2.5 meters high and typically are 250 kilograms. As such, the females tend to be the stronger gender among the Gorn race. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see a large number of female marines and officers within the Gorn military.

Due to their high degree of muscle, the Gorn tend not to be as dexteous as Humans, however, this does not mean they are slow witted.

Society, Culture, & Traditions

The Gorn race are known to be somewhat xenophobic due to the initial encounters they made with other races. Gorn starships are created to reflect the attitude of the Gorn race which is straight forward and to the point.

Gorn mythology states that the founders of their species consists of the Mistress of Fertility S'Yahazah and a figure known as the "Great Father". Emphasis would be placed on the Great Egg Bringer S'Yahazah for she saved the young Gorn eggs from being devoured by their father. The Great Father would be banished into space and never be worshipped again.

Among Gorn, there exists a scale coloration which is blue-yellowish. These Gorn are believed to be protected by the Mistress of Fertility for they are nobles and spiritually pure. Those hereditary families that have a large number of blue-yellow scaled Gorn are considered blessed with a symbol of Gorn strength.

There exists certain groups within the Hegemony which include King's Fleet Guard, Guardians Errant and the Defenders of the Egg.

Some humanoids underestimate Gorn because of an opinion that reptiles are somehow less evolved than mammals. This would be unwise; the Gorn are at least as intelligent as humans. According to Orion privateer Harrad-Sar in 2154, the Gorn "brew the finest Meridor in the five systems."

Science & Technology

As of the late 23rd century, Gorn technology was at a generally similar level to the Federation. Their ships were fast enough that Constitution class vessels had to push their engines to dangerous speeds to overtake them.

Their weapons were described as "like phasers, only worse" by a survivor of the Cestus attack. (This description may have been colored by fear, as they were later described as disruptors).

Gorn shields were capable of taking a full barrage of phaser and photon torpedo fire with little or no appreciable damage.

They had transporter technology and possessed voice duplicator equipment at least good enough to fool a casual listener.

Gorn ground tactical units utilized powerful disruptors, capable of completely disintegrating targets at ranges of between 1,200 and 1,500 yards. Their sensor technology may have been less effective than that of the Federation, as they had some difficulty targeting the landing party during their ambush at Cestus III.

They were able to home in on signals from a tricorder, allowing them to "bracket" the user with fire.


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