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Owain Taggart

Majesty was always something that was always difficult to explain. It wasn't something you could easily describe. It was something a person had to see with their own eyes to in order to fully appreciate just what Majesty was. It was something Owain never got tired of as he quietly watched the worker bees zip to and fro in front of the Horizon. She was big, and they were very very small, which made him feel so much smaller. That was Majesty. He really never got tired of seeing it from a different viewpoint. She was a beautiful sight to behold, and the lady looked quite distinguished sitting in dock.

He was lost in thought when the voice on the intercom announced the latest arrival, and while he had many things to do, he just couldn't tear himself away. Reluctantly, he made his way to the Admiral's office for his new orders. He was surprised to find instead of Admiral Drawde sitting in his chair, Captain Corrigan was sitting in it in his place.

"Captain?", Owain said as he nodded, "I'm here for my new orders."

The Captain nodded and handed a padd over to Owain. "Nothing too difficult, I assure you. G'Hrel has been asking for supplies for quite some time now and we really can't deny them any longer. We need you to deliver those supplies to them. We don't expect any trouble. It's mainly routine, and after your last mission, I'm sure you could use something a little less taxing. When you arrive, your contact will be one Major Anderson."

"Marines, sir? You know what happened the last time the Horizon had any dealings with Marines.", Owain told him matter-of-factly.

Corrigan nodded, "Starfleet Rangers, actually."

Owain cocked an eyebrow. He didn't feel too convinced. "And why are Starfleet Rangers posted there? I thought this was supposed to be, in your own words, "less taxing."

Corrigan shrugged, "As I said, it's simply routine and you shouldn't run into any trouble. And even if you do, you have the Rangers on your side."

Owain nodded. "I'll take you for your word, Captain."


And then it was right back to watching the ship once he walked out of the Admiral's office. He gave her a salute when he came back, almost as if she was his superior officer, and in a way, she was. He couldn't do anything without her and relied on her every step of the way.

"Sometimes, I wonder if she's really real". Owain turned around to find Commander Langford behind him, also looking at the ship. "She's almost too beautiful to be serving on, if you know what I mean."

Owain nodded. "She's a lady. Always beautiful, and always practical. She hasn't let me down yet." They started to walk back to the ship together, discussing the new mission ahead of them.

"I see you've got a padd with you. New orders?", Langford asked curiously.

Owain gave him the padd and looked at him glumly, "New orders. Not quite sure what to make of it just yet, but… "

"Sir, if you don't mind me saying so, you look a little uneasy.", Langford told him.

"Unfamiliar territory. I'm sure it's nothing. Shipping supplies to G'Hrel should be easy enough. It's the aftertaste I'm bitter on."

"Marines?", Langford asked as he saw the rank on their contact. It was the same expression Owain had had earlier.

"Rangers, actually. Starfleet Rangers. And you'll have to excuse me if I don't hold the best enthusiasm.

"Well, excuse me for being so bold, but what the hell are Starfleet Rangers doing there if this is supposed to be a routine supply mission?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, Commander."

They had arrived at the bridge now, and Langford looked eager for new orders even though most of the crew was out on the station enjoying some downtime. It was especially interesting to Owain to see him so eager and willing to help when he had first been so clumsy. He had definitely proved himself during times of stress.

"So, anything for me?", Langford asked, smiling.

"Actually, yes", Owain said smiling back, "I know we're getting a lot of new crew boarding soon, and my policy always has me meeting my new crewmembers face to face. So, what I'd like you to do is gather them all up and have them meet me with you in the conference room in a few hours."

Sam Jones

New Beginnings or more of the Same?

Sam sat in his quarters dining with Ginny, as had become their custom(when they were both off duty), she was really the only friend he had made so far on the ship.

“Hows the marinated chicken?”asks Ginny.

“Good, your cooking keeps getting better and better.”

Ginny had been cooking Sam burnt meals throughout the last mission, but slowly they were getting better. Sam decided to lie to her on every meal and say it was delicious, so that he could see the delight in her eyes.

They were half-way through desert when the door chime went off.

“Come in.”

It was Commander Langford.

“Sir,” Sam and Ginny both said and stood at attention.

“At ease, I'm here to tell you that you are to report to Captain Taggart, he likes to meet all of his new crew members,”says Langford.

“Sir…we've already been on one mission…”says Sam with delicacy he wasn't sure if the Commander was indeed sane, that last mission had just about drove him to the edge, but it had also made him a capable officer.

“Yes, Jones but it is my understanding that neither of you talked with the Captain before we left last time…is that presumption correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“As I figured, Captain Taggart was busy with the Admiral, now I have other Cadets to see to, good day.”

After the Commander had left Sam sat back down, and finished what was left of his meal with little enthusiasm.

“Ready to go officially meet the Captain Ginny?”asks Sam.

“Yes, lets go.

They cleaned up the meal that they had been having, after which they headed for the turbolifts.


Sam and Ginny then headed to the Ready Room where Commander Langford had said for them all to meet, as they stepped in Sam noticed that there was some medical, security, and engineering most of them were Cadets or crewman. Sam wondered what the Captain was really like, he had been something amiss the in the last mission, he was either with the Admiral,trapped on a planet, or otherwise preoccupied. Sam wanted to size him up and see if he really wanted to put his life in this Starfleet captains hands.

Tiberius Quintus

End of Silence
Tiberius sat alone, at the bar, with nothing but his busy mind and an extra dry martini. Thoughts of home and the past years flooded his mind, like an overflowing dam. 'First Canopus, then Starfleet, and now a starship.' Memories continuously flashing, like a low frequency strobe light.

All of a sudden, a voice in the distance silenced his thoughts all at once. Shaking his head, as if he was covered in snow or sand. It was his comm badge.

"Cadet Third Class Quintius, come in." The voice was loud and crisp, like a little too much treble on the speaker.

He taps his badge, "This is Quintius."

"The Captain would like you to report to the confrence room, ASAP."

"Confirmed. Over and out." Making a finally tap on his badge, he gets up from his stool slowly. Looking over at the bartender, "Well Kain it's been a pleasure. I'm sure I'll see you again. Good day."

Tiberius began making his way to the turbo lift. The bar had filled up since he had first gotten there. He inhaled a last breath of air, taking in the scenery, then he proceeded onto the turbolift. Leaving behind him his memories and thoughts, in hopes of staying focus and clear minded.

The doors on the turbolift seemed to shut more slowly, as if to give Tiberius one last look at the bar. He sighed a very long sigh, with a smirk on his face, he barked out his destination and the turbolift screamed away from the deck.

Horrus Kinkade

Horrus sat at the table in the lounge looking over some medical debriefing padd's he had received when Olivia sat down next to him, "You ready?" She said glimmering with excitement.

"If this has anything to do with a surprise colonic I want no part of it." He said matter of factly.

Olivia grimaced, "Ha..ha….no, all new personnel are to report to the briefing room, I'm taking you as my medical liaison."

"Medical liason? I'm a medic, not ambassador Spock Liv." He responded.

"Alright alright, let’s just go to this thing meet the captain and whoever else and then I'll show you the new sickbay, it’s quite a sight."

"Very well, I suppose I can go, it might be interesting to meet the senior staff anyhow." He replied, setting his glass down he picked up the padd off the table, the two made their way out of the lounge and into the turbolift.

"Deck one, bridge." Olivia demanded of the computer.

The lights of the decks flew by one by one until the lift came to a halt, the two doors parted with the normal hissing sound and Olivia stepped out followed by Horrus.

Horrus was impressed with the size and the layout of the bridge, everyone seemed to be working quite hard on repairing and refitting so the Horizon could get underway, although he wasn't sure what the next mission would behold he was hopeful that he would get to learn more about there surroundings. The two walked into the briefing room, several people were already seated from many different departments, most everyone seemed quite nervous and kept to themselves, Olivia located two empty seats near the end of the table and the two sat down.

"Gets any livelier around here and we'll have to break out a funeral." Horrus whispered to Olivia.

She laughed quitely, "I guess they all just want to make a good first impression, besides none of us knows anything about this captain who knows that he might be like you know?"

Owain Taggart

Not a minute too soon did Owain enter the Conference room. He was looking forward to meeting all the new faces, ones he hoped would be would him and the Horizon for a long time to come. As he entered, he saw them all looking at him expectantly at attention, and smiled at them in return. "At ease, please.", he told them. He took his seat at the head of the table.

They were all bright young faces straight out of the Academy. They probably hadn't yet seen much or neither knew what to expect out on the frontier of space. They were brave, they were bold, and perhaps searching for adventure that no other place could offer them. They had joined Starfleet, on what appeared to be, a necessity of duty. Their parents had either cajoled them into it or were relunctant to see them leave. Whatever the case was, they were all here now. That's all that really mattered. A sense of purpose, they were looking for, and that's what they were getting here.

As Owain looked up and down at them, he gathered they were nervous, which was a natural feeling. Though the purpose of him meeting them here in person was his way to dissolve any sense of unease, which he was sure they were all familiar with. A new environment, a new person in charge, and unfamiliar territory. His face was one they had to get to know, and he had come to send the message that he was approachable at all times.

"Good morning, I'm your Captain, Owain Taggart. You're all new here. You're all probably wondering what you've got yourselves into as you look at me. But the truth is, you needn't be afraid of me. I may be the one in charge of this boat, but despite the ranks any of us hold, we're all equals. Come hell or high water, we'll be the ones sticking together.

