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Owain Taggart

The toll of waiting for any kind feedback was a hard thing to do, especially in this situation, Owain remarked. He had sent his best pilot out into the open, full of danger and not knowing what there was to expect. He felt a twinge of regret at this action, though the Horizon was down for the count, and in no shape for any kind of counter-attack. They had to wait until the Horizon's engineers could get the minimal systems into working order before they even thought of leaving the system…

He had ordered them to report what they saw, but he had heard nothing. It shouldn't have surprised him, considering the Away Team's communications had been blanketed, but it did. That made the waiting unbearable. But then, he knew he had sent them into danger and had to deal with the possible consequences.

He needed healing, and considering the downtime the Horizon was currently in, he thought of no better time than the present. He was directed to the mess hall where a makeshift sickbay was created. The number of injured was staggering. The earlier sickbay downtime had been a mere warmup compared to this.

A nurse approached him, waving at the fumes of the still air, covered her mouth as she coughed. "We're very busy, sir. Why don't you come back later?"

"Where's Dr Torv? Is she here? I'd like to have a talk with her…", Owain asked her.

Her hands lifted into the air as she shrugged, "She went off chasing after someone." She looked at him and sighed, "You're injured. I'll help you. Follow me."


The shuttles 'Bombay' and 'Livingston' had made their shuttlebay entries. The men inside exited and looked at each other, ashamed that they had left the team leader behind. Ensign Torenz took himself to be leader now, nodded wordlessly to the other three while he tapped his combadge, "Computer, locate Captain Taggart."

"Captain Taggart is located in the Mess Hall", the computer replied.

"Damn, eating at a time like this!", Torenz exclaimed angrily, "Come on, guys. We have to report to him what we saw…"

They began running through the corridors and had seen a blur run right past them when they had come into a harsh contact with Olivia, knocking her down. She looked at the officers, angry and in a huff, "You idiots, watch where you're going! I'm going to lose him…"

"Ma'am?", a confused Torenz asked.

"Oh!", Olilivia exclaimed, in an obvious state of agitation, "Only our saboteur…"

McCay raced through the corridors, not wasting a time gaining a lead on Olivia. To think he had gotten this far and survived, he was pretty pleased with himself. When he arrived at the Transporter Room, he took out the phaser he had stolen from Olivia and pointed it at the engineer on duty. "Take me to the planetside, now!"

The engineer looked at him quizzically, thought his demands were a little out of bounds at at the moment. He also hadn't recognized McCay for who he was. "I'm sorry, sir, Transporters aren't working to full capacity. I'm only here running diagnostics."

"Shove those diagnostics. This is a life or death situation. That is, my life, your death, if you don't cooperate.", argued McCay as he backed up onto the pads. "Energize, now!"

The engineer worked at the controls, drawing power to the transporter. He started the process, but the little power that the transporter could draw in these conditions had made it malfunction. McCay had started to disappear, and instead of actually transporting him, disappeared into the matter stream while the controls shorted out. He had tried reversing the effect, but it was too late. McCay had officially ceased existing, "Whoops", exclaimed the engineer.

Olivia rushed in on hearing the exclamation and looked to the engineer, "What? Where'd he go? Tell me he didn't just disappear…"

"He's gone. Went poof. Into the matter stream. His own greed consumed him. I told him it wouldn't work, but he didn't listen."

She looked at him wildeyed and crossed her arms, "Well, that's that…"


"Ow, be careful will you?" Owain told the nurse, "I have to say the Doctor's much more gentle…"

"Sorry, sir. I…"

Owain nodded, "You're still learning. That's Ok. Prod away."

The nurse continued treating Owain for his wounds when Torenz and the rest of the guys entered the mess hall. Owain was surprised to see them back so soon. They reported their findings, but that they had been easily overwhelmed. Owain couldn't help but notice that Cadet Jones wasn't among them. "Where's Cadet Jones?", he asked.

Torenz looked down, ashamed, "He told us to get back to the ship, sir. We were overwhelmed with ships firing at us. Told us he'd try to distract them for us to get back here. Then, next thing we knew, he was heading straight for the heart of the city, and then we lost him completely. He must of crashed, sir."

Owain nodded, "I see. Thank you for the report."

Sam Jones

As Sam stepped in through the opened door he noticed that the woman had disappeared and then he felt something cold and metallic touch the back of his head, he didn't have time to think about how he had just walked into a trap.

“We thought you were dead….no matter your about to be.”

Sam had no time to argue, he dropped to one knee and aimed a kick at the womans legs with the other. The kick dropped the woman to the ground were they started struggling for the weapon, after several kicks and punches Sam got a hold of the weapon.

“Now what the hell is going on? Who are you?”

“You should know you killed my son! And for that I thought I had killed you!”

“Lady, I'm a pilot by the name Sam Jones, and I'm from the Starfleet ship Horizon, I don't know you and I haven't killed anyone on purpose(thinking of Jorntin who had just died).”

The woman looked stunned at him for a few minutes, and finally it appeared to sink in that he was not her enemy.

“Your right your not him…I apologize you look exactly like him….”

Sam unloaded the weapon and handed it back to her, she took the weapon, but then looked angered again.

“Then how do you know how to unload our weapons if you from Starfleet don't you use phasers?”

Sam sighed.

“Yes we do, but I wasn't always in Starfleet, and I find that it pays to know how to use most weapons, or the basic ideas…and I'll be keeping these(he pointed at the bullets) until you decide that I am telling the truth and that I am a friend not an enemy.”

After that they traded stories and Sam learned why she had reacted the way that she had, evidently a Colonel by the name of Jon Entire was the head of an elite team, they tracked down anyone who ran and the normal teams couldn't catch. This womans, who's name was Anata Inrg, only son had not wanted to join the peoples army and had tried to out run the normal teams, and had succeeded, he had hidden with family to the North, but Colonel Entire, the one that Sam looked like, had tracked him down and had killed him along with her family in the North.

“Well I now understand why you wanted to kill me….but I'm not this man.”

“I know that now, it was foolish of me to believe that he was, I personally killed him yesterday while he was on what you would consider shore leave…Why don't you get yourself cleaned up, go up the stairs and its the first door on the right. I'll bring some of my husbands clothes for you to wear, he'll be home soon and we can figure out away to get you back to your ship.”

“Thank you.”

Sam headed up the stairs and into the room, he took a quick shower and tried to clean the cut on his head as much as possible, fortunately his hair covered it. He noticed that some clothes had been laid out side the room, he picked them up and put them one, they were a bit small for him, he decided her husband must be shorter, but then he looked closer and noticed it was a uniform, not a set of clothes and it had an insignia on it.

“This can't be good,”he said to himself.

Sam grabbed his Starfleet uniform and took his insignia and communicator off of them and put them on the inside of his new uniform, the communicator was useless, there was some kind of signal jammer around the city. He hoped that if he needed to prove who he was to his own crew these two items would be enough. Sam stepped out and went down the stairs, what he saw made him wish he hadn't given the weapon back to the woman. There was now five armed men standing beside the woman.

“He does look a lot like him…”said the one to the right.

“I say if he Starfleet then he's just as bad as the peoples army and we should just shoot him where he stands.”

Sam started to argue but was cut off by a man who looked to be in charge, before he could.

“I don't think he's with the admiral why else would he of attacked the base….and with only three shuttles, you got some balls Starfleet.”

“Thanks, now that you have decided not to kill me where I stand, why have I been given this uniform to wear?”

“Well, we've got reports of several skirmishes between Starfleet and the people army, at first we didn't really care we figured since Admiral Caine has an alliance with the peoples army why not let them kill each other off…but with you here it changes things….”the leader said while he looked Sam in the eyes.

“Damn it, that would be the away team….they must be in trouble…”said Sam.

“Right so Anata's idea is for you to infiltrate the main base, and since your away team is causing so much trouble, Colonel Entire's team is more than likely to be sent…meaning you lead them into a trap. You'll get to help your men, we'll get to get rid of a ruthless team of murders.”

Sam thought for a couple of minutes, this would be technically going against the prime directive, but in the end he decided to forget about the prim directive for the moment, his fellow crewmembers where in trouble…and they were more important.

“I'll do it, but I don't want some half baked plan…”

“Well first off take this, its a communicator/tracker that we developed that works around there jammer, that I'm sure you have noticed…Seconded off we're not far from the base you attacked, and Colonel Entire returning early because of the attack would be expected of a high ranking officer. Now this team you control they're ruthless, you can't show kind of mercy or kindness, and if one of them smarts off or get out of line your expected to give him a bloody nose or kill him…you understand?”

Sam shook his head yes and they showed Sam the map where he was to lead the men to for the ambush, and then they went over the finer details.

Sam was about ready to leave.

“Now don't forget, don't let anyone see the communicator or they'll know somethings up.”

“I won't, thanks for the help and I'll see you at the ambush coordinates.”

Sam headed out the door and down the street he walked with a strut that he had seen other officers have. Sam was soon upon the gates of the base.

“Colonel Entire, you've been expected…”

“Yes I was held up in getting here, now let me through.”

“Yes sir as soon as you check in…” he said pointing at a retina scanner.

Sam put his eyes up to the retina scanner, fortunately he had been given contacts to wear that fooled the scanner, it was primitive, compared to the ones starfleet used, and so he was able to get through the gates.

Sam walked in and headed for Colonel Entires office, but was stopped before getting to the elevator.

“Colonel , the elevators down because of the attack, and you were supposed to report to Admiral Caine an hour ago.”

Sam turned to see who was talking to him, and noticed that the man was of higher ranking then him.

“Sir, I was held up getting here, I'll see him immediately.”

“See that you do…and Colonel….good hunting.”

Sam held his breath to keep from hitting the man, “good hunting” the man was talking about him hunting his own crew, but he had to keep the guise going and so he headed for the stairs, and eventually found the office of Admiral Caine.

“Ah Colonel Entire, its about time you got here, and I've got a special mission for you, and I do know how you love a good hunt.”

Sam was having a hard time find his voice, well he was having a hard time breathing for that matter, he wanted nothing more than to kill this man standing in front of him smiling, but he knew that he would never make it off the base alive if he did.

