General News

This place reserved for news among our travels. Please check back frequently.

January 27th, 2009

An interesting turn of events unfold when the Horizon is sent to G'Hrel to deliver supplies, but finds much more than she bargained for when she is caught in the the middle of a rising political struggle in An Empire Divided.

May 3rd 2007

Well, the Aquila is on its way to Space Station Megiddo to meet up with the Horizon where a change of command will occur. To view the mission in detail, please check out the The Transition page.

June 11th 2007

With Commander Owain Taggart in command of the Horizon, a new mission awaits them as they are called on a diplomatic mission to Aldeberaan after they seek Federation Membership. Will they succeed? Find out by following Crimson Daggers of a Thousand Suns.

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