The Horizon is a fine ship. I've been looking after her for a number of years now and she's never let me down. We've been through thick and thin together. She's a fantastic lady, she is. She's the pride and joy of my life. There isn't a thing she can't do. You're all very lucky to be serving on her, and I count on every one of you to keep her in top shape. In just a few moments, we'll be clearing off and heading off towards our next destination. I'm sure you're all looking forward to it."

He looked at a padd in his hand which included the list of new recruits as he scanned the room to remind himself of what he needed to say. "Cadet Jones, I've seen you around before. In fact, your docking procedures were quite good the last time around. Keep impressing me and maybe you'll soon have an extra pip to show off. Crewman Kinkade, it's about time we've received good doctors here. We'll most likely need all the help we can get where we're heading. Never can be too cautious out here in the frontier. Cadet Quintus, it's good to have another sharp head to look around all the corners. Make sure to report in to Lieutenant Dale on your way out."

He continued addressing half the room before another half hour passed an then finally exhausted all of his dialogue, "Anyone have any questions before getting dismissed?"

Horrus Kinkade

No one spoke, Olivia was beaming she was hoping she could be the first to steal the spotlight as it were, “Captain. Olivia Torv, acting Chief Medical Officer, reassigned from the USS Kinsey. “

“Ah yes, welcome aboard Lieutenant what’s your question?” The captain responded.

“Thank you sir, I was reviewing the medical logs and it appears that the entire crew is overdue for the quarterly physical due to your last assignment running past its perspective deadline, I would like to begin scheduling these first thing beginning with the senior staff with your authorization.”

Horrus looked around the room everyone was deathly quiet, surely someone had something to ask, it was mankind’s nature to be inquisitive that’s why they were in space exploring in the first place, "If no one is going to ask than I might as well." Horrus thought to himself, Horrus looked at Owain who was glancing around the room, "I have a question." He remarked, all the eyes in the room turned at stared at him.

"Yes, doctor, I'd be happy to hear it." Owain replied smiling, he seemed pleased that not everyone seemed scared witless.

"Well, firstly let me thank you for personally welcoming us." Horrus shot a quick glance at Olivia, the look she was giving him seemed to say, "Nice job kissing ass."

"As for my question, what will our assignment be once we leave the station after receiving our supplies and other amenities?"

Everyone seemed pleased, the question appeared valid and genuine, "I mean, seems like a logical thing to ask, I could be wrong, but I'm not, I never am." Horrus smiled as he looked around the room and back at the captain.

Owain Taggart

Owain was beginning to think that nobody had any questions to ask. Either they were shy, or didn't have anything come to mind, until someone he hadn't noticed before spoke up. Upon looking at the officer's uniform more closely, Lieutenant pips revealed themselves to his eyes and he turned his attention to her.

“Ah yes, welcome aboard Lieutenant what’s your question?” The captain responded. As he listened to her question, he looked down at his padd and then back at her and nodded.

"You'll have to excuse me, Lieutenant. It appears you aren't on the list of new arrivals. Nothing to be concerned about. It's most likely a clerical error that I'll have the staff look after. As for the physical, my goodness, you're quite right. You have my full authorization to begin immediately. I can't seem to remember when I had the last one.", he told her, and with some reluctance, he added, "I suppose I should offer myself as your first patient." Then he shot a look at Kinkade. "Mr Kinkade, looks like you'll be working with her, and I see you two have already become aquainted." He looked back at the Lieutenant and said, "Out of curiosity, Lieutenant, what made you transfer to the Horizon?"

He hadn't waited long before his next question came from the Crewman himself. "Ahh, Crewman. I like your enthusiasm and curiosity. A good officer tends to ask the good questions.", he said as he smiled warmly, "You want adventure, I can see it in your eyes. You're quite right. It is an excellent question, and I'm surprised you're the first one to ask it. Normally, a Commanding Officer will not be able to answer everything, but in this case, I can't see it hurting. The G'Hrel system is probably a place none of you have heard of. They have been requesting supplies for a number of months now, to the point that it cannot wait any longer. We are tasked with delivering these much needed supplies to the system. For what we are to expect once we arrive, that I cannot say. I can only tell you all to keep your chins up and expect the unexpected, because out on the Frontier, a situation can change just like that.", he said explaining visually with a snap of his fingers.

Tiberius Quintius

The Captain had finished his quick debriefing and dismissed all of them. Slowly everyone began to pile out of the conference room. Tiberius had acknowledged the Captain's orders and proceeded to track down this Lieutenant Dale. With no knowledge of what this person may look like, he made his way towards the tactical deck.

The turbolift howled it's way through the decks, until it slow it's way to the tactical area. With the slowing of the lift, Tiberius tugged back and forth on his jacket, adjusted his collar, and wiped his hands. Need to look sharp for the Chief, he thought to himself. Stroking his chin so intently, the lift came to a halt. Wiping off a little fuzz from his jacket, the door hissed opened. Taking a deep breath he stepped out onto the deck with his eyes searching quite closely. He knows this Dale is a Lieutenant j.g. and is obviously in a security uniform.

No matter how hard he looked, no result. It is the security/tactical deck, after all. Everyone has the same uniform colors. A little disappointed, he walked up to the closest person to him and gave them a quick tap on the side of the arm. A woman turned around, dark brown hair, curls, and about shoulder length. She had a small grin on her face, but a sharpness in her eyes. Something that Tiberius had never seen before, in all of his jumping from galaxy to galaxy.

"Excuse me, I hate to be a bother but I'm looking for a Lieutenant Dale."

Rynen Dale

Rynen was glad that the meeting in the conference room was finally over. Although she liked Owain and had a great respect for the man, she found him a very dry speaker. She had found the new crew members asking questions slightly amusing, however. As a betazoid, she could tell most of them were just looking for the attention from the Captain. Something to stand out, she supposed.

With the Captain dismissing the crew from the conference room, Rynen made her way down to sec/tac deck to get her work done. She grabbed the PADD with her schedule for the afternoon and quickly reviewed it. She had reports to finish for Captain Taggart and Admiral D'Rinax about the last mission. She also noted that she had a new security officer to welcome- a Cadet named Tiberius Quintius.

Suddenly, Rynen felt a tap on her arm. Startled, she turned around and saw a handsome Cadet standing in front of her. "Excuse me, I hate to be a bother but I'm looking for a Lieutenant Dale." He said politely.

Rynen smiled and replied, "Well, you appear to have found her. You're Cadet Quintius, I'm guessing?" She asked. He nodded, and she extended her hand. "I'm Rynen Dale. This is a pleasant surprise! I was just about to go looking for you, and you've done the work for me."

Sam Jones

"New Awakening"

Sam only partially listened to what the crewman was asking after Captain Taggart had made his speech, he was still sizing the man up, he indeed seemed capable."That is if he doesn't keep going on away missions when thats the XO's job."thought Sam.

He looked around the room at the new crewmembers,"How many would make it out passed this mission, and who would replace them."thought Sam with a twinge of sadness. He heard something about a physical, and his attention whipped back in full.

"I would like to begin scheduling these first thing beginning with the senior staff with your authorization.”

Sam glanced over at Ginny with her brown hair and brownish blue eyes, she was breath taking, taking a step over he whispered,"The only way I'm having a physical is if you do it…" She smiled, and he knew she had heard.

He drifted back into thought remembering those days that he and Ginny had had before the had come on the Horizon, the days spent entirely on the holodeck, they had been the best days of his life. He had never known how lonely his life had been before he had met her.

As the room started clearing, Sam came back to his senses, obviously they had been dismissed, it was 5 minutes before his shift so he decided to go ahead and take over a bit early.

Sam sat down and looked up at the screen, he noticed the business of the station, and admired being born in such a time as this, a few hundred years ago he could of been some gunhand hired to protect cattle, or a sailor, but he had been born in a time that was advanced enough that he didn't have to worry about money or dying from starvation. Indeed he was grateful he got to fly a beautiful ship, one that he was ready to fly again.

Sam looked at his controls in which he would be handling, and though of the training that Starfleet had spent on training him up on the controls, he knew them like the back of his hand he could do it blindfolded. He didn't know what awaited them in the G'Hrel system but he knew that his skills could handle anything that was thrown at them.

Sam Jones & Owain Taggart

Everyone seemed eager to leave the confines of the Conference Room and go on their merry ways to their duties on the ship. Owain was glad to see so much enthusiasm. It was quite infectious, and served to remind Owain of his early days as an officer. As he stepped out of the Ready Room, he spotted Cadet Jones fancying the helm controls and imagined he couldn't wait to handle the Horizon in her mission, just like Owain had fancied the engines in Engineering when he was a young Cadet. He watched patiently, without disturbing, waiting to see what the cadet would do next, while glancing at the viewscreen which showed the glow of the station. He also glanced around and saw some of the crewmembers who were in the meeting stay around to watch as he had invited them to stay and watch what would happen next.

He stepped down quietly to the cadet's level and smiled at himself. "I know what you're thinking", he finally said quietly, not meaning to spook the cadet. "You're looking forward to flying her, aren't you?"