“ Colonel you feel alright?”

“Ah yes of course, I'm fine sir when do I head out?”

“Now of course, and I've taken liberty of picking men to go with you a couple of them are my own, we need this taken care of and quick, heres a Starfleet PAD containing the full briefing of your mission, good luck.”
Sam quickly took the PAD and walked out, he was ready to kill the man, he was sending his own men to kill other Starfleet officers the audacity of it, he walked quickly reading the briefing he could easily direct them around and into the ambush coordinates.

Sam walked into the briefing room, and quickly agave the briefing.

“Men, today we're heading out to get some Starfleet officer that are giving the regulars problems, now we'll move through here(he pointed a map) and intersect with the regulars here, and help them take care of the nuisance.”

The men got up and left, Sam was happy that it was good enough for them, he had started to wonder when the charade would fail, and he would have to kill….again.

Horrus Kinkade

Olivia stood in the transporter room somewhat in disbelief, "So he..?"

"Sorry, I wish there was more I could have done." The officer said as he fiddled with the controls. Olivia was skeptical of how calm the reaction was out of this officer but she payed it no attention, she had to get back to sickbay. Rushing back she entered, unfortuantly to her surprise the first person to greet her was the captain.

"Doctor. Where the hell have you been?" He said with a stern look upon his brow.

Out of breath, hair disheveled, this was not one of Olivia's brightest moments. "I…had to track down a patient sir, I tried but I couldn't save him."

"Understood, what can you tell me about our current medical status?" The captain asked.

Olivia attempted to fix her hair while Giles handed her a padd, she looked it over briefly, "According to this, nothing good. Two dead, and 34 wounded, 5 Beverly, and without proper treatment and medical equipment, the death toll will rise."

"You mean 3 dead." Taggart corrected her.

"Mmm?" She responded.

"Didn't you just lose someone, you were just saying thats why you weren't here."

"OH! Right…yeah I wouldn't count that as a loss."

The captains face turned to confusion.

"The main situation right now captain is that we don't have the proper equipment and staffing to keep up with this level of casualties, we need a rescue, and with this situation I'd need a miracle to help some of these people." Olivia's attention was now distracted by Giles calling her, "If you'll excuse me captain, I'll keep you updated."

"Where have you been?" Giles whispered.

"I had something to take care of, what have we got?"

"I think the more appropriate question to ask is what DON'T we have, burns, lacerations, broken bones. Even the most simple of injuries I'm practically helpless to do anything about, I feel like I'm in the dark ages, with no replicators I can't synthesize anymore pain meds and we are running low back up supplies, we're doing everything we can to make people comfortable but we are running low on options, I was hoping you might have some ideas.

Olivia bit her upper lip, "Sorry, fresh out I'll see if I can have the captain reroute some repairs teams to get partial replicator power to help with our little problem, other than that have the staff make everyone as comfortable as possible, I know its difficult, but this should all be over soon."

"I hope you're right, for their sake." Giles said as he walked away.

"So do I…" She whispered.

Rynen Dale

The two officers continued to go as fast as they could through the maze of trees. The tight branches and Tiberius' wound made it slower than Rynen would have liked. However, she seemed to be hitting something with her shots, as she was rewarded with several screams of pain. They rushed through the forest, the sounds of their pursuers still close behind them.

"Tiberius, how's the leg?" Rynen asked. She could sense his pain, and she was worried he might not be able to go on much longer. He turned and looked at her, his eyes like steel. He started to say he was fine when his leg suddenly gave out and he came crashing to the ground. Rynen immediately stopped to try and help him up.

"Leave me." He stated, "I'll only slow you down. There's no point in us both dying."

Rynen looked him in the eye, a determined look on her face. "There's no need for either of us to die." she replied. Putting down her phaser rifle, she grabbed her hand phaser from her hip. She tapped a few buttons on the controls, then lobbed it like a grenade at the quickly approaching group of soldiers. Tiberius was about to ask what she had done when a high whine pierced through the air, followed by a loud explosion. "That got 'em." She said, smiling. "Now lets get going." Reaching down, she grasped Tiberius' hand and helped him to his feet.

As the two slowly made their way through the trees once more, Rynen's attention was suddenly drawn to a person slumped against a tree. Why didn't I sense them before?? she thought, It's like they just… appeared. Even still, I can barely sense them at all. She motioned for Tiberius to stop. Slowly creeping up to the figure, she pointed her phaser rifle at the person's head. "Don't move if you value your life." she stated calmly.

"R..Rynen?" a familiar voice said.

"Draka!?" Rynen gasped, lowering her rifle. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought I told you to keep the others safe?!"

He smiled weakly at her. "I needed to buy them some more time." he said slowly, sounding very weak. "And after all, we didn't want those soldiers to catch Deo with a stray bullet, did we?" A gasp of pain escaped Draka's lips as he finished. Rynen glanced down at his side and saw blood seeping out of a large wound.

"I think you'd better have a seat." she stated, grasping Draka's hand. "Tiberius, you too. There's no way we'll be able to catch up with them. I need to get you two a doctor. Maybe commbadges will work for surface communication."

She tapped her commbadge, hoping someone would answer. "Dale to Kinkade."

"Kinkade here, Lieutenant. What can I do for you?" he asked, although he was hard to hear due to a large amount of static.

"I need you to come back to where we are. Draka and Tiberius have both been hit. I've.. dispatched.. the Raven Core soldiers. And if you don't get back here, these two are likely to die." she stated.

There was silence for a moment, then a heavy sigh from Horrus. "Fine. I'll get back there as soon as I can. Kinkade out."

Horrus Kinkade

"Kinkaid here, Lieutenant. What can I do for you?" he asked, although he was hard to hear due to a large amount of static.

"I need you to come back to where we are. Draka and Tiberius have both been hit. I've.. dispatched.. the Raven Core soldiers. And if you don't get back here, these two are likely to die." she stated.

There was silence for a moment, then a heavy sigh from Horrus. "Fine. I'll get back there as soon as I can. Kinkaid out."

Horrus had been working on a pain reliever from some of the flora he had found in the surrounding area when Rynen contacted him, "I suppose I might be needing this…" He said to himself as he tucked the medicinal herbs into his satchel. Rising to his feet Horrus pulled his tricorder out and scanned for the others signals, some sort of interference was blocking his scans, "Damn, Kinkaid to Dale, can you give me an idea of where you are? I can't locate you with conventional scans and I'm no professional tracker."

His question was met with static and echos, "Well what help is that?!" He exclaimed. "Let's hope this is the right direction." Horrus said as he began to walk through the forest, making his way through the dense vegetation was difficult to say the least, he began to hold a certain regard for the security team that pushed through it with great speed and voracity. "What I wouldn't give to know just where they were." He muttered. Suddenly he fell to his knees blinded by a pain in his head that felt something a kin to a Klingon migraine, suddenly he could see flashes in his mind, he saw the sky, the tops of the trees, and then Tiberius' and Draka's faces and Rynen tending to them. The images flashed forward and just as quickly as they came they were gone and the pain subsided. Horrus could hardly stand attempting to recover from the sensation that just over came him. Gathering his composer, he stood back up suddenly with knowledge that he was heading in the wrong direction.

After changing direction and what seemed like a walk that took an eternity he found the security team, "What kept you?" Rynen asked.

"I stopped for coffee, there's a lovely little bistro around the corner, I also got a copy of the morning edition care to read it?" Horrus replied as he knelt down next to Tiberius examining the wound.

"The morning…what?" Dale asked confused.

"Never mind, by the way was that you a few minutes ago?" Horrus asked referring to what he was now calling his "blinding vision".

"What are you talking about?" She asked even more confused.

"Oh, never mind, must have been something I ate." Horrus trailed off. He examined Tiberius further, "Hmm, this shouldn't be to hard, I still have the necessary tools to make a quick patch job to get you mobile. He stood back up and turned his attention to Draka, "Now this…this is a little more interesting, what have I told you about playing with Targs?" He asked Draka as he scanned. "Hmm, lacerations, 4 broken ribs, torn ligaments, you people really like to challenge me don't you?"

"Oh yeah, we just love to see you sweat." Rynen said sarcastically, "Enough with the banter, how long?"

"Well I'm what? Thirty 35? I was hoping at least another 80 years." Horrus said blankly, "OH you mean until they can get back on their feet? Really lieutenant you should phrase your questions better, I'm not a telepath, at least I don't think so I'll get back to you on that one. Tiberius I can have up and about hour, as for this one, I need a new fuel filter, oil change, and distributor cap." Horrus said giving reference to twentieth century technology.

He could plainly see Rynen was not the least bit amused, "To be quite honest he shouldn't even be moved, but with what I have here, I can have him limping back in about 2 hours, but I can't stress how much I don't want him moving. I'll do what I can, but our options are few, this team is dropping like flies.

Jake Donnahue

Jake opened his eyes slowly, standing in the turbo lift and waiting, that he arrives. As the lift stopped and the doors opened with the familiar sound, he stepped out and walked directly to the science labs. There would be his duty as it has been all the time, since he joined the crew. Just like every day Jake was nervous, unsure if he does the right thing in every step he takes. Then, after a few steps, he arrived at the door of the science lab and stopped, sigh and then he stepped through the doors.

Two science officers worked at some samples and didn´t look up as Jake came in. He walked to the office of the Chief Science Officer and knocked at the door. “Sir?” The man who sat in the chair looked up. “Ah, Crewman Donnahue. Today we will study a sample from outer space, that means you will beam it in a force field, analyze it and you bring me the report in two hours. Understood?” Jake nodded and turned around, left the office directly to the next console to calibrate the sensors and the transporter.

Rynen Dale, Horrus Kinkade, Draka Ren Colok

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Rynen asked Horrus as he began to tend to Draka. She didn't like sitting and watching, especially given that it was her officers that were injured. She couldn't help but feeling that she had let both Draka and Tiberius down. They were both severely injured, while she was fine except for a few cuts and bruises. She should be the one Horrus was needed to keep alive, not them.

