USS Horizon-A Databanks

Well, if you're here, you've probably arrived here for a reason. I'm Captain Owain Taggart, Captain of the USS Horizon-A from the Megiddo Trek RPG. Together with my XO, Commander Langford, we hope to compile a lot of information here throughout our missions aboard the Horizon.

You're no doubt wondering what this Wiki is all about, so let's get to it.

What is this Wiki all about?

Well, in my experience with RPGs, information tends to get lost. We put a lot of creativity into our missions, and often, our creations become a work of art. When missions are done, most of the time they are never referenced again and the information is lost and largely forgotten. I've always felt sadness in this regard and thought that there should be a better way to preserve what we've created. So, with this Wiki, that's what I hope to be able to accomplish.

What will this Wiki include?

That's a very good question and one I hope will inspire everyone to be creative.

The general idea is to include:

  • Missions: with this Wiki, I plan to continually update with the latest information after someone has posted. They can submit their own information if they like. This can be anything from current activity, such as what's happened, where everyone is, and the general outline of the mission. At the end of each mission, the mission's specific page should include quite a detailed synopsis of what's happened during the course of the mission, which should hopefully prove to be quite helpful in terms of reference.
  • Aliens: Well, it's like I said earlier. We put a lot of effort into being creative with aliens and such, and what happens after the mission is done? They're largely forgotten and hardly ever mentioned again. I want to help rectify that. Each alien we meet will have its own page on this Wiki, which means that we should have quite an extensive database after only a handful of missions. This means they can be alien races as part of canon, or original contributions. Any and all aliens that the Horizon meets up with should be placed here. I want to be able to say, "Oh yeah! I remember these guys! They were quite cool!"
  • Planets and Planetary Systems: The same thing can be said about planets. They're created and almost never visited again; the only ones being constantly visited are the ones as part of canon. Why's that? Why aren't our created planets and systems part of our OWN canon? Again, that's something I want to change. I want to be able to reference a planet in future missions and have all the information about it on hand, without having to look at the posts that first mentioned the available information. What's more, if this were part of a site-wide Megiddo Wiki, then all these planets would be accessible by any other ship who wants to use them. Same goes with the Aliens.
  • People: From time to time, we'll meet some notable people, either good or bad. This is where these people will fit-in. Many of them will be characters that are often memorable for some reason or another, or have some impact in our missions. This can range from small minor characters to those who add a lot to a story.
  • Technology: If we ever come across some unique technology in our journeys, this will be the place to put it. And I'm sure there's a lot of cool technology that needs documenting.
  • Crew Members: Hey, if you want to add your character and their bio here, be my guest. I won't be stopping you, though of focus first should be updating our missions, adding aliens and planets.

So, you see, this is what this is all about. Hopefully I've made you excited about the potential this Wiki has for the ship. If you want to contribute, I highly encourage you to do so by hitting the Join link. If you need help regarding editing the wiki, then click on the Help link. Both of these are on the left.

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