"Yes sir, she's a beaut, when will we be taking her out?", asked Sam but he looked down at his controls completely enjoying the expierence and moving a few of his ship control buttons to make it more compatible to the way he liked for the controls of the ship to feel. The only thing he thought that he may miss was the maneuverability of small ships he used to fly and the fighters he flew at the Academy. Sam looked up expectantly at Captain Taggart and wondered what he would ask of him to do.

"There really is no time like the present", Owain told the cadet, "How about now? The rest of the crew should be here in 5 minutes for departure." When Owain saw him stand up from his seat, Owain shook his head. "I want you in that seat. You'll be taking us out. I know you've been wanting to. Now's your chance."

Sam sat back down a thousand thoughts running through his head,"This is an honor, rarely ever does a cadet get to take a space ship out, usually it's at least an ensign grade….."

"Had he somehow impressed his new Captain without realizing it?"

Owain smiled at the cadet and walked around so that the cadet could see him. "I know when to make exceptions.", he told him, "You really did a fine job bringing us back here. Do the same thing, but in reverse.", he said, but then added, "Well, Ok, maybe not literally in reverse."

He looked down at his controls. He had taken his parents freighting ships out several times as a boy piloting and as Captain, although his time as captain had been short lived. He took a breath he didn't want to be over confident either that was often the mistake of many.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, his crew began to take their positions on the bridge. Some of them were confused to see the cadet there, but relaxed as Owain explained that the cadet had been chosen to take them out. The knowing crew smiled at the cadet; this wasn't the first time Owain had chosen someone who showed promise into doing what he knew they wanted doing. Crew all settled in, he walked back to his chair and sat. "Cadet, I want you to take us out, nice and slow. Get to know her; get to know how she handles.", he said nodding at the cadet who looked on in anticipation.

" Releasing docking clamps, bringing speed up to quarter impulse."says Sam.

Sam listened to the short, barely audible intakes of breath from the rest of the crew as he brought the ship out, barely missing the Cargo vessel "Olympus", he knew he had plenty of room and would miss her by 50 meters, but to an untrained eye it would look like a near fatal mistake. Having brought her around the "Olympus" and around the station and headed out to space where the ships were getting fewer and fewer. He could now clearly see more and more stars. Sam was greatful that Captain Taggart had trusted him with taking his ship out, and not saying anything, which also told Sam that the his Captain had a trained eye. Indeed he may just trust this man with his life.

Owain was very pleased with the way the cadet handled the Horizon. He had handled her gracefully, with respect, and he knew this man would make a fine officer. Knew that this wouldn't be his only time taking her out. Right now, having cleared the station, the vastness of spares was theirs. "Set course for the G'Hrel system, warp 6."

"Course set Captain."

Sam awaited the "engage" from the captain he briefly thought back to the first time his father had let him take out one of the family's ships the "Twilight" his father had told him,"Son, treat this ship with the same respect as a lady, and she'll bring you home everytime." His attention coming back to the present he awaited his new captains orders.

"No time like the present, Mr Jones", Owain said aloud, pointing his fingers towards the viewscreen, "Engage."

Tiberius Quintius

Rynen smiled and replied, "Well, you appear to have found her. You're Cadet Quintius, I'm guessing?" She asked. He nodded, and she extended her hand. "I'm Rynen Dale. This is a pleasant surprise! I was just about to go looking for you, and you've done the work for me." Extended his hand to hers, they shook on it.

The Sec/Tact Deck was as busy as a black market with a half off sale. Cadets and officers running around, preparing for the departure. The only thing was, they were running a few minutes behind. The Horizon had already left the dock. This going to take too long, Tiberius thought as he ran over and help some cadets get things locked down.

When he took off, he had turned back to the Lieutenant saying "Pardon me. This will only take a minute." With the weapons and everything else in place, the cadets and officers made their way to their stations. Tiberius, unfamiliar with this new class starship, made his way back to the Lieutenant. With a questioned look on his face he asked her "By chance Lieutenant, are you making your way to the bridge. Or am I fortunate enough to enjoy your company a little longer."

Tiberius, unsure of where to go, stepped back and awaited a response from Lieutenant Dale.

Horrus Kinkade

The meeting had wrapped up smoothly, Horrus was pleased that he took the initiative to ask questions during the meeting and felt confidence in his abilities growing. He noticed Olivia had left the meeting before him and he caught up to her in the hallway, “Where you off to suck up?” He joked.

“You're one to talk 'Mr. I'm never wrong.''. She smiled. “And if you must know I'm off to the cargo bay, I was working on some side projects on the Kinsey and had them transported here, I need to make sure that they arrived safely.”

“What kind of projects?” Horrus asked curiously.

“Oh nothing special, could you do me a favor though? Go down to sick bay and start coordinating the physicals, senior staff and bridge personal first then I was thinking we would go by department after that.” Olivia multi-tasked, she asked these things to Horrus as she typed items on to her padd and walked down the hall.

“Yes ma'am.” Horrus replied.

Olivia stopped suddenly in the hall, “One last thing, its in regards to Pat.”

Horrus seemed confused, “What is it?”

“Are you keeping that whole thing under wraps or what? You've been very closed about it.”

“In what regards?” Horrus still couldn't grasp the concept.

“That Pat stands for Patrick, not Patricia.” Olivia said bluntly.

“OH, right…..that.” Horrus bit his lip and rolled his eyes, “Well, no I don't really have a problem with it, I just never really gave it much thought, I mean in this day in age and all what is there to worry about?” Horrus seemed hesitant in his response.

“I understand the need for privacy, its why I asked, but if its cleared by you then alright, I was just curious. Look I have to get to the cargo bay, I'll meet you in sick bay start getting acquainted with everyone on the staff and ask the Captain Taggart to report at his earliest convenience, I probably won't be able to get to the first few so I'll have you lead the team and take the ropes on this one, I think you'll be fine.” Olivia said as she stepped in the turbo lift, she tapped the door panel to close the doors as Horrus' hand stopped them.

“You want me to lead the physicals?”

“I”m asking you to scan them, not tare down their internal warp cores, it'll be fine, relax.” She responded.

The turbolift doors finally closed and Horrus was left alone in the corridor. He signed to himself, “Well, better go greet my audience.” He muttered. After a short trip he arrived in sickbay, he was impressed the facilities we're quite new and updated and the staff was busy preparing for the mission as the ship had departed from space dock already, another cadet approached him; Horrus had noticed her from the meeting earlier but hadn't caught her name.

“Hi, I'm Ginny, looks like were the newbies here.” The cadet smiled.

“Looks like it, I've been placed in charge of the physicals by Lieutenant Torv, if you could bring me the last known medical roster of the crew in alphabetical order and request that the captain come down to begin the physicals when he is ready, thank you.”

"Anything else you need master?" She said with a grimmace. The cadet was obviously someone with a fiery personality and didn't like to be talked down to."

The cadet seemed bewildered by the Horrus' sheer bluntness, “Sorry, but I'm not one on chit chat and I like to get to work quickly. Thanks.” He left the cadet standing next to a bio bed and entered the CMO's office, sitting in the chair he had the sudden thought “Hm. I could get use to this.”

The chief nurse entered, she carried a swagger about her as though she controlled the room “How do you do, I'm Sophie Poulain, the chief nurse aboard, I've been apprised by Dr. Torv you'll be taking over the physicals, here is the requested information you'll need if there is anything else please don't hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you, I'll do that.” Horrus replied, “And could you ask the ships surgeon to see me, I had a question.”

“Not a problem, I'll have him join you shortly.” She responded politely, she nodded her head and hastily made her way out of the office, Horrus thought she seemed like a woman of great strength.

“Thank you Ms. Poulain.” He attempted to say as she exited the room, Horrus browsed the looking over the different species that made up the crew.

=/\=Bridge to sickbay=/\=

Horrus tapped his comm badge, “Sickbay here.”

“The captain will be joining you shortly once he has finished his duty shift, in the meantime we are sending the first officer.” The voice replied

“Very well, I'll see him shortly, sickbay out.” =/\=

“Well…let the games begin.” Horrus thought as he leaned back in the chair.

Shortly after a man in a medical uniform walked into the office, "Giles Decorum, chief surgeon and research physiologist, you must be our new CMO."

"No actually, your new CMO is tending to other duties and will joining us shortly but she requested that I familiarize myself with the medical staff and get started with the physicals."

"Ah alright, is it true she came from the USS Kinsey?" Giles asked.

"As far as I know, why whats so important about that?" Horrus replied with a questioning look on his face.

"Nothing, really, except that its a classified medical and science research vessel, its harder to get on the Kinsey than getting into heaven." He joked.

"Hm, interesting, didn't know that." Horrus seemed perplexed, as they finished there conversation, several crewman entered sickbay carrying cases followed by Dr. Torv, "Ah gentlemen, good to see you, please have these put in the research wing."

Horrus and Giles had confused looks on their faces, "Yeah no problem, what…what is all this?" Horrus asked.

"Medical supplies." She said plainly.

"Medical supplies…for what a Buffalo?" Giles asked.

"Funny. Who's starting the physicals?" She asked.

"That would be me. I'll go get started." Horrus replied, it was time to start a long day.