Horrus could see the sincerity behind Rynen's eyes, she was genuinely concerned but despite his desire to have her assist, there was little she could do. "I wish there was, but right now all I can ask is that you keep us safe, this could take some time." Horrus focused his attention back to Draka's wounds, he put his tricoder away, there was nothing more it could tell him that we didn't already know.

Draka, for his part leaned against the tree they set him against, he growled at Horrus' assessment of his situation, gritting his teeth as he spoke. "Just put a bandage on me, help me up and we can get moving… I'll hold until we get somewhere safe for more in depth work.", he said, trying to stand before slumping back down, body wracked with pain. While normally his mind we well shielded from telepaths and empaths, in his injured state that resistance is lowered significantly. He couldn't stand, his body just too damaged by the bullet wound, Horrus worked to staunch the blood flow and fix what he could.

Horrus responded to the security officer, "You have massive internal injuries, I know you want to help and get us out of here, that is my goal too, but if you don't listen to me the only thing you'll be fighting is a hemorrhage and infection."

Draka's mind wandered some as the pain caused him to swoon back to a seat against the tree, flashes of his past flitting through his mind… the brutal training he underwent back home before his flight… some of the rougher crews he shipped with on freighters and salvage ships… some of the fights he had been in. He leaned his head back against the tree, looking to the others with him, focusing on the Lt, her troubled expression. He watched her a moment when she didn't realize his gaze was on her, wondering at what was bothering her, before looking away…. he spoke, with startling clarity,"You realize… they won't give us two hours to patch me up? When they realize these guys are down and out.. they'll send more.. possibly armored units…"

Rynen turned to look at Draka, a determined look on her face. "I'll know if they're coming." she said, pointing at her head. "Betazoid, remember? Trust me, I can deal with them." There was a slight edge to her voice, but Draka could tell she was concerned about his condition.

Horrus wiped the sweat from his forehead, he thought he had been prepared for drastic situations such as this but simulations were no comparison to the real thing. Horrus applied a medley of different hypo-sprays to Draka, "What is all this for?" he questioned while groaning.

"I'm working on a new form of sun tan lotion, you're my guinea pig….relax, a few pain relievers, and one to help your blood clot a little heavier to hopefully stop the internal bleeding. " Horrus responded

"Do you know what you're doing, Crewman?" Rynen questioned, not appreciating his jokes. She failed to find any humour in the situation.

"Doubt is a funny thing lieutenant." Horrus said while working on Draka's leg fracture, "Sometimes you're surprised by the results of the most predictable instances." Horrus paused a moment, "I myself am considered to be a cynic, therefore I tend to view every situation with a negative light, however, when the outcome of the situation is positive, the mental rewards are quite…..beneficial. See for yourself." Horrus stood up helping Draka stand to his feet, "It's not great, and it won't last long but he can walk, but I'll need to monitor his progress non-stop and make sure he doesn't undo any of my work as it were."

Rynen moved to Draka's side, putting her arm around his waist to steady and support him. "Ready Draka?" She asked softly, concerned about her officer. Although she could be harsh at times, her empathic abilities always caused her to have compassion for those around her. Especially for those she was supposed to protect.

Draka grunted lightly as Rynen put her arm around his waist, hobbling along with her, trying not to put too much weight on her. "I'll be fine Lieutenant, you don't need to support me. We should be ready, just in case…", he said, not liking looking weak in front of his peers. Regardless he slung his phaser rifle over his left shoulder, arm around Rynan's shoulders as they moved out, heading in the direction he came from as the others followed along, keeping their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary.

Aiyla Quintus

Aiyla continued walking down the hall intently capturing the sounds of different voices stirring in the stale air. So many more people were wounded in need of medical help. She decided it was time to organize a group to help her get these things done. She grabbed the first 3 crew members that she saw were in a decent healthy state.

“I have a job for you. Come with me. I need a total of four of us. “ she said to two men that sood in the corner chatting amongst themselves.

“Sure thing. What is it you need us to do ?” asked one of them as he ran his hand through his thick dark hair.

“I will let you know as soon as I find our third candidate.” She spoke.

They followed her hrough the various passageways that resembled a labyrinth like maze. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a red headed woman. She quickly approached her.

“Hi. I’m Aiyla. What is your name?”

“Jezabel” the woman answered.

Aiyla quickly explained the situation at hand and her plan to get things going.

“There are to many people in need of medical help here. I need the four of us to split up and focus on one quarter of the ship. What are your names by the way?” she directed herself towards the two men.
The dark haired man answered, “Trey and my friend here is named Louis.”

“Well, nice to meet the three of you and I am happy you are so willing to help me with this. Okay, Jezabel you take the north of the ship. Trey will have the south and Louis will have the west. I will take the east. It is your duty to gather everyone that is in need of a docter and make sure that they get there safe and quickly. The docter is very busy so there will be a waiting list. For every person you bring make sure you get their information on paper. I want a list when your all done. I need a total number for our injured so I can make sure the captain receives the information. The faster we get everyone up and moving again the faster this ship will be running right again. We will all meet here afterwards in exactly five hours from now. “Aiyla finished and then exhaled a breath from deep within.

The three fellow members nodded their understandings to her and then parted their ways headed towards their assigned directions.

Four and half hours went by before Aiyla had finally recovered the last of the sick and injured in her section. She took a moment to tally up her own numbers before heading back to meet up with the others. She made her way through the bends of shadow and light. She felt the sweat on her brow and the feeling of exhaustion upon her eyelids. When she was tired things around her would start to appear somewhat hazy and distorted. Even inanimate objects seemed to vibrate and bounce with a sort of pyschedelic electrical rythmn. She tried to refocus her eyes as she neared the others, seeing that they had striked up a three way conversation.

“Alright everyone. Please hand me your papers. I will add the total and hand it into the captain shortly. Good work everyone. Why don’t you all head to the lounge and grab a drink. I will catch up with you as soon as I hand this into Owain.” She spoke.

“Sounds like a plan” Trey said as all three of them smiled in agreement with her.

Aiyla moved swiftly, walking around the next corner and then the next. She stopped in her tracks for a moment and totaled up the four numbers into one.
“Wow, that was less than I thought it would be.” She thought and smiled to herself.

“Aiyla” a voice rang out across the way from her. she looked up to see the captain standing there.
“Just the man I was looking for. I have something for you.” She smiled and handed him the few papers in her hand.

“Owain raised his brow and then let out a small sigh of relief.
“Well now, that’s less than I thought. Well done, Aiyla.”

Jake Donnahue

Jake recognised an object which looks interesting to him. So he covered this object, established a force field and beamed the object into the force field. After that he picked up his tricorder and made a first analysis of the object.

It was a inconspicuous piece of rock as big as his fist. Its color was grey with black inclusions. He started a specific analysis and waited until the computer spit out the first results.

Sam Jones, Owain Taggart, Rynen Dale

Sam hadn't noticed till now that there was a patch with an insignia on his left arm, apparently this squad that was sent out to find people that didin't want to join the Peoples Army was called, Gamri. He had no idea what idea what the word meant but he was sure that it wasn't good.

He soon found himself traveling with a group of men, there conversations was short and abrupt, obviously the real Colonel Entires ran a tight ship. Sam was ready to get to where they were going, he didn't want to be the only one to take on 6 men if the charade ended. The transports would speed up their journey.

Arriving at a small camp they got off of the transports, and what appeared to be a Lieutenant walked up to Sam.

"Colonel Entires, there was a fire fight at this location, and it is the last known location of…."

Sam cut him off, he figured that the real Colonel would of done the same thing.

"I don't have time for this," as he took the PADD.

"Move out," he said to the Gamri squad.

"Happy Hunting Colonel," said the Lieutenant.

What was with this place since when did people think that you could hunt humans, it was barbaric to say the least. Sam moved the squad at a quick pace he wanted to get to the spot quickly, he knew it would be expected. Sam was glad that his movements was being watched by the resistance, it would be partially up to them to help him take this squad out, they had put him in this position, though he was enjoying himself.

They soon arrived at the coordinates that was on the PAD that the Peoples Army's Lieutenant had given him, he guessed that Rynen and her crew was aways away by now unless one of them had been injured which he prayed wasn't the case.

Meanwhile, Rynen, Tiberius, Draka, and Horrus continued to trudge slowly through the forest. The trees were beginning to thin out, so they were getting close to the cave. Rynen had managed to get a hold of Commander Langford to request that the away team come back to the aid of her struggling group. Draka and Tiberius weren't looking to good, and there was only so much Horrus could do to try and keep them patched up. Just as the betazoid could sense the away team approaching, she also sensed another group of people coming towards them.

"Commander, I think we've got company!" Lieutenant Dale said as Langford appeared.

Langford looked around, and not seeing anyone replied coldly, "And where would they be, Dale?" Glaring at the Commander, Rynen simply shook her head. Reaching out with her mind, she thought she recognized one of the members of the group. It was Sam.

"Sam, what's going on??" Rynen asked, conversing with the Cadet through her thoughts.

Sam stopped in his tracks and felt the others behind him run into each other, he squatted to act as if he had seen something to cover up the fact that he had actually heard something in his head.

"Stay down men" he said to his squad.

While thinking in his head.

"Rynen?" he started thinking he was losing it.

"Don't worry Sam, you're not going crazy." she responded, laughing slightly. "What are you doing here- and with that People's Army squad??"

"It's a long story suffice it to say this squad I'm commanding is supposed to kill all of you, ussually they only do the runaways that don't want to join the People's Army…In short we're setting them up for an ambush right as they think they've caught you…So where would you like to end this charade?"

Sam hoped that she believed him, but then again she knew it was him in the first place.

"We're headed to the cave. Ambush us in front of the cave. I'll let the others know." Rynen thought, concerned for everyone's safety.

"Sounds like a plan."

Sam stood up from where he had crouched while talking to Rynen, he had made it look as if he was listening for sounds. He now turned to his men.

"Let's loop around this way there's a cave up ahead and we if we can beat them to it we can get the drop on them."