Draka Ren Colok

Draka had entered the ship just before it undocked from the station, his belongings bundled up in the large duffel bag he holds in his left hand, checking the small PADD given him containing his orders and assigned quarters. He slipped the PADD away, making his way to the turbolift, telling the computer his deck number, stepping off once it reaches it's destination. Draka then made his way to his quarters, inputting his security code to unlock and open the door. He stepped into his new quarters, sparsely decorated, which suits him fine. He set the bag down on the bed, slipping a fresh uniform out, proceeding to change quickly before leaving the room.

A quick turobolift ride brought him to the bridge, stepping off upon arrival, scanning the bridge crew quietly, before approaching the Captain.

"Sir, Draka Ren Colok, reporting for duty. My orders stated you wished to speak to all new crew members."

Sym Fra Hop

Sym took one look around his quarters and shook his head, there was an awful lot of junk that he didn't really need. Sym decided to sort everything out later, when he has met with the Captain. After checking himself in the mirror, he left his quarters and started his journey to the bridge.
When he entered the bridge, he took a brief look around. There were a number of officers and cadets at the various stations, all intent on his or her duties. In the center of the bridge sat the captain, who was talking to a familiar face, Mr Colok. The captain saw Sym enter the bridge and acknowledged his presence.

"Lieutenant Commander Hop reporting for duty Captain" Sym said, coming to attention.

"Thank you Commander, as you were." The captain replied, "Have you had time to inspect Engineering yet?"

"Not at this time sir" Sym said, "I thought it prudent that I meet with you first."

"As soon as you have inspected Main Engineering, report to sickbay. I'll speak with you there." The Captain ordered.

"Sickbay sir?" Sym asked.

"Yes, the Medical section has decided that the entire crew need a routine physical." Captain Taggart said

"Very well sir."


Seeing that the Captain had finished with him for the time being, Sym moved to the turbo-lift and entered. It only took him a minute or two to get down to Engineering. When he exited, his eyes immediately sought out the warp core, the heart of the ship. It was then that Sym smiled, looking around himself at his new department. He felt proud, if a little apprehensive, but that will pass.

One the the Engineering Ensigns must of seen Sym, because he came over.

"You must be Lieutenant Commander Hop, the new Chief. I'm Ensign Tormass Garfield, your assistant." The Ensign said, extending his hand for Sym to shake.

"How do you do, Mr Garfield. This is just a flying visit, I have to report to sickbay before I can take charge properly." Sym said to his new assistant.

"Ah, the physicals." Ensign Garfield sighed knowingly.

"Yes the physicals." Sym said with a grin.

Sym took another look around Engineering with a smile, "Well I'd better get going. Carry on Mr Garfield."

"Aye sir." Replied the Ensign

With another pleased look around his department, Sym left Main Engineering and took the turbo-lift to Sickbay.

Sam Jones

New Acquaintances

Sam sat on the bridge looking into the viewer, he had checked just minutes before that they were on course and that there was no change on view, or on any scans he received to help with his navigation.

It was now time to be relieved, and he nodded to the Captain, who was greeting two new crewmembers, who had not been in the room when the captain had greeted all of the new crewmembers. He nodded to them as well, and notice that one of them was a Lt. Commander, "that must mean that he was taking over Engineering, thought Sam

Sam walked to the turbo lift, and as he was getting in, Ginny was getting off. They past each other a look of understanding.

"Damn, I guess that means she won't be giving me my physical."Sam says to no one but the walls.


The turbolift spun down to the deck which held some of the crew of the massive starship, he walked to his room, which he had not yet completely unpacked. He picked up his Aldarian cigars they weren't exactly legal in the Federation but he had picked up some while in station along with his favorite whiskey.

"Computer turn off fire alarms, and turn the air filter and fan system on high."

He lit up the cigar and felt the calming affects immediately, he was about to go to his physical and he would need to remain calm, and these worked the best, they only slightly affected his sight, compared to alcohol which screwed it up completely. He wasn't do for a shift so it really didn't matter either way.

Sam put out the last of his cigar and headed for the turbolift as he stepped on he saw the Lt. Commander that he had seen earlier on the bridge. “Have I really spent that much time surely not”, thought Sam.

He looked over at the Lt. Commander.

“Sir, I hope it isn't too bold of me, but I'm Cadet Jones, and it's good to make your acquaintance….I'm normally not so bold but are you the Chief Engineer, I only ask because I'm one of the pilots and I count on you and your crew for my engines….”Sam said hoping not to sound like too much of an underling but knowing that his rank as it was made it impossible not to.

Sam looked into the commanders eyes what kind of man was he? Was he like Captain Taggart, which Sam had almost decided to trust his life with?

Horrus Kinkade

"ONE AT A TIME, ONE AT A TIME!" Horrus shouted.

The crowd of personnel jamming the sickbay was mob like, that formed into a loosely cohesive line that wrapped out of sick bay and down the hall. Hearing all the commotion Olivia stepped out of the back research area to witness the scene unfolding in front of her, What the hell is going on here?" She yelled over the crowd to Horrus.

"Beats the hell out of me, somehow the computer screwed up and sent each one of our physical notices to every person on the crew. AT THE SAME GOD DAMN TIME. HEY HEY YOU, BACK UP, YOU'LL WAIT YOUR TURN!" Horrus yelled at a Bolian, Horrus was able to struggle through the massive group that was trying to get there names to Sophie in some sort of orderly fashion. "Dear god, I've never met a man so pushy to receive a prostate exam." Horrus lemented speaking about the pushy Bolian to Olivia.

"When did this all happen?" Olivia said still staring at the group who was beginning to get louder and more impatient.

"About 20 minutes ago, if this is someones sick idea of a joke, I want there autograph, right before I slaughter them." Horrus said angrily.

Giles made his way threw the crowded and greeted Horrus and Olivia, "What's with the mob?"

"Did you send out that request to all personell for a physical like I asked?" Olivia said with a twinge in her eye.

"Yeah why?"

Horrus' eyes narrowed, "Ohhhh I don't know, did you perhaps to make a notation that not everyone is suppose to come all at ONCE???" Horrus raised his voice.

"Doctors! Doctors!" Sophie was calling from the midst of the crowed of staff she had been immersed in.

The three made there way over, "What is it Sophie?"

"This is a mess I think I can sort it out but this is only going to get worse if we don't just start doing something."

"What can we do?" Olivia asked.

Horrus face became blank as he turned to her, "Well we could always ask them to pitch tents and make camp for the night……WE START THE DAMN PHYSICALS YOU DUNDERHEAD!"

"Watch it mister, I AM your commanding officer." She replied smartly.

"Oh an what a BRILLIANT job you're doing thus far, I simply MUST congratulate you on a job well done." He replied dryly. He took point out of the group almost like a marine, he looked around him pondering for an idea when it came to him. He jumped up on a bio bed and clasped his hands around his mouth, "ALRIGHT EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!" The crowed slowly fell quiet, "IF YOUR NAME BEGINS WITH A THROUGH F GO SEE DOCTOR TORV OTHER THERE, IF YOUR NAME IS G THROUGH L GO SEE THAT ANNOYING IRRITATING MAN OTHER THERE (as he pointed to Giles). L THROUGH Q SEE ME, ALL THE REST OF YOU MAKE A LINE AND PREPARE TO BE SEEN BY SOPHIE, NOW JUST RELAX IT'LL ALL BE OVER SHORTLY, THE EASIER YOU MAKE OUR LIVES THE WARMER OUR HANDS AND INSTRUMENTS WILL BE IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT."

Immediately the medical staff began gathering tricorders and medical supplies and started working like a well oiled assembly line.

Horrus jumped down and Olivia looked at him, "Not bad for a rookie."

"Well, someone had to take charge around this mad house, there isn't a good doctor in SIGHT." He smiled. "And while we are on the subject of taking charge, Horrus tapped his COMM badge, "Security teams to sick bay for crowd control."

A voice responded, "Crowd control…?"

"Just get your asses down here on the double."

Owain Taggart

Owain had thought he had met all of the new ones, yet it wasn't long before after they had gotten underway that two who hadn't reported in yet had appeared. He was about to head to Sickbay for his physical when they caught sight of him, and was quite pleased when he recognized them as two officers from the Richard Winters.

" Yes, Mr Colok.", he said smiling warmly, "I'm quite pleased to see some familiar faces. I'm looking forward to having you with us, and I hear I've got myself a new Chief Engineer.", he added while noticing that the Chief Engineer had spotted the both of them and was coming towards him, "And speak of Mr the devil himself, here he is now.", he said while gesturing towards Lieutenant Commander Hop with a grin.

After both having reported in, he explained to the both of them, what he expected out of them and what their mission was. "Delivering supplies.", he said with a blank face, "I know it doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but someone's got to do it. That someone is us. And besides, G'Hrel has been asking for supplies for quite awhile now. Have any of you been to G'Hrel?"

They both shook their heads. "Didn't think so. I don't think we're in this for the tourism either. That's why I want you both to watch your backs at all times. Never know what to expect out there.", he sighed, wondering what he would have to do once he got there besides the obviousl "Mr Colok, you'll find Lieutenant Dale waiting for you on Deck 8." He turned to Lieutenant Commander Hop with a grin on his face again. "Mr Hop, I'm glad to have you on my crew. I heard that the Horizon almost won the race under your fine tuning of the engines. Not bad. Not bad at all. I feel confident knowing I have a good miracle worker on my crew.", he told him with a wink. "Dismissed."