They moved off, Sam could still feel Rynen off in the distance, she had yet to cancel their connection, he could still feel her concern and what he thought to be bravery, although he could not be sure himself because he wasn't a betazoid like her.

Deo Zhang bounded up excitedly to the away team after catching up with them while he pointed in a direction, "I've seen it. It's not far at all now.", he said while catching his breath. "This area is the legendary Catharsis hunting grounds. My ancestors fought here. The cave was their home base, much like the Resistance of today. It was a very bl-", He expained, but stopped midsentence when he had noticed something peculiar about Rynen, "Something's the matter isn't it? More of them are coming? We better hurry towards the cave then. We'll be safe there."

Rynen nodded, and explained her conversation with Sam to the others. "We need to get to the cave. Tiberius and Draka will stay back under some cover. I don't want them getting more hurt than they already are."

Deo lead the Away Team towards the cave as he listened to Rynen's story. "This is leading off to an important day in G'Hrel history then. A good day despite the losses… I can feel it. The tides are turning."

Sam led the Gamri around like he had planned with Rynen, he crouched again long enough to act like he was listening for rustling that was made by boots, he slowly grabbed his knife out of his boots and concealed it with his hand and shirt. He moved them out again and was in front of the cave, they had their weapons trained on where Rynen and her team would be coming out.

As soon as the first phaser shot came out, Sam pulled his knife out which ripped his shirt in the process, with one quick lunge with the knife he had slit the mans throat and with the gun in his hand he had shot another, after which he dropped to his knees and continued firing, he saw lights and sizzles of phaser fire, but he just kept on firing and slashing with his knife.

Rynen positioned herself in front of Deo, making sure to protect the boy. She let off several shots with her phaser rifle, all hitting their intended targets.

Inside the cave, Resistance Troops had been training and getting ready for this day. As the battle waged on outside, those inside the cave could hear the battlecries. One man in particular, much older looking, rallied his troops and stepped outside as the rest of them followed him. The battle was fierce. Bullets against energy weapons, and he was going to add another. He stretched his arms, squinted as he aimed and pulled on the bow, and just as it looked like Sam's Elite team was being outnumbered, their day was going to get worse as a salve of arrows flew towards them. They fell easily enough and the Away Team turned to look in shock at the new arrival. He had an arrow pointed towards Sam and was ready to let it fly. Suddenly Deo Zhang let out a cry, which the man understood, and lowered his bow. The man wiped his brow with his sleeve as he motioned for his troops to put their bows away as well and then looked at Sam as he walked up to him, "I know your face. You're a brave man, Colonel. Coming all the way out here. As you see, you're outnumbered", he said as he motioned to his troops. "So, why don't I make it easy for you and let them take care of you. Do you have any last words? "

"Yeah, your communication between resistance cells sucks, if you had contact with them you would know the real Colonel Entires is dead. I'm from the same ship as them(he pointed at Rynen) so if you don't mind I'll keep my life, and you may want to thank me for handing you the rest of the Gamri."

The man stiffened at the mention of the Gamri, "The Gamri, you say? And Colonel Entires is dead? Well, it's about time. The man had it coming. Thank you. I can see why they chose you now. You have an uncanny resemblance to him, and I have to apologize. Our communication is very strict. We've been laying low, and I've only heard that you were coming a few moments ago. I wasn't even sure it was you. Made my mind go for a double take." He let out a sigh before continuing. "So who are you anyway? Bunch of Starfleet officers? What are you doing way out here? You know that this area is very dangerous, unless you're out here to aid us in some way…"

Langford stepped up, "We're here to help you, not hurt you. We're not one of Caine's kind."

The man examined Langford as he looked him up and down and squinted at him, "The only help we requested hadn't arrived in months. My people have been heavily injured in ambushes and we requested medical supplies. They'll die if they don't get the attention they need. What makes you think you can help?"

"We're your relief. We have your supplies", explained Langford.

The man immediately relaxed, "Well, I'll be. I didn't think it would be possible, but with you here, maybe we do have a chance…", he said as he shook hands with Langford.

"We're looking for Major Anderson. Is he around here?", Langford asked, the question the away team had been waiting for ever since beaming down to the surface.

The man had found his smile as he listened to Langford's question. "You just shook hands with him."

Sym Fra Hop

"We're still having problems getting power to some of the systems, the emergency force-fields are draining more power than normal." Sym said to himself.

At present, he was still in main engineering trying to get a semblance of order. However, with over a quarter of his staff either dead or seriously injured, he was having to contend with major staffing problems. He had commandeered a number of officers from the life sciences to monitor the environmental systems. Hopefully they should be able to handle most situations thrown at them, if not, then the engineer he had sent with them would be able to handle any issues that arose.
It was the situation with the force-fields that occupied Sym's mind, how could he restore main power when over half the plasma relays were fried?

"With the amount of fields we're currently using, energy loss is bound to occur." said Sym's assistant, who had just returned from the bridge.

Sym looked at Tormass, "How's the bridge?"

"A mess. I've replaced some of the charred relays and I've left Rodriguez, Palmer and Cresdee up there to finish getting the main stations up and running. I thought you could use some help." The ensign replied.

"How's the noggin?" Sym asked, indicating Tormass' head.

"Still a bit sore, but I'll manage." He replied with a grimace.

Sym nodded, "I'm going to take a look at the starboard field generators on deck 3. They're soaking up a bit too much energy. While I'm there, I'm gonna take a look at transporter room two. Someone tried to use the transporter while it was in the middle of a diagnostic. The transporter operator should know better than that. Keep me informed with any developments."

Without waiting for a reply, Sym strode briskly out of main engineering and entered the Jefferies tube to begin his long journey up to deck 3.

Owain Taggart

"You just shook hands with him." were words that echoed in Langford's mind at the moment. They had been through a lot getting to this spot, not even sure if this Anderson person really did exist, or if it was all part of a hoax; a mythical figure. But right there, and right now and in front of them stood Major Anderson, and he seemed larger than life.

"Frankly, I'm relieved", stated Langford, who seemed to finally be able to relax.

"We've had to lay low, you understand. We couldn't take any chances. Communication with the outside is a rarity.", he said while looking at Langford then glanced at Sam, "It was fortunate they had found you. We would of had many more injured if the resistance in the city hadn't formulated their plan." He explained, then motioned for the cave entrance. "If you follow me…"

They followed Anderson into the cave and were amazed to see the organization. It was very rudimentary as far as caves go, but the first thing they all noticed was how busy the cave was. There were a lot of people in uniforms moving about and doing specific tasks. This was no small gathering, rather a full-fledged organization that meant business. As they got further into the cave, Anderson stopped and spread his arms wide, "Welcome to the Resistance. I've helped lead it for many years. Perhaps more than I can remember. Although I'm far from being the only leader as the Resistance has existed for as long as I can remember, even before I was born. I took over from a man named Lucas Zhang."

Deo's eyes went wide at the mention of his family's name, "My father! My father was leader of the Resistance? I knew he was in it, but he never told me he was a leader."

Anderson looked at the kid and smiled, "Your father was a great man. He fought for what he believed in and didn't die in vain. You're welcome to join us", he said as he moved on to the part of the cave where soldiers were in training. "This is where we train. We've trained a lot of people. Many made the pilgrimage here, though not all have survived. This is where you'll be training."

He moved on again, this time to a part of the cave that had a lot of suffering. It was evident that it was their makeshift sickbay. Anderson looked on in despair at those who were injured, then turned around to Langford. "We dearly need those supplies."

"We'll need to contact our ship. We also have some injured that will need attending to." Langford explained..

"You've probably noticed that communication has been made easier as you approached the cave. This cave has special properties, that for some unexplained reason counters the effect of the blanketing that the People's Army has on the surface. You can try contacting your ship now, if you wish, and we can get to working on your injured whent he supplies arrive", Anderson replied.

Langford nodded and then tapped his commbadge, "Langford to Horizon. I repeat, this is Commander Langford to the Horizon. Can you hear me?"


The voice had struck Owain out of his reverie like a slap in the face. It had been a breath of fresh air to finally hear the Away Team again, and everyone who was on the Bridge cheered. At first there was static, but then it clarified itself. "This is the Captain. Commander, it's good to hear you again!

"I hear you there, Captain. We're currently in the cave now and ready for beaming of the supplies.", Langford said.

Owain explained that they would need more time, but that he would see what he could do in their condition. "Mr Hop, how is the transporter system looking like? I'd like to have full beaming capabilities as soon as you can make that possible. The supplies need to be delivered."

Sym Fra Hop

"Mr Hop, how is the transporter system looking like? I'd like to have full beaming capabilities as soon as you can make that possible. The supplies need to be delivered."

The captain's voice echoed in the confines of the Jefferies tube, Sym paused his ascent and tapped his communicator.

=^= I'm on my way there as we speak. But until I can inspect the damage more closely, I cannot say. Probably an hour or more. I'll be able to give a closer estimate in about five minutes or so. =^= Sym told the Captain.

Sym waited for several moments, waiting for the Captain's response.

=^= Those supplies need to be delivered, Commander. Is there any way you can hurry things up. =^= The Captain asked.

=^= One moment Captain. =^=

Sym climbed up to the next level and out of the Jefferies tube. He approached the nearest comm panel, which thankfully, was still working. Tapping the controls, he called up the information for the cargo transporters.

=^= You can use the cargo transporter in cargo bay two. I'd advise against sending any people or perishables down. Until I'm confident that we can safely reset them to quantum level mode, I wouldn't send anyone down. =^=

=^= Thank you Commander. Carry on. Taggart out. =^= The captain signed off.

Sym deactivated the comm panel and entered the Jeffieries tube. He journeyed up another two decks before climbing out. Sym strode into the transporter room, and the officer manning the console looked up in surprise.

"Commander, I…" The officer began,

"Stow it." Sym said, "would you like to explain why you tried to beam someone down to the planet with the transporter running at less than half power? You do know that the matter buffer is now hopelessly contaminated. Not to mention that someone died as a result of your actions."

Sym was livid, one of the cardinal rules had been broken. As Sym looked at the man, he noticed that there was hardly any reaction. It was as if the man was not even paying attention.