When Owain arrived on the floor, he was quite unprepared for the commotion that his eyes followed. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, but something was happening. He had never seen the floor so busy before, and he was concerned that crewmembers would be getting hurt, trampled on even. If he had to compare it to anything, it was Earth's Black Friday shopping phemenonon that he had read about. He couldn't understand why people would ever get so desperate to get their hands on something that would only go on sale for much cheaper later during the year. Yet, these people got excited and even risked death.

What Owain couldn't understand here was why everyone was so eager about getting their physicals done. It simply wasn't logical to assume that something that people normally try to shy away from and form excuses to try to escape the inevitable, would form crowds. Something wasn't sitting right with him. Something had gone wrong.

Commander Langford had gone ahead of him, hadn't heard anything back from him, and assumed that everything was going smoothly. Now, he thought differently. He wondered if he even had his physical yet. He scanned the crowd looking for the Commander, but there was no sign of him. It was crowded and difficult to move, but once people started noticing who was nearing, they would part to let him through, and eventually he made his way to the sickbay doors. He could hear a lot of yelling, and his eyes focused on what looked like Crewman Kinkade standing up on a biobed yelling out orders to those who were waiting inside. He was jostled by someone, and he turned around to find Langford.

"Commander, any idea what the devil's going on? I've never seen Sickbay this busy before.", asked a curious Owain.

"No idea, sir. I just came from in there. They think it's a computer error?"

Owain frowned. "Well, the computer took a nice time to malfunction", Owain said with a nervous laugh. "Did you get your physical yet?"

"No sir," Langford said, shaking his head, "They're just too damned busy keeping up."

Owain nodded, "Well, let's see.", he said as he tapped his commbadge, =/\= "Commander Hop, it seems we have an epidemic on our hands. Sickbay is flooded with people waiting for their turns to get their physical. I need you to check the computers to see if it's perhaps responsible for sending out appointments for the same time. It doesn't seem to be getting any better, and I'm afraid of people being trampled over. Taggart out =/\=

Just as he finished his communication with the Engineer, some yellow collared security officers brushed passed him. "Looks like they're getting it under control, at least.", Owain told Langford. "But if it gets any worse, different stations might need to be set up elsewhere around this deck to alleviate this many people. It's comforting to know that everyone takes their appointments seriously though".

Draka Ren Colok

Draka nodded to the Captain at his dismissal, turning to smile to Sym,"Glad you're aboard too, at least I know the high quality to expect from engineering now. I'll catch up with you later Sym, gotta go meet my new boss.", he said, before heading into the turbolift,"Deck Eight."

When the doors opened he stepped off, making his way to the security office, knowing the way from his time on the Horizon previously, slipping inside when the doors opened, having confirmed his identity. He makes his way up to the desk there, where Lt Rynen Dale sits. He assumed attention as he spoke clearly,"Petty officer Draka Ren Colok, reporting for duty, Ma'am."

Rynen Dale & Tiberius Quintius

"By chance Lieutenant, are you making your way to the bridge. Or am I fortunate enough to enjoy your company a little longer?" Tiberius asked.

Rynen turned and smiled at the cadet. "No, I'm staying down here." she said, "The bridge is so boring. This is where the real action happens. I like to be with my department. Unless of course there's some phasers or photon torpedoes to be fired. Then I'm all about bridge duty." Tiberius had a stunned looked on his face, so she winked at him and turned towards her office.

Tiberius, with a smirk on his face, proceeded to follow her. They made their way towards her office, though the entire way there Tiberius kept looking around him. Rynen had a curious look on her face when she had turned back to see what he was doing. He just smiled and said, "Sorry. Just getting a feel for the layout. You never know when you might need a phaser or phaser rifle, in a hurry, that is." Rynen gave him a look of acknowledgement and they continued on their way.

Arriving at her office, she opened the door and he went in along with her. He sat himself down in a seat across from her desk. As Rynen sat down in her chair Tiberius began to speak, saying "What is your impression of the Captain? I would like to get an opinion from someone who's been working with him for a while. It's kind of my way of prepping, so to speak."

"Hmm. What to say about Captain Taggart…" Rynen mused, looking thoughtful, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She had almost called him Owain. "Well, we were on the Aquila together before he was transferred to the Horizon. He's.. interesting. A joined Trill, the second host of his symbiont. He's fairly reserved and introverted. But he really cares for his crew and wants them to do their best. How do you think I became CSO when I was still an Ensign?" Rynen asked, smiling at Tiberius.

"I figured you were just that good." Tiberius smiled back at her. He was taking frequent looks around the room. Almost as if doing a survey of his surroundings. On and off, Tiberius would stroke his chin and tug and pull on his jacket. He had a look of discomfort on his face. "So what brought you to Starfleet? Everybody has their own reasons of course, but what are yours exactly?"

Rynen noted Tiberius' discomfort- both on his face and with her empathic senses. I wish humans would just be forthright with their feelings like betazoids.. she thought. Turning her thoughts back to the Cadet's question, she said, "My father was in Starfleet- he was a doctor, actually. I actually wasn't planning to join Starfleet. I wanted to be a professional soccer player. It seems kind of silly now. My parents always wanted me to go to the Academy and join Starfleet. So after they died, I kind of felt obligated to." She finished, looking Tiberius in the eye. Her openness seemed to increase his discomfort.

"What about you, Mr. Quintius?" She asked softly. Realizing that she had noticed him squirming around, Tiberius spoke up. "Sorry, I still can't get comfortable in these Starfleet uniforms. They're so tight." After hearing that, Rynen had a look of relief come over her. "Anyway, my reason for joining Starfleet," he said so eloquently, as if he was in an interview. "Sorry, I didn't realize how intrusive and lackluster my question was. Let's see, I was born on the planet Canopus and raised by both of my parents. During most of my teenage years, I ran around with a group who called themselves The Canopus Alliance. It was a group of mostly smugglers, but once in a while they would assist in protection from an opposing force. Either for the planet or for local disputes. When I felt I learned everything that could help me in life, from them that is, then I left the planet and the alliance. My decision to join Starfleet was a way to hopefully better myself." When he finished, Tiberius let out a deep breath of air. "It's exhausting just talking about it."

Rynen laughed slightly at this comment, "So why did you come all the way out here?" She asked. "Megiddo is kind of in the middle of nowhere."

"Just to get away from it all. Change of scenery, so to speak." He chuckled.

"I see." She replied, smiling. "That's fair. Well, unfortunately, I have some reports to get to. But if you're wanting someone to show you around the ship, I have the evening free."

"How admirable of you. Sounds good. How about around 19:00 hours?" Tiberius asked.

Rynen nodded. "Works for me. Come and find me here then. Now go make yourself useful. I have work to do." She said with a smile, shooing him out of her office.

"I concur, Lieutenant. Enjoy." Tiberius finished talking to her and as he made his way to her door, a Petty Officer came in. "Pardon, Petty Officer, I was just on my way out. The Lieutenant is all yours." Finishing his sentence he headed out the door to the rest of the security deck.

Tiberius Quintius

Security officers and cadets were running all over the Tactical deck. Constantly checking and rechecking adjustments and scanners. At times it could be hard to cross the deck, with some many people flying around there. Tiberius had made his way over the phaser rack, when he suddenly received a call over his badge. "Security needed at sickbay, immediately!" Tapping his badge, "This is Cadet Quintius, on my way. You, you, and you come with me," he said while grabbed three other security officers. Each one of them equipping themselves with a phaser, they ran towards the turbolift. The doors on the lift shut just after Tiberius called out, "Sickbay." He then turned back to them and said, "More than likely we won't need to use our phasers. But just in case, set them stun and holster them."

As the lift approached the sickbay, sounds of a raging crowd drew closer and closer. It came to a stop, doors opening to a crowded deck of officers. In the distance, you could hear Dr. Kinkaid screaming for order and for security. Another page came over their Comm Badge, "Just get your asses down here on the double." Tiberius looked back at his squad and the took off running down the corridor. The closer the security officer got to the sickbay, the harder it was trying to get through. "Everyone please step aside. Security coming through," Tiberius yelled over the bickering crowd.

As they near the sickbay, Tiberius recognized a voice just a little bit ahead of him. "But if it gets any worse, different stations might need to be set up elsewhere around this deck to alleviate this many people. It's comforting to know that everyone takes their appointments seriously though". He came upon the person and it was the Captain. Recognizing him immediately, Tiberius turned to him saying "I couldn't agree with you more. How about we use a couple of the spare conference rooms on this deck as stations? They're far enough apart that it will thin the crowd out and we can still move freely throughout the deck."

Owain Taggart

Owain turned around to the sound of the voice to find Cadet Quintius, one of the new officers he had met at the meeting earlier today. He relaxed under the comfort of familiarity then nodded at the officer, "Get on it, Cadet. I'm right behind you. Those rooms can be used as temporary waiting rooms.", he told the man as he nodded in confirmation at Langford who he was leaving behind for the moment.

He watched as Tiberius issued commands, and while the crowd was initially confused , they had dispersed into neat lines following each of the security officers as they became leaders, like mother ducks and their ducklings. Now, the deck was starting to look normal in terms of capacity and there was less of a traffic jam, as people could actually move about.

Against his better judgement, he went back to main sickbay to see how the situation was improving. It looked a lot better than it was even just moments ago before they had started to thin out the crowds, but it was still rather busy and he didn't want to bother an already stressed Crewman Kinkade. He decided then to return to Cadet Quintius.