"Are you okay. You seem a little distracted, but then again, I cannot blame you." Sym folded his arms and waited for an answer.

The officer looked down, "He had a phaser. I…"

"Forget it, call up the diagnostic reports. We need to get the transporters running. Then get down to the transporter in cargo bay two. I need someone to reset them to quantum level mode. You're to work with Ensign Garfield. Get out of here."

Sym didn't even wait for a reply, he looked at the report. Whomever used the transporter had been sent but not received. It was as if he never existed. Sym made a note of the transporter operators name and contacted Garfield.
He gave his assistant the name of the engineer and told him to keep an eye on him, Sym was concerned about the complete lack of reaction from the officer. Was he some kind of Vulcan in Human clothing? Once he ended the call to Garfield, he deactivated the transporter. Then he transferred the power to the other functioning transporters. With the energy constraints they were operating at, they needed every scrap of power he could squeeze out of the warp core. Once he had done that, he started the short journey to cargo bay two.

Horrus Kinkade

"Make sure you keep the pressure tight." Olivia said back to a nurse as she walked from patient to patient, the mess hall was packed tightly with wounded and what was left of sickbay had been made into a make shift morgue.

An officer walked into the mess hall, attempting to walk around the beds making his way to Olivia, "Doctor Torv?"

"Yes?" She responded while applying a hypo spray to a patient.

"A message from the bridge, they've made contact with the away team, they do have casualties and are working on a plan right now to get the supplies down to the planet, also a cadet Kinkaid is alive and well, but is treating some wounded back on the planet."

"Thank you lieutenant, tell the captain thank you for keeping me informed."

"Yes ma'am." The officer departed quickly, Olivia was pleased to hear of the teams success and hoped that the wounded back on planet side wasn't anything nearly as severe as what she had seen transpire in the last two hours.

~~~~PLANET SIDE~~~~~~

"Well if you would hold still it wouldn't hurt so much now would it?!" Horrus yelled at Draka while attempting to apply a bandage. God you're worse than a Bolian."

Draka shot Horrus a glance similar to a Klingon looking at prey. "Despite what you may think I am somewhat good at my job." Horrus responded to the glance.

"We've contacted the ship, we're working on a plan to get you guys some more medical attention." One of the away team members shouted.

"Well that's to bad, we were just starting to have so much FUN! What with all the infections and disease beginning to fester about." Horrus replied finishing the bandage." Horrus rose to his feet holding is tricorder when he noticed the caves emanating a strange wave pattern. He walked closer, the tricorder couldn't make heads of tales of it but it had strange patterns that didn't seem possible. He found a small stone that near the caves that appeared to be the same material and placed it into his bag, he knew he wasn't the science officer but still it seemed worth investigating once they arrived back on the ship.

Rynen Dale

As soon as the away team had reached the cave, Tiberius and Draka had been taken to the makeshift sickbay. Rynen had been hovering around her two wounded officers, her worry evident. While Horrus was dealing with Draka’s more serious wounds, a medic had been fetched to look at Tiberius’ leg. The bullet wound had been cleaned expertly by Horrus, but he had had time to do little else. The medic slowly removed the bandage Kinkaid had applied early.

“Be careful!” growled the Cadet, a look of pain on his face. The medic barely glanced at him, her attention focused on his leg.

“If you want this to hurt as little as possible, I suggest you don’t move and keep your mouth shut.” she stated.

A smile tugged at the corners of Rynen’s mouth. “Well I can tell you’re in good hands, Tiberius. I’m going to check in with Langford and see what’s going on with the supplies.” The Cadet nodded, and Rynen moved over to where the Commander was sitting by himself, using a rock as a makeshift seat.

“What’s the news from the Horizon, sir?” the betazoid asked. She could feel his weariness, and although she had doubted his leadership abilities at some points, she felt for him. This had not been an easy mission.

“The Horizon has taken quite a beating, Lieutenant. It may be a while before the supplies get here. Lt. Hop was working on the transports, but who knows how long that will take. We’ll just to to wait until…” As Langford was about to finish his sentence, a shimmering blue light appeared beside him. Crates of medical supplies, equipment, and rations materialized. A welcome relief to both the two officers and all the onlooking resistance fighters.

Rynen turned to look at the stunned Langford, a smile on her face. “Looks like Mr. Hop got the transporters up quicker than anticipated.”

Draka Ren Colok

Horrus finally moved off from Draka to check on the other injured, his wounds patched up to the best of the man's ability, leaving Draka to rest a bit. He leaned his back against the cavern wall, sighing out as he shifts to find a more comfortable position. He glanced over at the tell-tale glow of the transporter beams, nodding lightly to him. After Rynen spoke briefly to the Commander he got to his feet, making his way past Draka in search of Anderson.

"I just want you to know Mister Colok. I will be filing a full report with the Captain over your disobeying of my orders when you went back for the Lieutenant and Kinkaid. I'll also be giving him my recommendation for punishment. For now take it easy, I'm told your injuries are fairly severe, don't need them getting worse."

"Yes, sir Commander. Understood.", Draka replied, steeling his features. Commander Langford moved off in search of Anderson, leaving Draka to his thoughts. He sighed, leaning his head back against the cavern wall,"Lovely… just lovely…"

Sam Jones

Sam watched his fellow crewmembers walk into the cave(in some cases hobble), he himself looked for a nice rock to sit down on. Sam watched the men guarding the entrance, they looked at him with distrust, it angered him at first till he remembered that he looked like Entires. He decided it would be best if he stayed outside, undoubtedly there were more inside, and he didn't want to incite a panick.

Sam stood back up after about a half-hour and took off the top part of his uniform to where he was only wearing his black undershirt, this way atleast he wasn't wearing the uniform that inspired fear.

Sam started to think about what they were going to do next, "Well we have to take out this rogue admiral, he's giving the us a bad name, and I sure would like to deck the guy."

The more Sam thought about the admiral the more pissed off he got, in the end he decided that the best thing he could do at the moment was to think about Ginny(which ussually calmed him) and to wait for orders from Commander Langford.

Sam put his back to the rock, he needed to catch up on some sleep he knew that if anyone needed him they could easily find him there, and the last thing anyone needed was a scare because they thought he was Entires.

Tiberius Quintius

The air was thick and moist. The stone walls were covered in sand. Sand was in every crack and crevice. Stroking his chin, Tiberius made his way towards one of the walls. He noticed the sand was cover more than just stone. Place his hand upon the wall and making a wiping motion, the sand fell from the stone to the ground. Underneath he had discovered several writings of a script unfamiliar to him. He spent a moment pondering upon the writing. Something about them struck him as unusual.

As he turned to get the attention of one of the others, a sharp pain shot up his side. It practically took his breath away. He had a questioned look on his face as he looked at his side. "I know the Doc patched my leg up, but what's this," he thought to himself. Applying pressure to his bottom right rib, Tiberius could feel the pain increase. His fingers were covered in a thick liquid as he rubbed them together. Slowly turning towards the light to examine the liquid, he realized what had been overlooked.

Slightly stumbling he made his way over to the doctor, Horrus. Tiberius was slowly losing vision. Everything was blurring together. Before everything became unclear he decided to take one last look around the ground. Where he had walked throughout the cave, he noted he had been dragging his feet. This helped to cover what he hadn’t noticed till now. By the time he made it to the doctor he had to use some surrounding rocks to hold himself up. Looking in the direction he had thought the doctor to be, Tiberius spoke up to him.

“I hate to be a bother, but there’s something we might have,” Tiberius drifted off. He fell to the ground clenching his, now, blood stained chest. It seemed to draw everyone’s attention all at once. Yet, there he laid cover in blood and unconscious.

Rynen Dale, Draka Ren Colok

Rynen came up to Draka just as the Commander was leaving. She was startled to feel his disappointment and anger towards Langford. She could also feel some other undertones of emotions, but they were still too faint for her to properly distinguish. Must be because he's injured that I can sense his feelings at all… the betazoid though to herself.

Draka forced himself to relax, seeing Rynen approaching, so he worked to keep his thoughts and emotions at ease. He nodded to her when she stopped nearby, his sharp eyes taking in the details of her. "Hey Lieutenant, what can I do for you?"

She sat down next to him and smiled warmly. "Just checking up on you. After all, those were some pretty nice wounds you had there." she said.

Draka nodded lightly to her words, speaking lightly as he leaned back against the wall,"Among the worst I've had. Not used to slug throwers, haven't dealt with them since leaving my home world. Most of my injuries since have been burns or cuts. How about you? How are you holding up, Ma'am?"

"I'm doing alright, thanks." she replied. Other than a small cut on her cheek, she had escaped injury. I got lucky.. she though as she looked at the bandages peeping through a cut in Draka's uniform. "And by the way, what did the Commander want?" Rynen asked. She had only heard the end of the conversation, but she could tell that Langford was not impressed.

"He wished to inform me he will be making a full report of the groundside activities and will leave my punishment up to the Captain. I expected it, but hoped he wouldn't actually punish me since I helped you two out… Can I ask you something?', he says, then asking the question before she can reply,"Are you uncomfortable around me, ma'am?"

The question took Rynen by surprise, which rarely happened given that she was a telepath. It took her a while to respond. "A little." she finally stated, looking at her hands. "It's just so odd to me- only barely being able to read your feelings at the best of times. And not sensing your thoughts at all.. It's almost like you're a hologram to me. It's a very odd sensation. Why do you ask?"

"I have noticed that from, not to sound rude, your kind. Not just Betazoid… any race of or with telepaths or empaths. A… quirk… of my genetic makeup. Among my people I am considered an abomination… a throwback to an earlier time when mutations like mine were more common. I suppose it's a second mutation… since being resistant to mental and emotional scans seems to be unrelated to my talents with energy. I wished to apologize for making you uncomfortable… not that I can do anything about it.", he said, seeming worn out from his injuries and the fighting, Rynen could catch moments of his thoughts and feelings. Among those are the sense that he wanted to fit in, feeling an outcast and wanting the respect and approval of his superiors.

"It's not your fault Draka" she replied softly, "and I'll have a word with the Commander about you coming back to help us. And if he won't listen to me, I'll talk to the Captain. You shouldn't get punished for doing your job. Now you should try and get some rest."

Draka nodded to her,"If you wish to speak to the Captain. To be a bit fair, I ~did~ ignore the commander's orders but.. I could do no different. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me, Lieutenant…I think I will rest now. Talk to you later…", he said, settling against the wall, looking worn out. He leaned his head back, eyes easing shut.

Rynen stood quietly, observed Draka for a moment, then went off to find Commander Langford. Now that the supplies had arrived, she saw no need for them to remain on the surface.

Horrus Kinkade

Horrus was continually scanning the rock formation of the cave wall still confused by the readings he was receiving when someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned slowly to see Tiberius leaning over clutching his side with a bead of sweat running down his forehead. "What did I tell you about lifting weights in your condition." Horrus joked.

“I hate to be a bother, but there’s something we might have,” Tiberius drifted off. He fell to the ground clenching his, now, blood stained chest. It seemed to draw everyone’s attention all at once. Yet, there he laid cover in blood and unconscious.

Horrus' eyes widened in horror as he grabbed Tiberius mid fall and got him on the ground. Everyone began to rush over, Rynen broke through the crowd, "What happened?!" She yelled.

"Listen Kitten, you keep screaming at me like we're going to get no where fast, now if you'll give me a moment I can figure this out." Horrus snapped.

Rynen had a look on her face like she had just been spat on, she was clearly getting irritated by Horrus' lack of bedside manner not to mention the "kitten" comment.

Horrus shut his tricorder and hovered over Tiberius body while on his knees. "This just doesn't make any sense.." Horrus thought. He ripped Tiberius' shirt open and exposed a large wound on his left hand side just above his hip bone.

"How did you not notice that??" Rynen asked.

"Again with the questions." Horrus reached for his bag, he quickly opened but couldn't seem to find what he needed, he placed his hands over the wound and applied pressure to control the bleeding. Not having the appropreate materials made patching the wound quickly almost impossible.

Looking up at Rynen he started barking orders, "Open my tricorder and give me continual readings of his pulse and blood pressure, also find me something to wrap around the wound, something strong that can absorb a decent amount of bl-" Horrus was cut off by the tricorders alarming noises signifying cardiac arrest, "Too late", Horrus couldn't bare the thought of having someone die in this type of condition and he felt helpless.

He stared down at his hands, still holding the wound now with his hands drenched in blood, the tricoder still making the alarming sound of imminent death. Suddenly, Horrus felt a familiar sensation, the same sensation he had felt when running through the woods when he saw the science officer shot, the whole cave seemed to slow in time, everyone's actions nearly drawn to a halt, the expressions in peoples faces nearly frozen, moving second by second as if represented in minutes. He looked down at the wound, he could see the blood slowly moving around his fingers. He concentrated as hard as he could and felt a surging sensation through his body, his hands seem to become illuminated and the bleeding stopped; the wound healed without cause of reason.

Time then regained its normality and the whole cave watched in amazement has Horrus had just seemed to "heal" Tiberius as if by using magic.

"How..?" Rynen stuttered.

"I have no idea." Horrus said shocked.

Tiberius began to regain consciousness, "What's everyone staring at?"

Sym Fra Hop

Sym walked into cargo bay two, only to get almost knocked over by someone pushing an anti-grav sled.

"Excuse me." The crewman said as Sym moved put of the way.

"No worries." Sym murmured, looking into the cargo bay.

The cargo bay was full of crew, moving cargo containers to make way for the supplies that were being delivered by the minute. Sym saw a couple of his engineers working on the main plasma conduits that run through the ship. Although they had repaired over 50% of them, the rest were going to take a bit of ingenuity. The star ship design team had designed the conduits to be replaced in an emergency, like all starfleet ships. Unfortunately where the conduits ran into a bulkhead or through some machinery was where the problems arise.

He approached the engineers, one of whom looked up at him.

"Sir, we've almost finished replacing this section. We'll get onto the next one as soon as we can." The engineer reported.

Sym looked over her shoulder and noticed that they had done a good job, even better that himself could of. He did not let them know it, of course. He took a small measure of satisfaction from the quality of work his team was capable of.

"Everything seems to be in order, good work." Sym praised the two officers, "Where's Mr Garfield?"

The officer indicated towards the far bulkhead where the transporter was situated. "He's over at the transporter, with Crewman Richards."

Sym glanced in the direction the crewman pointed, nodded, and then turned his attention back to his engineers.

"Thank you." Sym thanked the engineers.