"Still quite busy in there. The situation seems to be improving, although it will be awhile before everyone is cleared to go.", he told the cadet with a sigh, "When the situation provides itself, I want you to see if you can't get nurses in each of the rooms to speed up the process. They'll be able to check in on sickbay itself and get patients as they need them, and do parts of the physical that don't require equipment."

Owain was getting frustrated with the situation, but at least he felt confident in having it resolved quickly. He remembered himself as a young Cadet in Engineering, having to work under pressure. He knew it all too well, and could sympathise with those dealing with the crisis right now. He was very much like Captain Jay Dhillon who had seen something in Owain. He still wasn't sure what he saw, but he was here now, so it had to count for something.

"It's most likely a computer error.", Owain explained to Tiberius. "Otherwise, I don't see why there'd be so much eagerness to get it done. Everyone I know tends to put it off."

Sam Jones

Sometimes Computer errors are a good thing?

Sam stepped off the turbolift into the crowd, he spotted the captain and a young security cadet, they looked as if they were trying to subdue the mayhem, but weren't having very much luck.

Sam laughed to himself as he thought,”Glad I'm not in there shoes….and I'm in no hurry to have cold instruments in places they don't belong….”

He was soon shoved into an overflowing compartment, there to wait until someone finally got to him, he was there so long that the Aldarian cigar effects were starting to lessen, and so he was getting increasingly agitated by the wait, Sam had never been too much of a patient man, and perhaps that was some of the reason for him being in StarFleet.

Sam saw what looked to be a very harassed medical person, he couldn't see his rank insignia through the crowd.

“Cadet Jones.”


Sam stepped forward, and they walked to sick bay.

“Sit here.”

“Whats your name, sir?”

“Giles whats it to you?”

Obviously “Giles” was in a bad mood, which Sam couldn't really blame him, how would he feel if he was in his situation with about half the ships compliment running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

“Well Giles, I like to know at least the name of the person who's about to do my physical…which can be a little personal, but don't worry I won't ask for you to buy me dinner….”

The joke did little to help raise the mans spirits, so Sam decided to dig deeper, more for his sake than Giles, a physical could be painful if the person giving it was pissed off.

“So Giles, whats up your proverbial ass?”

“Well the….audacity…to blame ….for…error….”

“What you mumbled most of that Giles, that or you need to check my hearing.”

“In short, I'm taking the blame for a computer error.”

“Ahh, so all this excitement is your fault.”

“Did I say that?”says Giles with a sharp jab with a cold medical instrument in a place where Sam usually didn't want cold things put.

With a higher than normal pitch in voice Sam says,”No you didn't…”

Sam didn't push the man for anymore details he didn't want anymore cold probing. He stood up and started to make his way over to the doorway when he ran into one of the medical Cadets he had seen in the “new crew members” meeting that they had had with the Captain, the force of Sam walking into the man had forced him down to the ground.

“My apologies….”

With the look the Cadet gave him he thought he had better do better than appologize.

“Um, perhaps when your done here you'd like to join me for a drink….”

Sam stared deep into the medical Cadets eyes waiting to see if he would hit him, or take him up on his offer of a drink.

Sym Fra Hop

Sym walking into main engineering briskly, he was immediately approached by an engineering crewman, who handed him a PADD.

"Commander, here is the data you asked for," the crewman said "I've also started a level 2 diagnostic on the affected system."

Sym took the PADD from the crewman and started to review the data on it. There was a slight glitch in the medical computer, but as Sym studied it, he realised that it would not account for the mess in sickbay. As he was reviewing it, he made his way to the Chief Engineers office with the crewman following him. Without even sitting down, he activated his console. As he looked at the diagnostic results, he whistled to himself.

"This is a right royal cock-up" Sym said half to himself.

"Sir?" The crewman asked.

Sym swivelled the screen around so the crewman could see was he was talking about.

"See here, here and here," Sym said, pointing to several items on the screen, "Every time an appointment is entered, the computer is ignoring the time. It just resets it-self to the time of the first appointment, without informing the medical staff."

"It could be operator error." the crewman replied, "But the computer would notify the crew member making the appointment, so it must be a software conflict somewhere"

"Maybe, but these computers are designed so this sort of thing doesn't happen." Sym said, "There must be some unauthorised programs in the computer itself. It's one of the only explanations. I'll crucify anyone who installs unauthorised crap onto the computer."

"Do you wish me to search the computer?" The crewman asked.

Sym rubbed his temples, "No thanks, I'll take care of it. Carry on with your duties. Is Ensign Garfield still on duty?" Sym asked

"No sir, he is currently on his sleep period."

"Okay, don't worry about it. Dismissed." Sym dismissed the crewman.

Sym flopped into his chair, "Computer, list any and all programs installed in the last 48 hours."

A second or two passed until the computer replied, "There have been fifteen programs installed in the last 48 hours."

"Do any of them interact with the medical computer?"


"Can you list them please?" Sym ordered the computer.

Sym watched as the offending program appeared on the screen.

"Some piece of work," Sym wondered as he reviewed the lines of code that made up the program. A simple error in one of the lines of code had been the cause of the hassle. Sym took five minutes to repair the computer from his office, then all he had to do was find out where the program had come from.

Sym touched his comm badge, =^= Lt Commander Hop to Captain Taggart.

=^= Go ahead Commander =^=

=^= Captain, I've repaired the computer. You shouldn't have an more issues with it. =^= Sym replied.

=^= What was the problem? Nothing too serious I hope? =^=

=^= No sir, just a software conflict. Someone was using an unauthorised program that was interfering with the medical LCARS. I'll have a report for you as soon as I find the culprit. =^= Sym said.

=^= Very well, carry on. =^=

Owain Taggart

Ensign Alistair McCay looked nervously around to see if anybody was around. Luckily, most of them had already gone to Sickbay and would stay there for awhile, and so he nearly had the whole ship to himself. He took apart one of the wall panels and kneeled down in front of it and checked on his programs he had installed earlier. All was good; they were still there. He pulled out of his tools and began working with the wires that were now hanging out. Sparks flew, and as of consequence, lights on the deck dimmed, but nobody would notice, he told himself. "They're all in Sickbay!", Alistair said with a laugh. His plan, he thought, was working out perfectly. They surely wouldn't notice that someone had caused the computer to send the crew to sickbay all at the same time, would they? His consequences to his actions would be far reaching. Far more than he anticipated…

At the same time, Gilligan Munroe was walking one of the many corridors. Lights were dimming, and he frowned, though he didn't think much of it at the time. It wasn't all that unusual for a power spike to occur, and he'd seen it happen often enough. He figured it was just a normal power cycle. Lights returned to normal, and again, a few minutes later, it occured again. Now, he started to seriously wonder what was going on. Then, it felt like he had missed a step and he almost tripped over his own feet. It was only moments later that he felt inherently lighter and he started floating. He panicked and started to flail his arms all about before he regained his calm and tried to look around for other people before he tapped his commbadge, "Lieutenant Monroe to Engineering, there's a weee bit of a problem here. We just lost artificial gravity, and as of this moment, I'm floating!" As if to confirm his fears, the computer had finally detected something was wrong and was announcing it throughout the deck, "Artificial gravity failure in Decks 9 through 12."

The feeling of being weightless wasn't anything that anyone was really accustomed to. They were all used to being in the comfort of gravity, and once that luxury was taken away, people often began to panic. Yet, Munroe had researched about the early days of space exploration; the days when artificial gravity hadn't yet been invented, when astronauts would float freely within the confines of their cabins, and he realized what he was feeling now was exactly the same feeling those early astronauts had felt. Once he realized that, he actually relaxed and found it to be quite entertaining, a bit like swimming without water. Now he only had to wait and hope he wouldn't hurt himself when artificial gravity would be reset.

Rynen Dale

Since she had finished her conversation with Cadet Quintius, Rynen turned her attention to the reports she had to get finished. However, before she could start, she was interrupted by a voice in front of her. "Petty officerDraka Ren Colok , reporting for duty, Ma'am." stated a tall man with grey hair standing before her. She had been startled by him, and he made her feel slightly uneasy. Must be resistant to my powers.. the Betazoid thought, eyeing him suspiciously. Like most members of her species, she had trouble trusting people who she couldn't sense. He seemed almost like a holodeck character to her- she only got slight flickers of emotion from him on occasion.

Realizing she was leaving the poor man standing there, she turned her attention towards him. "At ease, Petty officer. Have a seat." She said, trying to be as friendly as possible. She gestured to the seat in front of her desk. "So you're the security officer transferred over from the Richard Winters, is that right?" She asked, referring to a PADD on her desk.Draka nodded, and just as he was about to respond, an announcement sounded.

"Artificial gravity failure in Decks 9 through 12." The monotone computer voice stated.

Rynen sighed, looking apologetically at Draka. Tapping her combadge, she said, "Lieutenant Dale to Engineering. What's going on?"

"We're not quite sure.. It seems to be another computer malfunction. Although it almost looks purposeful." A voice at the other end mused. "We know it's originating somewhere on the decks that have lost anti-gravity, but we're not quite sure where yet."

Rynen shook her head, and looked at Draka. "Well then, shall we go see what we can find? If someone is causing these malfunctions, we need to find out who." She said, standing. The Petty Officer stood, and the two left the room to go get geared up.