Sym strode over to the cargo transporter and Ensign Garfield noticed him.

"Commander, we've managed to transport two thirds of the supplies down. But we need to reset the transporter to quantum level mode before we can continue."

"Thank you, has the Captain been informed?" Sym asked his assistant.

"Yes, I informed him just before you arrived." Garfield replied.

"Lets get started," Sym said rubbing his hands together, "Isolate the power feed, I don't want any power surges while I do this."

Sym knelt down underneath the console and opened an inspection hatch. Within five minutes, Sym had engaged the quantum level mode of the transporter and was performing a diagnostic. He did not want another repeat of the earlier accident, so Sym decided to operate the transporters himself.

=^= Cargo bay two to Taggart. =^=

=^= Taggart here. Please tell me you've got the transporters working.=^=

=^= Yes sir. We can begin to beam the away team up at their convenience. =^=

=^= Beam the injured up first, I expect that sickbay are going to want to get their hands on them. Taggart out =^=

"You heard the captain, lets bring our people home."

Owain Taggart, Rynen Dale, Sam Jones

Langford had had a lot on his mind during the hours since they first set foot onto G'Hrel. Everybody had known it was going to be a dangerous mission, as the Captain had said. They had all known this going in, yet he felt an extraordinary burden upon his shoulders, seeing his team injured. He was in charge of their safety; their moral safety, and yet while the injuries were inevitable, he felt he had let them down. But looking at the others injured around him, those from the Resistance that had been in need of the medical supplies that had just arrived, he realized that things could be far worse than they were. Those men were dying, and in desperate need of those supplies. The Away Team was a minor flesh wound compared to that.

The Captain had taken a chance in trusting him; must of seen something in him. He now knew why the Captain had sent him. All this sense of adrenaline had woken something up in him. Confidence was at its peak now. He felt like a different man than the man who had first beamed to the surface, a man who had to take charge. A man whose confidence now matched his title. All of the action around him caused him to pause and think. He had made some mistakes during this mission, none of which he was too proud of, but in the heat of the moment, it was all he had.

In all this thinking, he hadn't even noticed Rynen come up behind him. She was still stunned at witnessing Horrus' apparent act of magic in healing Tiberius. Putting this aside, she remembered why she had come to see Langford. "Excuse me sir.." Rynen stated, standing behind the Commander.

Turning to look at her, he responed. "Oh. Yes Lieutenant, what is it?"

"Sir, I believe that we should return to the Horizon. We've done all that we can here. With such a small away team, there's no way we could attack the People's Army, even with the resistance. And I highly doubt Starfleet would approve." she answered, not one to hide her thoughts from those around her- even her commanding officer.

Langford nodded, "You're quite right. I was just thinking the same thing. We've handed Major Anderson the supplies and did our job. Beyond that would be a violation of the Federation Charter. Let destinies prevail. It looks like the Major can take care of himself, although there's a definite possibility that Starfleet might send us back here, with backup, after the Captain sends in his report. Besides, the Horizon simply isn't in shape to be tackling something this big at the moment" He looked around the cave and walked out to the entrance as she followed, "Personally, I do hope the Resistance shows them a thing or two. Because it is a beautiful planet, despite most of it being wartorn. A diamond in the rough. Although this struggle has been ongoing for centuries. It's not going to change at the drop of a hat."

Rynen smiled at Langford's comments and at the thoughts and emotions she was picking up from him. Never having suspected him as being the sentimental or compassionate type, it caught her slightly off guard. "This day has been filled with far more suprises that normal." she mused.

Just as the Commander was about to respond, his commbadge beeped, echoing in the cave. He tapped and answered. The transporter had been well enough to transport supplies earlier, but nobody wanted to risk transporting crewmembers, not even the Captain. The risk and danger associated with less than optimal transporters had been shown with McCay, who had ironically become the poster boy to letting Engineering work their miracles. Now, the word came that they were ready and could transport the Away Team back. They were coming home.

He walked over to Anderson, who seemed to be distracted with the many injured. Once he saw Langford approaching, he stood up and offered his hand. "You're leaving? It was good to see you, Commander. Tell your Captain that we've been very appreciative of the assistance. It will help a lot."

Langford nodded, "Yes, we've got to head back. Time for us to move on. There are other places that need us. Although there's a chance we might get sent back here once Starfleet receives the Captain's report."

"There might not be a next time, Commander. The landscape always changes, for better or for worse. We've got to move forward. That's why we're the Resistance. I might not be here when and if you get back, but at least I can rest assured. Deo Zhang will make a great future leader. It was great seeing you, Commander."

And with that, Langford walked back to his group and back to Rynen. "Well, time to get back home, Lieutenant. See if you can't regroup the injured. We need to send them first." The betazoid nodded, noticing the XO's newfound confidence. This mission had been good for him. At first, she had seriously doubted his command skills and didn't think Langford as head of the away team had been a good choice by Owain. It's good to see he know's what he's doing, she thought, He is the Captain, after all.

"Alright, I'll go find Draka and Tiberius and get them transported. I'll send Horrus up with them, too. He's probably going to be needed on the Horizon. See if you can find Sam." she said to Langford, moving off to find her security personnel.

Sam without noticing had fallen into a light sleep, he dreamed of times before and after joining starfleet, none of which were coherent to him, and more than likely he wouldn't remember them when he woke up anyway. Sam heard footsteps, someone was walking towards him, he was at full alert now, but kept his eyes closed, he didn't trust anyone that wasn't his crew. His hand closed around his phaser, but he decided to wait for the other person to make their move first, whoever it was.

Langford looked around for Sam, and at first couldn't find him until he had seen a shape huddled against the cave walls, sleeping. A man who had obviously gone through a lot and was exhausted. As he approached the figure, he thought he could see the man grasping at a phaser, which revealed itself more clearly the closer he got. However, he stayed a respectable distance and just looked at the man, until the figure looked up at Langford and he recognized it as Sam.

"You know, shooting an officer wouldn't be a great idea," Langford told him. "Come on. It's time to go home. We've all been through a lot. We all need to sleep in our own beds.", he said as he motioned towards the others. He helped Sam up and they both walked to where the rest were grouped, and as they got there, he saw Rynen coordinating the injured, and the last among them, including Draka and Quintius were being beamed aboard. He looked at Rynen and gave a tired smile. "Well then, everyone back home. I could sure use a shower and a shave and some much needed rest."

He tapped his commbadge. "This is Langford. Energize."

Horrus Kinkade

Horrus was still reeling from the experience with Tiberius, he couldn't understand what was happening, "Was the planet having some sort of strange effect with his physiology? But why me and not any of the others?" These were the numerous questions that kept spinning around his head as they waited for confirmation of transport status in the cave. Horrus felt paranoid, like everyone was watching him and he didn't know how to respond, a slight tapping came at his shoulder which caused him to jump, it was Rynen, "We've just gotten word, transport is a go, you and the injured are going to the mess hall."

"The mess hall?" Horrus asked with a confused look.

"The Horizon has taken quite a beaten, apparently sick bay was heavily damaged and Dr. Torv needed more room."

"Looks, like I'm in for quite a treat…" Horrus responded.

"Looks like, just stand with the others and we can begin transport." Rynen replied.

Horrus stepped over to where the first group was, he felt he as though he was being looked down upon by the other wounded who he hadn't "helped". But the worst glare he could feel was from Tiberius who was equally irked by experience.

"Energize." Came the command from Commander Langford, the blue haze engulfed their bodies and in a seconds blink they were gone. Horrus opened his eyes once he realized his feet were on solid ground again to once again not like what he was seeing. The mess hall surrounded him, or rather, what was left of the mess hall, wounded in beds all around the frantic broken medical staff attempting to treat every patient as fast as they could.

"Horrus. There you are, you're in charge of section 3, over there." Olivia said handing him a tricoder and a medkit without even acknowledging the fact that he had just beamed in.

"Hello to you to… Look Olivia before we get me going here I need to talk-"

Olivia quickly interrupted, "That's great, good to have you back we'll cover everything we need to once we get this situation under control." Olivia began to walk away to treat more patients.

"Olivia I really need to talk to you, I think somethings wrong." Horrus followed closely behind her.

"Of course something's wrong, this ship doesn't have a nacelle to fly on and I'm preparing to move this whole operation down to cargo bay 2 because I'm running out of room and bed's, we're already spilling into the halls. So get scanning and get healing." Olivia turned back away to administer a hypospray to a patient.

"Well about the healing thing." Horrus said with a hint of frustration in his voice.

"I need you to get me two of the hypospray trays from sickbay, its pretty damaged but I don't think the storage units took to bad of a hit in the bla-" Olivia was abruptly cut off.

"LISTEN!" Horrus yelled, as he did all of the tricorders being used in the mess hall all began to emanate a high pitched resonance frequency at the exact same moment that almost made it unbearable to hear before frying there circuits.

The two looked at each other with shock. Horrus looked down at the tricoder, "Well I guess these effects aren't just localized to the planet…"

"I'm listening." Olivia said still shocked.

"Look, I don't know what's going on but not long after we arrived on the planet I began to notice strange things happening to me. I could see a slower perception of time, I could see some of the others when I wasn't even close to them, and the last time I ran out of med supplies I…improvised."

"What do you mean?" Olivia said with a darkened serious tone.

"Tiberius was bleeding and I just held my hands over the wound to control it and he just…healed. I can't explain it, I'm not sure I want to. I thought this was because of the strange caves on the planet but its not happening to anyone else, and now I just went all electro-psychotic with the tricoders."

Olivia's eyes seemed to shift rapidly, "There must be a logical explanation for all of this, unfortunately we don't have the proper equipment or resources to explain any of whats been happening to you. The way I see it, if thus far you haven't hurt anyone and so far you seem to be doing more good, we keep it that way. I'm not letting any of these people get worse in light of this situation, now get to work, we have wounded."

Horrus respected Olivia greatly, he knew she understood the gravity of the situation but also recognized the need to treat her patients first. "Yes, ma'am." Horrus walked away to tend to his section, Olivia stared at her now defunct tricorder when Giles approached her. "You're thinking it aren't you?" He asked.

"What else am I suppose to think?" She replied looking up at him.

"Random coincidence?" He replied.

"I wish, no…first McCay and now this? Events are timed to closely, we need to be on our guard in case….well you know. Have security doubled and prepare to start relocating to the cargo bay."

"The captains going to wonder why were beefing up security for a bunch of people who can hardly walk. What should I tell them if they ask?"

"Nothing yet, if it does become a problem…tell them that there are signs that members of the away team may have a slight contagion resulting in erratic behaviour and it is strictly a precaution. Avoid any excuse if you can help it, we don't need to be tipping our hand just yet."

Giles gave a slight nod to signify his understand and walked away, Olivia continued to stare at the tricoder, she whispered to herself, "McCay, I truly hope you suffer for this."

Draka Ren Colok

After the away team was beamed back to the ship the medical peronsel moved among them, checking for injuries. Draka was taken off to the side, getting laid out on a table, the medical officer ignoring his grumbling at being manhandled. What painkillers he had in him had started to fade, causing him to be a bit pained and irritated. After a short time of being worked over the worst of his injuries were healed, allowing him to rest easier. With the doctor's persmission Draka limped his way from the mess hall turned medbay, heading to the turbolift. A few moments later he was limping his way to his quarters, not even bothering to remove his torn and bloodied uniform before laying himself on his bunk, falling asleep quickly…

Ailya Quintius

"Something is coming."

Aiyla thought to herself as she scurried down the hall towards the lounge. As she walked in she noticed that the room was completely void of people eccept for the small group she had put together who sat together already finishing off their glasses of choice cocktails. There was glass everywhere,beautiful colored shards of broken glass like party confetti all over the place. Tables and chairs were fallen over and only one light remained working throughout the entire room. It was a disaster, yet Aiyla enjoyed the rainbow of color that had taken over.

'I see you have all made yourselves comfortable. That is well enough." She looked around and noticed that no bartender was in sight though this did not surprise her after all.

"Wow… we are alone in this room of many dangerous colors" She said with a slight devious smile and let out a small bit of laughter.

"Yes, the bartender was among the wounded so we will just have to serve ourselves for now." Trey remarked ever so serious as he always was.

"Actually i feel sort of guilty drinking at a time like this. I overheard someone say that the Horizon is done for!" Jezabel exclaimed with the lines of worry etched deeply into her brow.

"Nonsense, that is even more of a reason for you all to sit here and let yourselves enjoy one peaceful moment; besides this will then be the last time you get to sit down and enjoy a cocktail upon this ship." Aiyla shot back with a persuasive and mildly demanding tone in her voice.

"Well then what would you like to drink Aiyla? "asked Louis who was ever so quiet most of the time.

"Oh no, i don't drink. I quit sometime ago. "Aiyla remarked.

All three of them looked at her with some confusion in there eyes.

"If you don't mind me asking Aiyla, what were you before you came here? you know, on earth? "Trey curiously inquired.

"Why ask?" Ailya said with a smirk upon her lip and a raise of her eyebrow.

"It just seems that at times you have something extremely laid back about you." he said.

"I grew up traveling with gypsies. Much different from traditional living i must say .That probably had something to do with it i suppose." she remarked.

Just then a man walked into the lounge. "Aiyla Quintius?"

"Yes". she spoke.

I have been told to inform you tha your husband Tiberius Quintius will be arriving here shortly." he stated.

"Umm, thank you for letting me know sir." Aiyla said in a faded dazed sort of way.

The gentleman nodded, turned around and walked back out of the lounge.

Silence was in the air.

Her mind was racing with so many thoughts and feelings spiraling themselves into a chaotic mess. She had tried not to think about him too much all this time. She had pushed it all away. It was easier that way. It was easier to not think or feel. She remembered her thought from earlier.

"Something is coming"………She realized …………"He is coming."

Sym Fra Hop

The away team had been brought aboard, and the rest of the supplies had been beamed down to the planet. Sym was trying to get the Horizon fixed, but it was a losing battle. The majority of the superficial damage had been repaired, but there still was some issues that concerned him.
The main structural members of the starship superstructure had been damaged beyond Sym ability to repair without access to starbase facilities. Another thing that bothered him was the port warp nacelle, one of the attacking ships had crashed into it, knocking it out of alignment. Even though it was only out of alignment by a few microns, Sym had to have one of his more competent engineers monitor the situation.
Leaving orders to inform him of any problems, Sym started toward the turbolift. However, as he neared the turbolift, an alarm sounded. An alarm he dreaded.

"Sir, core pressure is increasing!" The engineer stationed at the warpcore shouted

Sym hurried over to the engineer and consulted the console.

"Shit," He cursed, "Try venting plasma from the primary plasma conduits into one of the redundant conduits and isolate it. That should decrease the pressure. But for the love of god, do it slowly. I don't want the entire plasma conduit circuit blown up."

The engineers fingers flew over the console.

"It worked," The engineer exclaimed.

Sym was about to reply when the bridge called.

=^= Bridge to Engineering, what just happened?=^= The Captains voice came over the comm

=^= We had an increase in core pressure. There was a build up of warp plasma, but we managed to vent it into one of redundant plasma conduits. =^= Sym reported.

=^= You vented warp plasma into a plasma conduits?=^= The Captain sounded incredulous, =^= That should of ruptured the entire plasma conduit system.=^=

=^= Normally, sir, that would happen. But it was a redundant system, and a damaged one at that. I just shored up that particular conduit with the structural Integrity Grid. I could use your authority to vent the conduit into space. I don't like the idea of warp plasma floating around there. =^=

=^= You've got it. Any thing else I should know of?=^=

=^= Aye sir, it's the warp core. We have identified some micro fissures in the lining of the warp core that are resisting all efforts to repair them. We could do with a major, and I mean major layover at a starbase.=^=

=^= Do you need us to drop out of warp? =^= The Captain asked.

=^= No sir, that will not be necessary. I'd advise we keep below warp 4. That way I'll be able to jump onto any problems as they occur and we'll be able to sustain that speed until we get home. =^=

=^= Good work commander. Keep me informed. Bridge out.=^=

Owain Taggart

Owain had been upset on their way back to the Starbase, but then, he had every right to be. The Horizon's life was coming to an end. An end he couldn't have prevented, and a life that Rynen couldn't have predicted. Coming into this mission, he had been uneasy, and rightfully so, knowing the danger they were putting themselves in, but he couldn't have expected this. This being the mangled metal that vaguely could be considered the Horizon. The battle had taken a lot of of her, used fresh tactics that hadn't been seen by Starfleet until now and left her crippled. Now she was limping back to home base at warp 4, as anything more would have caused much stress. In the immortal engineer's words, 'She cannae take much more of this!" If she was going to come back and take on Admiral Caine, she'd have to come back with backup. Either way, Owain would have to find out what they'd be doing next after filing his report. She was in no condition to take on the Admiral and the People's Army alone, and Owain predicted that she would probably undergo a serious overhaul if she was going to have much more service. That was up to Starfleet to decide.

With the Horizon underway at warp 4, and free of their mission, much remeninscing and speculations had started. The entire mood on the ship was dour. The Horizon was home to the crew. They couldn't think of anything else to call home. To many, it was been their first home away from home, their first Starfleet assignment. This left many of them wondering where they'd go next if the Horizon wasn't serviceable. Of course, Owain couldn't blame them. It had been his pride and joy; she was his lady, and she had been beaten, her soul taken away. In a way, it was as if the Horizon had been severely violated, unable to defend herself.

To be sure, everyone performed admirably under the special circumstances. They had shown themselves practical during McCay's stunt, and at the top of their game. Shown themselves where they truly belonged. In retrospect, what McCay had done, was a small fraction of the chaotic mess that was the battle. It was a David & Goliath situation of epic porportions, similar to how the Enterprise had first encountered the Borg, duly unprepared for what was to come.

In his ready room were Commander Langford, Commander Hop, Lieutenant Dale, Lieutenant Torv, Cadet Jones, Crewman Kincade, Crewman and Cadet Quintius, and CPO Ren Colok. Owain had brought out what he usually did on special occasions; Romulan Ale. He regarded every single them, as not only crew, but friends.

"To the Lady", Owain said as he lifted his glass with an outstretched arm, "who has been with us through thick and thin. She'll forever live on in our hearts. A man once said, 'Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean', and those are thoughts I can prescribe to. We may not be able to get our Lady back, but that won't be the end of us all, and if I have anything to say about it, we'll be back and stronger than ever. So, let's raise a glass for this fine lass. "

Owain Taggart, Rynen Dale

Once the Horizon arrived at the Station, word had quickly spread about the state of the ship. Since nobody knew if they'd ever come back to her, everyone was packing up their belongings, most of them taking up temporary quarters at the station or going on R&R. It had brought a sad tear to Owain's eyes, seeing everyone being evacuated out of what they had called home for many months, even years.

Owain had been going through his things and packing them away and putting them in a box. He looked over in the corner where he kept his Romulan Ale. They had emptied the bottle. The bottle he had first brought aboard the Horizon and kept with him all this time. The same bottle he had with him aboard the Aquila. He picked up the box and tossed the bottle into it, then went out onto the bridge and faced the plaque. He looked at it solemly and put up his hand to it, feeling the texture and the letters; effectively what little soul the Horizon still had. He unhooked the plaque from the wall, turning it over in his hands as he looked at it pensively.

Rynen had already finished packing what little belongings she had, and was now looking over the ship for one last time. Although she had been on the Horizon for a relatively short period of time, it had become her home. As doors of the turbo lift slid open, she saw Owain standing holding the plaque in his hands. The bridge was empty except for the Captain. Coming up quietly beside him, she rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm going to miss her, too." she stated softly, knowing he too was thinking about how sad it would be to leave the Horizon.

Owain sighed and looked up as he felt her on his shoulder. "We've had so many good memories with her. I don't know if I'll ever be able to call another ship home like I have with her, but there you go. Life moves on, and we have to move on with it. That's how history is made." He looked at her and back at the plaque, "And I'm taking a piece of history with me and nobody can stop me", he said as he put the plaque in his box. "So…"

"I missed you on this mission," she stated, "Although it was nice not needing to worry about you getting yourself killed."

The two smiled too and Owain let out a soft chuckle, "Instead it was me worrying", he told her, "but then you're the security officer, and you probably kept the Commander in check more then once."

"Langford did a good job on the surface." she said, suddenly serious. "It seems like he's finally grown into his role as First Officer."

"Really? Has he now? I was hoping that this mission would do exactly that. Sometimes danger drives us to our instinct and shows us what we're all really capable of. I'll have to note that in my report."

"I was pleasantly surprised by him. Anyways, are you ready to go?" she asked, nodding at the box of miscellaneous objects Owain had been packing.

Owain nodded, "Yeah. Yeah, I am. I just can't believe that this is the last time I'll see this bridge."

"It is kind of hard to believe.. Let's try and take your mind off of it then, shall we? How about some dinner at the station?"

"Sounds good to me. We can probably find something with a relaxing atmosphere. I'll let you lead and I'll follow."

"I think I know just the place…"

The two officers went over to the station where Owain dropped off his things at the temporary quarters he had been assigned. After exploring for a while, they found a small out of the way cafe to grab a bite to eat.

"Well, this looks quite lovely", Owain remarked. "I don't think I've ever noticed it before. Is it new?"

Rynen laughed slightly. "I don't know! I haven't been to the station very often. Hey, try this." she said, holding up a forkful of pasta.

He took the bite and chewed, "Hmm, what's this called? It's really quite delicious."

"It's Seafood Linguine. What did you get?"

"Chicken Ravioli", he said as he offered her a forkful. "Wanna taste?"

"Of course!" she said, accepting the bite. The two continued eating and chatting, and once they had finished, they decided to go for a walk around the station. Taking Owain's hand, Rynen led him to an observation window. A Defiant class vessel was docked outside, the sun gleaming on her hull.

"That's her, isn't it?" she asked.

"I don't know, honestly.", he said with a sigh, "It could be. I'm not entirely sure what Starfleet's plan will be once they see the report I'm filing. But, if it's available, there's a chance it might be it. You'd like it to be her, wouldn't you?"

"Of course. She's beautiful." Rynen turned to look at Owain, a smile on her face.

Owain smiled back warmly, "Just like you." he said as he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

Horrus Kinkade

Horrus had packed all of his belongings in to one small bag, well to say at least what was left of his belongings, the Horizons tumble had knocked about many of his things. He was happy at this point in his life he hadn't yet taken to collecting small glass figurines.

Taking one last look around the his quarters he gave it a seemingly approving nod before heading out, watching the salvage teams begin to take away much of the debris was saddening, as he had learned once they were done cleaning, they would decommission the Horizon. His time aboard her had been short and hadn't made quite a home for himself yet but he wished he had gotten the opportunity.

Horrus made one last stop before leaving the Horizon for the station, standing outside the remains of what once one the more advanced sickbays he had ever seen.

"Sad isn't it?" A voice came from behind.

Horrus turned to see Olivia standing looking over his shoulder. "Olivia, how are you?"

"Tired, over worked, seen a little too much blood lately." She responded glibly.

"Yeah, we all have. Listen, about my….problem."

"Don't worry, doctor patient privilege of course, but uh.., I haven't had any luck."

Horrus looked at Olivia closely, he felt strange, as though he could empathize with her body's physical reactions, her breaths grew shorter, her eyes darting to the left. He took an opportunity, "You're lying."

"What?" She seemed stunned.

"Olivia, whatever is happening, here to me now, whether its an extra ability or some sort of test, I don't want it, and if you know ANYTHING, then now is the time to tell me."

Olivia sighed, "Horrus, when I have answers, I'll give them to you."

Horrus concentrated closely again, he could hear her say something else but it wasn't out loud, "By then it'll be to late….

"What do you mean it'll be to late??" Horrus exclaimed.

Olivia was dumbfounded, "Did…did you just read my thoughts?"

Horrus paused, "I…I don't know, but what did you mean by that?"

"Horrus, we need to control this situation."

Horrus felt a power welling up inside him, "What situation Olivia…?"

Olivia stammered, without warning Horrus grabbed her and threw her up against the wall, "You know what's happening here and you won't say anything! I'm not some child Olivia, I'm not some science experiment what the hell is going on!"

Gasping for breath Olivia uttered the words, "It..was…McCay…"

Horrus let go of her suddenly, she staggered backwards gasping and choking, "I can't begin to explain things to you Horrus, things you can't possibly understand."

"Try me."

"McCay was a scientist, all I know is that he was looking for something, at first I thought it was some sort of artifact on the planet but now…."

"Now what?" Horrus asked.

"I think it was you."

"Me?" Horrus asked confused.

"I found some of his old research deep in the Federation archives, I pulled some strings to see it, he was obsessed with researching, finding and I quote, 'Resurrecting Tirom.'"

"Tea who?"

"I have yet to figure it out, but he was going to great lengths to complete it, that was when he was working at Starfleet Medical, he made a quick jump to the science division and a year later he was gone, that is until he showed up here trying to kill us, me in particular apparently."

"Why you? None of this makes any sense Olivia."

"I think he knew I was on to him, somehow…look I've been doing full spectral analysis on your DNA as well as constant blood work, when I have an answer, I'll tell you, but for now, just try not to blow up any more tricorders, I have to get back to my duty shift."

Olivia began to walk away when horrus called back, "This isn't over Olivia."

She turned and smiled, "Horrus, I think this is only the beginning.

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