Draka Ren Colok

Draka nodded to the Lt…. if he noticed her discomfort concerning her difficulty reading him, he didn't show it. He rose to walk with her, armoing himself with a type 2 hand phaser, holstering it at his hip, also selecting two wrist lights, handing one over. At Rynen's look he said simply,"With the errors occuring there, it's possible the lights might shut off… these are better then the emergency lights."

She nodded and they set off, climbing a Jeffries Tube to deck nine to begin the search, the scanners unable to pinpoint the source of the unusual readings, limiting it to the affected decks. As they crossed the threshold from deck eight to nine they felt the change and weightlessness. He grunted, nodding to Rynen before setting off, one hand to the wall to propel himself along around the mid level of the passageway… keeping his eyes and ears open as they search the halls and unsealed rooms…

Horrus Kinkade

“THIS IS A GOD DAMNED NIGHTMARE!” Horrus yelled while treating his 40th patient, “Why in god's name is everyone still just standing here, I've never SEEN people so enthused about a physical, there must be something in the air.”

Giles walking past with a medical tray responded, “Maybe they're just attracted to your charming bed side manner.”

Horrus gave Giles a glare of death while obviously biting his tongue, “Alright, I've had enough I need a break, computer activate EMH.”

The bald headed hologram fizzed into the room with a a standard response, “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

“I'm running a department of taxation and the deadline to file taxes is in three hours so everyone has decided to file last minute, please treat them for physicals and make sure you check for extra deductions in the charity section of the paperwork, thanks.” Horrus commented as he handed the hologram a tricorder, “I'm a doctor not a door counter.”

“I'm not asking you to count I'm asking you to scan, and no you're not a doctor your a program, get it right.” He responded.

“We holograms are not just mere programs you can command about! We have rights.” He yelled while watching Horrus walk away, then suddenly Horrus stopped and turned around slowly, Olivia caught a glimpse of the glint in his eye, “Hit the deck!” She yelled.

Horrus walked up just mere inches away from the hologram and leaned in closely, “Look, as I would normally LOVE to get into a metaphysical debate about who has the right to do what, I'm going to make this VERY simple, you're a program to help in a medical situation, YOU SEE THAT? (pointing to the line of crew members) THAT, is a medical situation which you need to aide us with, that is the PRIMARY and MAIN, and should be the ONLY function of your programming, so STOP looking for a compassionate ear to cry on before I wipe your personality subroutines and the only four words you'll be able to say are 'turn and cough please'. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal.” The hologram responded.

“Good, now as I've enjoyed this chat, I have other duties to tend to, now get to scanning.”

Horrus walked away from the bewildered hologram and into the research lab where Olivia was unpacking some of the cases, “So what's this I hear about you being on a secret medical ship?” Horrus asked while fiddling with a medical implement.

“The Kinsey? Oh well, its a research vessel designed for very detailed specific operations, some of which are of a sensitive nature, we were always on the outskirts of every territory so we tended to call our research and work “Fringe science” mainly because we were on the fringes of every area of the quadrant.”

“I see, I take it you saw a lot of interesting things happen then?”

“Oh you could say that.” Olivia replied smirkingly.

“Doctors!” Sophie had run into the lab.

“What is it?” The two said simultaneously as they turned their attention to Sophie.

“Somethings wrong come quick!”

The three ran into the main medical lab, the console lights in sickbay were dimming and flashing and the EMH appeared to be destabilizing, “Computer, explanation for power fluctuation.”

“Power rerouted from primary system on this deck.”

“To where?” Horrus asked looking up.


Olivia looked at the team, “Unknown? How can a computer not know where power is being diverted too?”

The EMH finally fated out and deactivated dropping a tricorder in the process, the whole sickbay was now flashing on and off like an alien night club, “I need an engineer over here!” Olivia yelled.

An engineer amidst the crowd of crew members struggled through the group of people which was now growing skiddish due to the lights flickering on and off in the corridor, security teams were at there best to keep the peace but people were getting restless and worried. The cadet made his way to a panel and removed it from the wall exposing a bio-neural gel pack, he used his tricorder to try and locate the problem, suddenly he had a concerned look on his face, “What in gods name..” he muttered.

“Whats the problem?” Horrus questioned, Olivia, Sophie and Giles were now attempting to get everyone to return to duty and said they would reschedule when the issue with the computer system was resolved but the efforts were slow at best.

“Well either, this tricoder has lost it or…” A sudden overload in the conduit caused the terminal the engineer was operating to overload and explode sending both he and Horrus to the ground. Horrus was able to recover almost immediately, Olivia and the team rushed over to them as fast as they could.

“HORRUS! MARSHALL! Are you guys alright?!” Olivia yelled while scanning Horrus who was stammering to his feet with a tricorder, “I'm fine, what about you Marshall, Marshall?”

The team rushed over to Marshall who lay unresponsive on the ground, Sophie was closest and began to scan him, “He's in shock, hes got a massive head injury we need to get him to a bed right away.”

Giles and Horrus lifted him carefully and got him to a bio bed, the consoles and computers still flickering and the lights flashing, most of the built in scanning equipment was rendered useless, they would have to rely on field medic tactics, Olivia took over, looking over at Sophie she began barking orders, I need two doses of Anetrizine now.” Sophie quickly complied using a hypospray to numb Marshall's cranial nerves.

Sophies tricorder began beeping alarmingly, “He's going into cardiac arrest!”

“Shit, we don't have much time. Sophie, give him some Kelolane for the burns and
Morphenolog for the pain and the convulsions. We need to prep him for emergency surgery. Olivia said frantically.

“That would be my department.” Giles responded taking over for Olivia, Sophie and Giles began working on stabilizing Marshall and getting him ready while Olivia and Horrus attempted to prepare the surgical bay, suddenly a console near them began making an alarming noise which became increasingly louder before the console irrupted in an explosion sending everyone for duck and cover.

Horrus helped Olivia up and they checked to see if everyone was alright, the lights finally went out one last time before all power and illumination on the deck was cut off, the crew began to panic responding to the two explosions in sick bay.

Utilizing flash a flash light Horrus left Olivia with Sophie and Giles while they attempted to help Marshall while working in the dark, Horrus then went in to the corridor and grabbed a security cadet, “What's your name?” He demanded holding the flash light.

“Quintius, Tiberius Quintius.”

“Alright, I've got consoles exploding in there and a man preparing to die if we don't get some power, we need to get him off this deck and find some stable area so we can treat him but the first thing I need is everyone off this deck.”

“The power surge has frozen the turbolifts on this deck.” Quintius responded.

“I don't care, do a dance, sing a song, teach them fractal algorithms if you have to, but get EVERYONE OFF THIS DECK!” Horrus yelled.

Suddenly in the heat of Horrus' rage a wall panel in the corridor overloaded and exploded injuring several crew members, panic ensued and everyone began rushing about. Attempts were made to approach the jeffreys tube access points but the situation was halted by another exploding wall console, and then another.

“WHATS GOING ON?” Olivia screamed out of sickbay in response to all the screams from the hall.

“This deck's EPS conduits are destabilizing we need to get out of here!” Horrus yelled.

Olivia was working over Marshall, she required a hypo spray and leaned over to reach it when she noticed it was floating next to her shoulder, as were several other items. She turned her head to Sophie and Giles who were staring back, other items heavier now began to float upwards until they could feel there own bodies beginning to experience weightlessness.

The situation became far worse in the corridor, Horrus was scrambling through the crowd to try and treat the now many wounded crew, there was no light, and he started to realize his new diet was working faster than he had anticipated as he began to slowly float upwards.

Sam Jones

Sam helped the Cadet up but neither of them said anything else to each other they were too busy looking at another person yelling his head off at a hologram.

"Bad day?"

"You have no idea" said the cadet as he walked off in the opposite direction.

Sam considered offering the cadet that had just finished yelling if he wanted a cigar or a drink, but decided that he would another day, the sick bay was still too busy in his opinion, so he headed for the doors.

Sam stopped before getting to the doors, the lights had started to flash.

"What the hell?"

The next sequence of events happened quickly the an engineer and the man that was apparently having a bad day were nearly blown up, and lots of people had came running in.

To Sam there seemed to be plenty of people in the room, medical, security, and engineers, so he went ahead and walked out of sickbay, he was none of those people and too many people in a room, sometimes was worse than not enough. He found that having plenty of room always helped him do what he needed to do under pressure.

As he walked out of the doors and headed down the corridor, he spotted Ginny who was helping with the scanning of patients still waiting to have there physical done.


Was all she got out before EPS conduits exploded beside him and throwing him against the wall,"What tha fu", was all he could say. Sam could feel where the explosion had burned him from his hand to his shoulder and felt warm liquid that he knew to be his own blood dripping from his hand.

Sam's vision flickered he looked up to see Ginny's beautiful face looking down at him before feeling like he was starting to float, he felt Ginny's hand in his and now wondered if this was what death felt like, and if he was now going to feel his spirit pull away from his body,what some people called an out of body expierence…..

Sam woke, he was back on his old ship, with his old crew, they were running the last mission he had lead them in, the one that had left them all dead, because of his own mistakes….He saw them in flashes they were being burned alive, he was being burned alive….If he was dead than this must be hell.

Tiberius Quintius

Who needs gravity

The mob started to crowd the Jeffery Tube all at once. Just beyond the mob was the sounds of panels exploding on either side of the deck. It mass chaos on the sickbay deck. Doctors yelling at security officers and security trying to calm the Starfleet Personnel. With the explosions came darkness, that seemed to swallow the whole deck.

Utilizing a flash light Horrus left Olivia with Sophie and Giles while they attempted to help Marshall while working in the dark, Horrus then went in to the corridor and grabbed a security cadet, “What's your name?” He demanded holding the flash light.

“Quintius, Tiberius Quintius.”

“Alright, I've got consoles exploding in there and a man preparing to die if we don't get some power, we need to get him off this deck and find some stable area so we can treat him but the first thing I need is everyone off this deck.”

“The power surge has frozen the turbolifts on this deck.” Quintius responded.

“I don't care, do a dance, sing a song, teach them fractal algorithms if you have to, but get EVERYONE OFF THIS DECK!” Horrus yelled.

Then, not even a moment later, everyone began lifting off the ground. As if weightless, the hysteria increased tenfold.

“Well this definitely improved things,” Tiberius said, in an attempt at irony. “Cadet, pull some wires from one of the already blown panels. I need about thirty meters worth.” As soon has the words left his mouth, the security cadet was off. Within a matter of minutes the cadet had returned with multiple strands of wire tied together.

“Okay, use the wall to direct yourself through the crowd. As you navigate through, have each person grab onto the wire. I’ll tie my end over here to the ladder in the Jeffery Tube so we can still attempt to get them off of this deck.”

The process of handing the wire to the personnel was slow. The lack of gravity was working against them. Tiberius and his fellow security cadets had everyone using their tricoders as flashlights. On the deck, the darkness seemed to subside with everyone’s tricorders on.

=^= Cadet Quintius to engineering.=^=

=^= Not sure if this is a good time, Cadet.=^=

=^= I’ll make it quick. Is the artificial gravity out on all decks?=^=

=^= No, it just seems to be affecting the upper decks=^=

=^= Good. Quintius out.=^=
Tiberius took a moment to think, then he spoke up. “Listen up. We’re moving down to the lower decks through the Jefferies. There is still gravity on those decks. So use the wire and make your way down the ladders. Listen to my fellow security officers, as far as instructions go. Okay, lets get moving.”

One by one the crowd would make their way down the ladder. Tiberius made his way back to the sickbay. There floated Kinkaid and his nurses. He took a look around the sickbay and saw some injured officers.

“Doc, we need to get these people out of here. It’s going to be easier since there is no gravity. No strain on their body. So lets use this to our advantage. Grab whatever equipment you can and I’ll clear the tube for your patients.”

Horrus Kinkade

Things were frantic, individuals were using the wires Tiberius had gathered to get to the sickbay, and slow people were getting out, using the wall as a guide Horrus made his way to a panel where he and another engineer attempted to reroute power to artificial gravity.

"This has got to be the worst possible experience of my life." He said under his breath.

The engineer was trying his hardest to tap his fingers to the panel while not floating away, gradually with his hard effort, the crew left in the hallway felt there bodies beginning to lower to the ground until there feet touched down.

"Nice work, I was expecting us to hit the ground hard." Horrus said pleased.

"Yeah, well I didn't really want to smack my face against the ground so I increased the gravimetric plating slow enough that we could get use to it." The engineer responded.

Horrus now had a re-focused look on his face, "Alright, get in contact with engineering, the first thing I need is my sickbay up and running, I've got wounded and not enough resources, understand?"

"Right away sir." The engineer responded, with no time at all he was making his way to engineering to solve the problems.

Medics arrived out of sickbay to help the injured in the hall, Horrus stepped over to a piloting cadet who was knocked unconscious, as Horrus used his tricorder the cadet began to come to, "That is one lousy headache." The cadet groaned.

"I'll bet, I'll have you back up and flying us through quasars in no time." Horrus helped the cadet stand and walked him into sickbay. Olivia and Giles had been able to stabalize ensign Marshall since gravity had been restored, as the two walked into sickbay, all of the computers and consoles returned to life and the medical team began working on assigning beds and assessing cases.

Olivia helped Horrus get the cadet on to a bio and she greeted him, "Hi, don't worry you're going to be fine, what's your name cadet?"

"Sam Jones ma'am."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sam, I'm Olivia Torv, you've got a nasty bump on your head, I'll leave you with our medic Ginny, she's quite capable."

Olivia walked back over to Horrus who was now using a dermal regenerater on a cut in his hand, "You know that's for the patients right?" She smirked.

"Har har, I can't treat anyone if I can't use my hands now can I?"

"Well the power is back I can always regenerate the EMH." She responded.

With a simultaneous grumbling all of the medical staff responded in unison, "Don't."

Horrus cocked his head, "I think they feel pretty strongly about that one, it looks like we have finally got everything under control, I'll alert the bridge that we are alright and the situation is maintained, I just hope the rest of the ship is alright."

Owain Taggart

"Warning:Artificial Gravity failure in Decks 9 through 12", the computer intoned. Owain had been getting convinced that this couldn't possibly be getting any worse, but his body told him otherwise as he started floating amid the chaos surrounding him. Panels exploding and lights dimming were common, but loss of artificial gravity was something they hadn't been training people at the Academy as it had phased out of learning once artificial gravity systems had gotten better and more reliable, much like transporters back in the day. He had to think like an old Earth astronaut, not like someone who took gravity for granted now. "What the hell's going on with my ship?" He asked aloud, which gave him confused looks, nothing more as they swam through the air.

Looking around him, people were slowly getting adapted to the feeling of weightlessness, and some even looked like they were enjoying themselves despite the chaos that had erupted. In the darkness, he couldn't see much, but he could smell the blood; the injured from the exploding panels. When the lights had returned, he didn't want to think about the damage that could be on the other decks. "Decks 9 through 12", he thought to himself, "This is Deck 5! What the hell is going on?" All he could think about was that the damage had spread since computer had made the announcement. The other decks had to have been worse off, he realized, but then this was Sickbay and it was crowded; a terrible place for an accident to happen, almost like it had been done on purpose.

"On purpose.", he told himself, as he shivered at the thought. "Why? And how?" He shook his head and tried to deny it, but it wasn't working. The possibility was right there. They had picked up some new crew afterall. He swam over to Main Sickbay to see how they were doing, and it looked like they weren't exactly enjoying themselves as he saw Kincade looking like he was under a terrible amount of stress.

Eventually, gravity returned. It has seemed like an eternity, but in reality it had lasted a whole 10 minutes at the most. He had to thank the engineers for their diligent work. He landed without a bruise and headed straight into Sickbay where he saw some of his security officers, including Cadet Quintius. "Can I help you?", Lieutenant Torv asked.

He shook his head. "I'm terribly sorry that this even happened. We'll get things back under control in no time, however. I trust my engineers.", he saw as he looked at her and then looked at Kinkade, "You look terrible. After this is all over, get some rest. That's an order."

After what looked like some protest was about to happen, Lieutenant Torv had shot the man a look. He knew that kind of look. It was the kind of look that told someone you better not mess with them. "You heard the man."

Owain then turned to Quintius, "This was probably done deliberately. If you think about it, it's more than a coincidence that all of this happened while almost everyone went to get their checkups done all at the same time. Computer error? Maybe. We've received a lot of new crew members while docked. If you've seen anyone acting strange lately, I want to know. It might be worth going through the list of new arrivals. In fact, Lieutenant Dale's probably already on it. Now, I'm heading back to the bridge. If you need anything, let me know." He said, walking over to the turbolift. But the turbolift wouldn't open, so he turned back and had an engineer walking towards him, "Turbolift's out of order. You'll have to take the Jefferys tubes. We're still working on that."

Owain sighed and looked at the man. "On the double. I want everything fixed by the time we arrive to G'Hrel. There's no time to waste." he said as he walked over to the nearest tube and got inside.


Alistair McCay seemed to be enjoying this a bit too much. He felt like he had all the time in the world, though he knew that wasn't really the case. There really wasn't anytime to waste. He had to move before they discovered him. He loved being without artificial gravity. It had caught everyone off-guard. He was doing a barrel roll in one of the corridors when gravity was restored; he landed quite abruptly, possibly having strained one of his ankles. It had taken a lot of wind out of him, and now he limped. He had to get to safety, out of the eyes of any incoming officers possibly looking for the culprit who had messed up the computers.

An officer exited out of a Jefferys tube at the end of the corridor now, kneeled down and went to look at a panel, most likely trying to fix what was broken. McCay tried to duck out of sight, but unfortunately he was seen.

"Hey you, I need help with this.", the man motioned to the panel.

McCay grunted with displeasure, shifted his phaser setting to stun and came out of his hiding spot and approached with a smile. "What seems to be the problem?"

"They sent me up here to take a look at the panels. Something really weird is going on with the computers. They figure someone tampered with the system. Maybe you have some idea how it happened?" The man asked.

McCay narrowed his eyes, "Sure."

The last thing the officer had seen was the beam coming straight to him; a stunning blow to be sure, though he'd come around soon enough. Too soon for comfort, he thought.

He looked around, thinking he had heard footsteps from the end of the corridor he had originally came from. Now it was time to duck again. The Jefferys tube the officer had come from beckoned him. In he went.

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